Invincible Powers Chapter 1443: Yao Shen Zong


In the southern part of the Annihilation Continent, there are many scattered buildings and palaces in the Earth Fire Mountains that stretch for thousands of miles.

Many red mountains have caves that have been dug out, and people come in and out from time to time.

This is the holy place in the heart of Medicine God Zong Haojie, the alchemist!

In front of the towering stone palaces, Yu Yuan, Long Jie, and Yin Xueqi fell from the sky together.

He stood in the center of the square, smiling at the many alchemists and sect guests, and said, “My name is Yu Yuan. Three hundred years ago, I was Hong Qi.”

“I’m here to see my senior brother Zhong Chichen!”

After saying these words, he didn’t say much and just stood and waited for Yaoshen Sect’s next move.

“Hong Qi!”

“He’s back!”

Those people shouted and ran around telling each other.

Yu Yuan looked at this familiar land and the mountains with complicated emotions, and smelled the familiar smell of sulfur in the air… Suddenly, his body shook violently.

The old obscene dragon who transformed into a human with prominent golden dragon horns on his forehead couldn’t help but ask when he saw his expression change drastically: “What’s wrong? In a mere Medicine God Sect, only Zhong Xiaozi is in a state of freedom, and he’s still not around all year round. It shouldn’t shock you, right?”

“No, it’s not because of this place.” Yu Yuan took a breath.

“Where are the bones?” Long Jie asked tentatively.

Yu Yuan nodded.

His expression changed drastically because he saw Yuan Qingxi, his respect for the bones, heard Yuan Qingxi’s words, and saw the painting presented by Yuan Qingxi.

The main body and the Yinshen communicate with each other. After he made some guesses, he said: “I may go to the underground world at any time!”

He was prepared, thinking that the situation was not good, and immediately used the mysterious connection between his body and the Dragon Slaying Platform to teleport to the Dragon Slaying Platform to see if he could escape from the ground.

Long Jie shouted in surprise: “So serious? Ghosts and Bones went with you to explore the filthy land, and encountered danger? Could it be that the God of the Source Realm you mentioned carries the spiritual charm of the void, as well as the dark Diggs from the Eldar tribe showed up together?”


Yu Yuan did not immediately give an explanation, because the current dirty situation underground was not clear, and he did not fully understand the true identity of the bones.

Just like that, after another moment, he suddenly severed the connection with his Yin Shen.

He couldn’t feel the existence of Yin Shen and Dragon Slaying Platform, couldn’t communicate, and couldn’t know what Bai Gu and the ancestor of the Ghost Witch Sect named Yuan Qingxi were doing at the moment.

As a member of Yaoshen Sect, he suddenly felt on pins and needles, “Do you know Yuan Qingxi?”

“I know him, he is one of the two existing ancestors of the Ghost Witch Sect.” Long Jie’s face darkened, “What? You are in that dirty underground world

, saw him? ”

Yu Yuan nodded.

“Yuan Qingxi has been wandering in the outer galaxy all year round and almost never comes back. What about him…”

Long Jie thought seriously for a moment, “He has lived longer than me. He is a real old monster. The secret skills of the Ghost Witch Sect he has cultivated can allow him to be reincarnated continuously. After he is reincarnated, he will continue to practice Ghost Witch. The secret method of the sect is how he survives to this day.”

“Alive until now?” Yu Yuan was shocked.

“Well, according to what he said, he was a strong man of the Ghost Witch Sect when the human race fought against the dragon race. And after the Dragon Slaying Platform was formed, he, like our dragon race, could never attack the soul, so he could only Live through reincarnation.”

“The reincarnation of the soul seems to be an undisclosed secret of the Ghost Witch Sect.”

“If he cannot become a soul, he will die. The only way to escape death is to be reincarnated again and again. In reincarnation, only the original memory will be retained, and all power will disappear, which is equivalent to practicing cultivation again.”

“Actually, this is very dangerous. Once someone knows the secret, they can be strangled when he is weak.”

“Yuan Qingxi’s ability to live tens of thousands more years after repeated reincarnations and to break through to the state of freedom again is a miracle and an anomaly.”

“This person is quite extraordinary.”

Long Jie has always hated Ghost Witch Sect and Earth Demon, but when he talked about Yuan Qingxi, he still spoke highly of them.

“Reincarnation, the untold secret of the Ghost Witch Sect…” Yu Yuan murmured.

Suddenly, a woman of about forty years old, with a good figure and a good figure, rushed over in a hurry with the support of many alchemists of Yaoshen Sect.

There are deep wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, and there are many signs of weathering on her face.

“Xiaoqi, is that you? Are you back?”

She held up her skirt that was dragged to the floor, her eyes filled with joy. When she arrived in front of Yu Yuan, she took a deep look at him and said, “It’s you! You’re finally back!”

Yu Yuan exclaimed: “Aunt Nan!”

The wrinkles at the corners of Xia Nan’s eyes were more prominent because of her smile. She nodded repeatedly, patted Yu Yuan’s shoulder, and gestured about her height, “You are taller and more handsome than before! Xiao Qi , do you still remember what happened back then? I couldn’t believe it when they said you were reincarnated. I thought it was a rumor.”

“But when I really see you and see your eyes, I believe it!”

Xia Nan shouted with a smile on her face.

Yu Yuan’s tense heartstrings relaxed a lot due to her appearance, and he was prepared for the worst.

The worst case scenario is that the Yin God dies in a dirty place and the Dragon Slaying Platform is lost.

With his current cultivation and realm, even if the Yin Shen exploded in the filthy land, there is still a way to condense it again.

Since it couldn’t hurt him at all, he suddenly relaxed and wasn’t so worried.

The Xia Nan in front of him is an old man from the Medicine God Sect. When he first joined the Medicine God Sect, Xia Nan was responsible for his daily life. It was Xia Nan who taught him how to identify medicinal herbs and told him the properties of different spiritual herbs at the earliest.

He has respected Xia Nan since he was a child, and this has never changed.

Even when he was murdered by the Ghost Witch Sect and fell into fear of everyone, only Xia Nan could talk to him and persuade him to stop killing people wantonly.

“I didn’t expect to see you again. You are still in Yaoshen Sect. It’s great that you are still alive.” Yu Yuan was sincerely happy.

Because he didn’t have the Dragon Slayer Platform in hand, he couldn’t see through everyone in the Yaoshen Sect, so he didn’t know that Xia Nan was still alive.

Xia Nan is alive, which is an unexpected surprise. In addition, he is in the dirty world underground and knows his own problems. The death of his master, including the disappearance of his senior brother, is behind Yuan Qingxi’s tricks. This makes him have some feelings for Yaoshen Sect. People’s hatred gradually faded away.

Including Chu Yao’s betrayal, it was not so difficult for him to accept it from another perspective.

“Who is this?”

When Xia Nan looked at Long Jie, she suddenly became nervous and seemed very reserved.

Everyone can see the golden dragon horn on Long Jie’s forehead and know who he is.

A dragon, a dragon that can change shape, is no longer a minor player to the Yaoshen Sect.

“I am Long Jie. Yes, that’s what you think. I am the old patriarch of the Dragon Clan. I used to be trapped in the Tianwai Sword Prison, and it was Brother Yu Yuan who helped me escape.”

Seeing Xia Nan open her mouth, the old lustful dragon replied in the affirmative and revealed his identity in a cool manner.

“Long Jie!”

Xia Nan and the powerful Yaoshen Sect present, as well as many of the recruited guests, were instantly dumbfounded.

The name of Long Jie is so powerful that it can be wiped out!

No one knows, no one knows!

After a while…

“Your senior brother is not here. Chu Yao, that boy, has been in seclusion recently after the Yang Shen exploded in the outer galaxy. If you insist on him seeing you, I will call him out.” Xia Nan’s eyes were full of resentment, “Listen Chu Yao said, you were very dissatisfied with him, Xiaoqi, I’m not telling you, you were very bad at that time!”

She kept chattering about Yu Yuan’s evil deeds in the later stages of his life, saying that everyone was afraid and worried that she would be the next person to die.

“Okay, okay.” Yu Yuan interrupted her complaint. It was difficult to get angry when facing her, “Take me to the sect leader’s medicine refining place, and I will check some things.”

“Come with me.”

Xia Nan led the way, followed by Yu Yuan, Long Jie, and Yin Xueqi.

Not long after, Yu Yuan arrived at his destination.



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