Invincible Powers Chapter 1444: Ghost Witch Reincarnation Formation!


 Yao Shen Sect, a forbidden secret room that only the sect leader can enter.

Yu Yuan stood inside, looking at the smooth rock wall, but did not see any strange lines or symbols. After sensing it with his blood, he found nothing.


  He muttered something, then took out the “flowing flame” from the alchemy furnace, and began to refine the elixir with concentration in front of Xia Nan, Long Jie, and Yin Xueqi.

 After receiving his explanation, Xia Nan didn’t ask any questions and looked at him curiously.

 Soon, when a furnace of the most common “Blood Yuan Dan” was about to take shape, he suddenly relaxed.

Just when the pill was about to be released and he was most relaxed, he keenly felt that there seemed to be some hidden array activated in the rock wall.

 The formation of the elixir is the key to activating the array. It is the so-called “medicine guide”!

 Long Jie’s golden eyes suddenly shone brightly, and he chuckled.

 Yin Xueqi and Xia Nan didn’t feel anything, and still looked dazed. However, they both received reminders from Yu Yuan and made no move.

 Hidden in the rock wall, lines and symbols like ghostly drawings slowly emerged.

 It’s just that ordinary people can’t see it at all.

Yin Xueqi noticed it!

 She opened her eyes wide and looked attentively at the symbols similar to the “Ghost Feeding Picture”…

 Yu Yuan, who was reincarnated as a human being, was prepared, so when the superpower emerged on the rock wall, he saw the formation of many symbols and lines.

 What makes him feel strange is that the symbols and lines in the rock wall are breathing out Yin energy…

 Suddenly, tiny tobacco pipes like light green, light purple and ink escaped from the rock wall and flew towards the back of his head.

 Same as before!

 Yu Yuan’s spirit was shaken, and he thought in his heart: “It’s finally here!”

 Threads of light green, light purple and ink-like smoke escaped into the back of his head and penetrated into the sea of ​​​​his soul consciousness, actually warming and strengthening his soul! It seems that he still has to look for his heavenly soul and earthly soul!

 But his Heavenly Soul and Earthly Soul, one transformed into the Yin God, and the other merged into the Yang God, and did not exist at all.

  He sensed carefully and found that the three kinds of tobacco, light green, light purple and ink-like, can respectively nourish the three souls of heaven, earth and human beings, and can make the three souls improve slightly.

 During the process of promotion, evil thoughts and evil thoughts did arise in his heart, but they were eliminated instantly by him.

 Light green, light purple and ink-like tobacco seems to come from the filthy world underground. It is already the essence of amber there, but it still naturally carries the filthy atmosphere there.

 However, this dirty breath can strengthen the three souls of heaven, earth and man, and can also subtly affect people’s character.

 When he was Hong Qi, because he had not embarked on the path of spiritual practice, his three souls were too weak, so when his soul was strengthened, he gradually degenerated, and eventually his character changed drastically.

 But in this life, he is not affected at all!

 In just a few seconds, the light green, light purple and ink-like smoke disappeared, and the many ghost symbols and lines that appeared on the rock wall disappeared again.

 ”Xiao Qi, what just…just now?” Xia Nan finally couldn’t help it anymore.

 ”Aunt Nan, I became like that in my last life because of the tobacco.” Yu Yuan explained.

 “You were harmed by someone!”

  Xia Nan suddenly woke up and immediately became furious, “Who is this evil person who wants to treat you like this and do such cruel things to you! You haven’t even practiced cultivation, and your lifespan is not long, so why are there still people who want to harm you!”

 The old obscene dragon’s expression became intriguing, “Brother Yu, those three colors of tobacco can nourish the three souls of your human race, heaven, earth and man. Because they come from a filthy land, they have the characteristics of that place. It will distort people’s nature and make people’s evil thoughts and evil thoughts stronger.”

 “Those who have entered the path of spiritual practice can wash away the filth and intercept the essence as long as they advance to Yin Shen.”

 ”It’s a pity that you couldn’t practice in your previous life and refine the impurities. As a result, when your three souls were strengthened, your own evil thoughts and evil thoughts also skyrocketed.”

 He has seen the problem.

 Any other practitioner in the Yin Shen Realm can benefit from those tobacco shreds and can use them to enhance his soul, as long as he takes the time to wash away the filth in it.

 It just so happened that Yu Yuan back then, because he was unable to practice, his soul gradually deteriorated as his soul was strengthened.

 That’s why he seemed to be a different person after he was born.

 “Is it the Ghost Witch Sect’s method?”

Yu Yuan turned sideways and looked at Yin Xueqi, who had been thinking for a long time and pressed one hand on the corner of the rock wall.

 “Ghost Witch Reincarnation Formation!”

Yin Xueqi turned around, but her hand was still pressed against the rock wall.

 Just now, an extremely complex ghost talisman emerged from the position where she pressed it. She solemnly repeated one sentence: “The name of the array formed by all the lines and symbols carved on the rock wall is called ghost witch.” Reincarnation Formation! That’s the name of the ghost talisman just now!”

Yu Yuan was shocked.

  Long Jie grinned and laughed strangely, “Brother Yu, that rat from the Ghost Witch Sect may not be trying to kill you. If I’m not wrong, this Ghost Witch Reincarnation Formation is not the same as yours back then. The reincarnation pills you take should be used together to make you reincarnate successfully.”

 “Because you failed to practice, your three souls are too weak. I was afraid that you would not be able to withstand the strong medicinal properties of the reincarnation pill, so I used the Ghost Witch Reincarnation Formation in advance and used the magical tobacco from the filthy land to help you improve your three souls. ”

 “Did you make a mistake?”

 Old Yinlong looked surprised.

 ”The function of this array is to help people strengthen their three souls. Senior Long Jie is right. The threads of three souls enter the back of your head, making you look like you have been poisoned by the soul, making you abnormal. But those three souls Planting soul silk will also make your three souls stronger, allowing you to adapt to the reincarnation pill in the future.”

Yin Xueqi also had the same view. She scratched her head and was extremely confused, “The Ghost Witch Sect is actually helping you reincarnate, instead of trying to kill you as you thought.”

 “What? What are you talking about?” Xia Nan yelled.

Yu Yuan was dumbfounded and fell silent.

 Before he severed his ties with Yin Shen and Dragon Slaying Platform, Yuan Qingxi personally admitted that because he could not practice, the Ghost Witch Sect looked down on him and did not bother to talk to him, so they let him fall and let him

 The Ghost Witch Sect also received a lot of inspiration from studying the refining method of poison pills.

 But now, Long Jie and Yin Xueqi told him that this was not the case.

 The frame-up he thought was the source of his corruption was actually helping him to strengthen his three souls and prepare for him to take the reincarnation pill in the future.

 Why did Yuan Qingxi lie?

 He now really wants to reach contact with the Yin Shen. He wants to do nothing. First, he should ask Yuan Qingxi and the Ghost Witch Sect why they help him reincarnate?

 “Well, after you left Long Island, out of concern and respect for you, I asked you all the things related to you. Your father in this life is called Yu?i, and he was imprisoned in Yinlong Lake for a while. , it was the Tianxie Sect who asked the Dragon Server. After I inquired about it, the relevant guy told me…” Long Jie organized his words.

Yu Yuan was stunned, wondering why it was still related to his father Yu?i in this life?

 ”Yun Hao from the Tianxie Sect, I heard from people from the Ghost Witch Sect that a great figure will be born in the Yu family to avenge the evil king Yu Xi. Your father has been gifted since he was a child. The Tianxie Sect believes that you My father was that person, so he took action and made your father and mother end up like that.”

 ”I think…”

 Long Jie coughed and said: “I think the Tianxie Sect may have made a mistake. The person predicted by the Ghost Witch Sect that will be born in the Yu family is not your father Yu?i at all.”

 “It’s you Yu Yuan!”

 “Just because you were a fool when you were born and didn’t know anything, so you were ignored.”

 ”You should have been chosen by the Ghost Witch Sect when you were still Hong Qi! Letting you be reincarnated is an agreement and tacit understanding reached long ago between the Ghost Witch Sect and your Medicine God Sect!”

 “Even your reincarnation in the Yu family was arranged by the Ghost Witch Sect and was chosen in advance.”

 Long Jie expressed his opinion.

 Yin Xueqi exclaimed, “Can we still arrange it like this?”

 “What is the Ghost Witch Sect?” Xia Nan was confused.

Yu Yuan was stunned.

 Why was he reincarnated in the Yu family?

 Because the Evil King comes from the Ghost Witch Sect and is the master that Yuan Qingxi serves, so he specifically chose the Yu family?

 After my reincarnation, should I have successfully joined the Ghost Witch Sect and become a member of this mysterious sect?

 Because the road to reincarnation went astray, it was delayed for three hundred years, and the earth soul and the sky soul have not returned yet. Instead, they broke the arrangement of Yuan Qingxi and the Ghost Witch Sect, leading to the current result?

 Time was messed up, and the Ghost Witch Sect was unable to be sure who his reincarnation was, and there was no clue for a long time, so the Ghost Witch Sect gave up?

 If everything goes well, and he is born in the Yu family in a short time, and his memories are preserved, and both the earthly soul and the heavenly soul are present, someone from the Ghost Witch Sect will come looking for him and take him away quietly.

 Will he be accepted by the Ghost Witch Sect, directly practice the secret skills of the Ghost Witch Sect, and become a strong man of the Ghost Witch Sect?

 The Ghost Witch Sect has arranged everything and has chosen him long ago!

 Perhaps, the look that Yuan Qingxi gave with a smile decided his fate!

 It was my senior brother who was tampering with the Reincarnation Pill and secretly helping him, causing the Ghost Witch Sect’s plan to fail!



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