Invincible Powers Chapter 1442: Frustration


Yuan Qingxi knelt on the ground, his posture extremely humble.

A person like him is already one of the strongest people under the Haoji Supreme.

However, when he faced the bones, he seemed to be worshiping the gods he had believed in for thousands of years. Even the posture of kneeling was completed meticulously in a specific trajectory.

It has a strange sense of evil ritual.

The scroll he presented with both hands was only filled with rich Yin energy because it had not been unfolded.

But as soon as he raised the scroll with both hands, all the ghosts and demons gathered nearby shrank one by one.

It seems that he doesn’t even dare to get close again.

As a ghost and god, White Bones can actually do things that he couldn’t do before with that strange scroll.

The dragon-slaying platform at Yu Yuan’s feet suddenly shone with white divine light at this moment. Under the dragon of time and space, there were many light beams hidden for thousands of years, suddenly forming chains of order.

In Yu Yuan’s feeling, the pure white chains of order seemed to be turning into ropes of light, wrapping around the painting.

It seems to prevent the painting from being opened.

Yu Yuan’s face changed slightly, and he finally understood clearly that the Dragon Slaying Platform did have a secret check and balance on ghosts and spirits.

The ancestor of the Ghost Witch Sect named Yuan Qingxi was inspired by the movements of the Dragon Slaying Platform and the hidden principles. His body that was bowing to the bones was actually shaking slightly.

Yu Yuan looked carefully and found that there was a pure white electric light, falling on his back like a divine whip.

He is still a body of flesh and blood, a serious monk of the Ghost Witch Sect, not a spirit ghost like bones, but the bones are not affected at all.


The white bones were pulled twice casually, and the pure white road that Yu Yuan could see appeared on Yuan Qingxi’s back was cut off by the sharp blade with lightning.

The painting that Yuan Qingxi offered with both hands was obviously the most treasured treasure of the Ghost Witch Sect, and it floated towards the bones as if to recognize its owner.

The unexpanded picture scroll stopped gently in front of Bai Gu.

The white bones in his eyes were full of strange colors. He stretched out his hand and gently held the painting instead of Yuan Qingxi, giving birth to a sense of familiarity…

It seems that what originally belonged to him, which has been wandering in the outer galaxy for countless years, has finally fallen into his hands again.

That painting, in his hands, felt like he was home.


White Bones was also confused.

When he grabbed the painting, Yu Yuan’s color suddenly changed, and he felt a strong sense of uneasiness in his heart.

The tall and handsome White Bones gave people an extremely harmonious and natural feeling the moment he held the painting, as if the painting had been in his hands for thousands of years.

The two seem to have been integrated since ancient times.

The ghost witch sect’s artifact appears so docile and well-behaved in the hands of Bai Gu. What does it mean?

“Keep your head up.”

As Bai Gu held the painting, the strange feeling in his heart gradually grew and gradually surged.

There seemed to be countless voices urging him to open the painting.

He didn’t do that. He suppressed the desire that burst out from his subconscious. He just didn’t open the painting, but calmly watched Yuan Qingxi slowly raise his head.


Yuan Qingxi opened his mouth and couldn’t help crying. His body was shaking violently.

“I just follow your instructions. Unless you become a god, I will never appear in front of you, old slave. The meaning of my existence, old slave, is to give this painting to you after you become a god, and you will decide what you want. Don’t open it.”

“How you want to survive is up to you, and I respect your choice.”

The ancestor of the Ghost Witch Sect’s natural flow of emotions surprised even Yu Yuan.

His strong emotion towards the bones, that kind of dependence and nostalgia, which had been suffering for thousands of years, suddenly broke out.

Not fake at all!

“Have I ever opened it?” Bai Gu looked dazed.

“When you were the evil king Yu Xi, the old slave found you deep in the outer galaxy. At that time, since you had become a god, I brought it to you according to your instructions. You open it Get it, know the ins and outs, and then…”

Yuan Qingxi’s face suddenly became ferocious, as if there were thousands of evil spirits hiding under his skin, trying to break open his cheeks and rush out to destroy all living things in the world.

“You are being surrounded and killed by two great demon gods and three alien clan leaders! The one who revealed the news should be Zhu Zhenzong from the Demon Palace. He guessed your true identity. You are the master I have served all my life. How dare I harm you? You? I have been in contact with your disciple Yun Hao secretly, but Yun Hao has long been on Zhu Zhenzong’s side!”

When Yuan Qingxi said these words, she was already crying.

While he was talking, he was still kowtowing, as if he was deeply blaming himself.

I blame myself for failing to make careful arrangements, which resulted in Bai Gu being killed by an adulterer in the previous life.

Yu Yuan looked dull.

As he was next to the bones, at this moment, Yin Shen quietly retreated into the Dragon Slaying Platform, and controlled the Dragon Slaying Platform with his thoughts, widening the distance between him and the bones.

Staying in the Dragon Slaying Platform, he felt a little safer. When he looked at the bones again, his mentality completely changed.

Who are the bones?

Before the bones, he was the evil king Yu Xi.

Before the evil king Yu Xi, he was Youling, the ghost king in a land of terror.

How did You Ling die, and how did he become a ghost?

Yu Yuan couldn’t help but think deeply along this line, and his heart gradually became heavy.

“Am I your master? I only remember my life in Youling. I have no memory of who I was before Youling. Also, when I was Yu Xi, I don’t remember seeing you before.”

White Bones is full of doubts. Although it feels strange, the feeling when I hold the painting in my hand is that it belongs to me…

In addition, he did not remember meeting Yuan Qingxi, but he was indeed familiar with what Yuan Qingxi said and Yuan Qingxi himself.

“As long as you open this painting, you can find yourself. You in front of the mausoleum, your forgetfulness of me, and all the memories you have lost are all imprinted in this painting. It is originally A part of you. As long as you want to wake up, just open it and you will know everything.”

Yuan Qingxi said respectfully.

Yu Yuan felt bitter.

He never expected that the bones accompanying him into the filthy land would turn out to be a big shot that even the ancestors of the Ghost Witch Sect would kneel down to worship.

He was invited back to someone’s home by his master, and he helped someone wake up?

“Filth condenses the soul, and only when you fall can you be free. Please wake up, the endless evil power sleeping in your body…”

Yuan Qingxi lowered her head, put her hands against her chest, and chanted an ancient mantra, as if to help Bai Gu make a decision and help Bai Gu awaken his true self.

And Yu Yuan, because of his spell, suddenly lost contact with his true body.

He could not feel the existence of his true body. He only knew that at this time, his true true body, Long Jie and Yin Xueqi, had officially entered the Medicine God Sect.

The last scene showed many alchemists and guests from Yaoshen Sect looking at him in horror.

Prepared to summon the main body to come and use all the power of Dragon Slaying Platform, facing Yuan Qingxi and the real bones, he was disrupted.


Bai Gu shook his head slightly.

He grabbed the painting and opened his mouth. All Yuan Qingxi’s efforts were directly covered and erased by him.

The painting, like water, tried to blend into his palm, but he stopped it.

Yuan Qingxi looked up at a loss, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to wake up?”

“Bring the Evil Cauldron.” Bai Gu suddenly ordered.

Prepared and planning to use the remaining power of the Dragon of Time and Space, Yu Yuan was stunned by Bai Gu’s words.

“Evil Cauldron?” Yuan Qingxi was stunned.

“Bring it to me.” Baigu repeated.

Yuan Qingxi looked troubled, “That thing is suppressed by those earth demons, and it is not for me to restrict it.”

“Take me to find it.” Bai Gu said again.

Yuan Qingxi looked confused, “I don’t understand…”

“You don’t have to understand!” Bai Gu shouted.

“Oh, okay.”

Yuan Qingxi agreed bravely.

Bai Gu looked at Yu Yuan again, “Let’s continue.”

Yu Yuan was even more dazed and confused. He didn’t want to leave or stay, but he still said bravely: “Oh, okay.”



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