Invincible Powers Chapter 1441: Ancestor of the Ghost Witch Sect


One after another evil spirits floated in, like black flags, and Du Jing was just one of them.

Under the many evil spirits, there is an old man with an immortal spirit. His long hair and gray-white robes are flying together. He has a smile on his lips, like an old man who is full of joy going to the market.

Countless fierce ghosts and evil spirits followed him in great force, as if they were the evil soldiers and demon generals he had kept in captivity.

Slender gray lines branched out from his back, connecting to the evil spirits floating above his head.

Looking at it suddenly, those evil spirits looked like kites he had flown out. He could make those evil spirits fly higher or land lower through the gray string behind him.

With the Gray Thread in his body, all evil spirits, or “witch ghosts” like Du Jing, cannot escape his control.

The old man with gray beard and hair is not a ghost, but a body of flesh and blood.

With a body of flesh and blood, walking in a dirty land and not being eroded by the power of pollution shows how powerful he is.

After all, not even that old obscene dragon dared to wander around in the filthy underground world with his tyrannical dragon body.

The old man walked leisurely. He knew that he was about to face ghosts and gods that had never appeared in the history of Haoji, but he did not show any fear at all.

Du Jing, who was transformed into a “witch ghost” by him, looked confused at the moment, as if he had temporarily taken away his spiritual intelligence.

“When I went to Tongtian Island, I saw Du Jing. When I went to chase Du Jing, I got deeper and deeper…”

When Yu Yuan noticed the old man from the perspective of Zhanlongtai, Luo Huh was describing her experience.

Luo Jing and Du Jing have known each other for a long time. They served Yu Yuan together three hundred years ago. Yu Yuan admired her very much and taught her a lot of knowledge about medicine and how to refine medicine. .

As a medicine slave, Du Jing was only asked by Yu Yuan to help him. Those profound medicine refining techniques were never taught to him.

This also planted the seeds of hatred in Du Jing’s heart.

Luo Huh was still recounting her experience of being attracted by Du Jing and being brought into this filthy place by the earth demon. The old man with a fairy spirit suddenly appeared in front of Yu Yuan and Bai Gu.

The moment Yu Yuan saw the old man, his memory of a scene three hundred years ago suddenly became clear.

He still remembered that one time in the middle of the night, he asked his master for advice on the combination of spiritual materials for a pill. In his master’s alchemy room, he saw the old man in front of him.

At that time, the master did not introduce the identity of the old man. He only said that he was a senior expert who had just returned from outer space.

The old man just looked at him with a smile and stood up to leave.

From then on, he never saw the old man again, and the master never mentioned him again.

I didn’t expect…

More than three hundred years later, when he was reincarnated as a human being, he unexpectedly saw this old man with a graceful manner and a fairy spirit again in the dirty underground world.

Du Jing was refined into a “witch ghost” and became a puppet in his palm.

This shows that this person is a remnant of the Ghost Witch Sect!

Yu Yuan has reason to believe that the person who possessed Qu Yun and carved the secret array in the forbidden area was the old man in front of him!

The so-called mastermind is the remnant of the Ghost Witch Sect, whom the master has known for a long time!

“Is that you?”

Yu Yuan, who mobilized the white light curtain in the Dragon Slaying Platform to wrap the Yin Shen, said calmly: “The person who plotted to kill each of the sect leaders of our Medicine God Sect is you, senior, right?”

“Old Yuan Qingxi, from the Ghost Witch Sect, is one of the ancestors. Please give me your advice.”

The old man with an air of immortality pursed his lips and smiled, and bowed slightly in a free and easy manner.

He held a scroll in his left hand. The painting was rolled up and tied with a hemp rope, and a strong Yin Qi escaped.

“To be honest, it was indeed the old man who killed your master and then you. Because your master unilaterally tore up the agreement with me, it was your master who betrayed his trust first.”

The old man who called himself Yuan Qingxi first admitted it frankly and then explained it seriously.

“Your master can become the leader of the Yaoshen Sect, and the Yaoshen Sect can be promoted by him, and the old man also contributes behind the scenes. But when we needed him and wanted him to do something for us, he refused.”

Yuan Qingxi sighed, “Where can there be any good thing in the world that only takes advantage but does not contribute anything?”

“He is the first to burn bridges and refuses to cooperate with us. Of course we cannot let him get everything he wants.”

The old man from the Ghost Witch Sect casually revealed the secret in a casual tone, “As for you…”

He paused and said with a smile: “Since you can’t practice and enter that avenue, I’m not even interested in meeting you. Letting you degenerate and let you study the way of poison is also a way to give full play to your ability. Advantages and talents. In this regard, you have lived up to my expectations, and you have actually come up with several powerful poisons.”

“Tsk, tsk, my sect has also gained a lot of inspiration through the poison you developed.”

His eyes were full of appreciation.

This appreciation is due to the fact that Yu Yuan refined several poisonous substances with terrifying power at the end of his life when he was Hong Qi.

Those highly poisonous things, the refining methods, and the hidden pharmacology are exactly what the Ghost Witch Sect needs.

“The arrangements and plans of Yaoshen Sect are just incidental trivial matters, not worth mentioning, so I won’t say more.”

Before Yu Yuan could ask any more questions, Yuan Qingxi waved his hand, indicating that that was it and that he should stop it for now.

As a result, his eyes moved away from Yu Yuan’s Yinshen and slowly fell towards the bones of ghosts and gods.

Time seems to suddenly slow down…

When he looked at the bones from Yu Yuan, it should have taken him a moment, but it took him a long, long time.

He spent a long time preparing, adjusting his emotions, and facing…

When he finally saw the bones, his eyes and expression were so sharp

What a change!

When he looked at the bones, he suddenly felt admiration. It was a kind of respect from the heart!

That kind of gaze and expression is just like Qin? Looking at Yu Yuan, just like the expression when Yu Yiyi looks at Yu Yuan again after realizing that Yu Yuan is the dragon slayer.

Yuan Qingxi’s fingers holding the scroll also exerted force and trembled slightly!

The bones that were promoted to ghosts and gods turned into tall and handsome human men. Looking at his abnormal behavior, they were also stunned.

Yuan Qingxi’s demeanor, the kind of respect and admiration from the heart, made even the bones feel that something was wrong.

When he was still the Ghost King, he was secretly investigating the truth about his death in his previous life, and he also guessed that Yun Hao from the Tianxie Sect had contact with someone from the Ghost Witch Sect.

The Ghost Witch Sect is the secret promoter, he is very sure.

In his opinion, the Yuan Qingxi in front of him might be the most powerful person in the Ghost Witch Sect.

But when Yuan Qingxi laid eyes on her for the first time, her unabashed admiration and deep-seated respect were very strange.

“Let irrelevant people leave first.”

Yuan Qingxi looked at the bones and her voice was trembling when she spoke.

The witch ghosts like Du Jing he held were also released by him, drifted to the back, and gradually disappeared.

“Irrelevant people?”

Ba Gu was stunned for a moment.

“Your subordinate Luo?h Ghost King is also irrelevant.” Yuan Qingxi used honorifics when addressing him.

“You go back to the source of the Yin veins first.”

As soon as Baigu said these words, Luo?h didn’t have time to make any preparations before she felt the pull of the Hades River corresponding to her in the source of the Yin veins.


Luo?h suddenly disappeared.

The White Bones are ghosts and gods in a land of terror, an extension of the will of the source of the Yin veins. His words are iron laws and Tao principles. As the ghost king, Luo?h is unable to resist.

“Yu Yuan, why don’t you…”

Ba Gu’s behavior at this time also seemed strange, as if he was responding to Yuan Qingxi.

“No, no need. Since he has been recognized by the Dragon Slaying Platform and is the inheritor of that place, he is a relevant person and does not need to leave.” Yuan Qingxi smiled slightly, “Hong Qi in the previous life was just a small role. , It’s nothing. But Yu Yuan in this life has been completely different since he was a little involved with Dragon Slaying Platform.”

Yuan Qingxi took a deep breath, then knelt down towards the bones, resting his forehead on the ground, holding the rolled-up picture in both hands.

“The most precious treasure of the Ghost Witch Sect! The breath of a divine object!”

Yu Yuan was greatly shocked.

He was convinced that the scroll with Yuan Qingxi’s hands in the posture of handing it over to the bones should be a higher-level treasure than the “Spirit Locking Picture” and “Ghost Feeding Picture”.

Because, there are mysterious laws hidden inside the Dragon Slaying Platform that have been disturbed to prevent the scroll from being opened.



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