Invincible Powers Chapter 1440: Detoxify the soul


 Different from the Yinshan Mountains, a place of terror and destruction, the colorful place in front of us seems to be filled with the colorful poison of a miasma of colorful clouds.

 This Yinshan Mountain also looks coquettish and weird because of this.

 Luo?h’s soul emerged, struggling painfully on the bright rock wall. Many ghosts and demons, which were actually very weak, filled her soul like mosquitoes.

 Her soul was also polluted by those ghosts and demons, and was tortured by endless evil thoughts and evil thoughts all the time.

 Her own intelligence will be lost if it is impacted…

 There is also a flower basket placed on the bright hilltop. The flower basket is her unique utensil. It used to have endless uses, but now it has obvious signs of damage.

 Seeing her painful soul shadow, Yu Yuan’s Yin Shen suddenly flew out from the Dragon Slaying Platform, his expression became serious.


 He let out a low cry and found that Yin Shen was still able to adapt to the dirty place after leaving the Dragon Slaying Platform and did not feel uncomfortable.

 “White bones…”

 The next moment, he chose to call him by his first name without being formal.

 “It’s a bit troublesome.”

 After transforming into a human, he has tall and handsome bones, and in the depths of his eyes, there are clusters of white electric light vortices formed.

  He was observing Luo H’s soul condition in his own way, and then said: “There are seven thousand three hundred and sixty ghosts and demon souls that have been poured into her soul body, her soul, and her thoughts. , forced fusion of consciousness.”

 Skeleton Bones’ face was gloomy, “I can kill all these 7,360 ghosts and demon souls in an instant, leaving no one left. But if I do this, I will also hurt her, and maybe she will follow. Death.”

 ”Her current situation is like being poisoned by poison in her soul. Those 7,360 ghosts and demon souls are poisons, and the poisons seep into every thought and consciousness of hers. I can remove everything, but there are also Maybe, erase her original consciousness.”

 Bai Gu explains carefully.

 According to what he said, not to mention these 7,360 ghosts and ghosts, he could also kill ten times or a hundred times the number of ghosts and ghosts in an instant.

 He can destroy all the soul demons in front of him, existing or hidden!


 There is a high probability that if he cannot control it well, Luo?h will also die and be buried with those evil ghosts and demons.

 ”You can’t peel off the many ghosts and demon souls that have penetrated into her soul and consciousness? No way, clean them up one by one?” Yu Yuan asked strangely.

 “This is not my area of ​​expertise.” Bai Gu said frankly.

 In the colorful Yinshan Mountain, Luo?h suddenly woke up for a moment. She saw the bones of ghosts and gods in the terrifying land. Yu Yuan, who taught her medicine three hundred years ago, shouted: “How many earth demons are there?” He was working secretly, bewitching me with his demonic sounds on the way, and harming me…”

Before she could explain her words clearly, her mind was overwhelmed by the suddenly violent demonic spirits.

 Her soul shadow in the Yin Mountain became colorful like being smeared with colored ink.

 ”Luo?h, I will kill all the earth demons who attack you in this dirty world.”

 Skeleton Bones solemnly swore that the Yin Vein tributaries hidden in his body began to flow slowly, and there were several magical soul principles that were secretly inspired by him.

 ”Don’t worry too much. After I destroy all the ghosts and demon souls, I can still intercept your original soul mark. As long as the soul mark is there, I can resurrect you at the source of the Yin veins. You can choose the soul body to practice the ghost path. , you can also become a human, I will keep you safe for the rest of your life.”

 The gray-white light flew under the white bone body, and he seemed to have made a decision.

 As the first Ghost Supreme in history to be promoted to a ghost, and the spokesman for the source of the Yin veins, he can make Luo H reborn after death, allowing Luo H to choose to become a ghost or a human.

 Only he has such magical powers!

 He is ready to take action.

 “Wait a minute!”

Yu Yuan suddenly drank lightly.

 Skeleton Bones was surprised, looking away at him above the Dragon-Slaying Platform, and explained seriously, “You have to believe me, I won’t let her die easily. The promise I made will definitely be fulfilled, and there won’t be any Any mistakes! ”

 “Let me try it first.” Yu Yuan said.

 “Try it? Try what?”

 “I’ll save her!”

 As soon as this sound fell, Ghosts and Bones saw Yu Yuan’s Yin God, like a burst of fireworks, turning into fluffy soul raindrops, falling on the brightly colored Yin Mountain.

 The next moment, in Bai Gu’s perception, it was as if tens of millions of Yu Yuan escaped into the mountain wall and suddenly squeezed into Luo?h’s soul!

 Thousands of Yu Yuan, split from the Yin Shen, seem to have self-awareness and can mobilize power from the Dragon Slaying Platform to prescribe appropriate medicines to cleanse the dirty foreign matter in Luo?h’s soul body.


 A ray of cold white frost light flew out from the Dragon Slayer Platform and merged into a Yu Yuan the size of a grain of rice.

 This Yu Yuan seemed to have turned into a slender white ice dragon in an instant, freezing a ghost that was entrenched in the heart of Luo?h’s soul body, and then suddenly froze and cracked.

 Luo?h’s heart was filled with thoughts that belonged to her soul, without harming them at all.


 A dragon’s breath like clouds flew out from the Dragon Slaying Platform, blended with another Yu Yuan, and turned into a miniature “Dragon of Time and Space”, wrapping up the earth demon that shrank in Luo?h’s mind. Use space powers to shock and kill.


 The dark green flowing light still flew out from the Dragon Slaying Platform, and there was a small Yu Yuan riding on the dark green flowing light.

 It was like… riding a dark green poisonous dragon, sucking in the miasma poison that penetrated Luo?h’s original soul, making some of the dirty areas in her brain clean and clear.


  There are constant streams of dragon breath, summoned by Yu Yuan, or integrated into one of the Yu Yuans, or controlled by a small Yu Yuan, to rob and kill ghosts and earth demons, and clean up the filth in the soul of the washing Luo?h .

  10 million

 There are more Yu Yuans than the 7,360 ghosts and demon souls. Although each one is weak, he becomes much stronger after borrowing the Dragon Breath Dragon Energy from the Dragon Slaying Platform.

 A ghost in Yu Yuan actually split into tens of thousands of Yu Yuans in an instant.

 In one breath, there are tens of millions of Yu Yuans acting independently and fighting independently!

 In the Colorful Yin Mountain, a magical soul battle took place. Yu Yuan used incredible magical powers and secret techniques to help Luo? “The screams disappeared one after another.

 Even ghosts, gods and bones were shocked by this scene, with expressions of disbelief on their faces.

 All he knew was that in the boundless vast galaxy, it seemed that only Bertans, the old patriarch of the outer demons, could split thousands of demon souls in an instant.

 Each demon soul can exist independently and can perform different magic secrets.

 Skeleton Bones never imagined that in this vast world and in this era, there would be aliens who could differentiate into thousands of consciousnesses in an instant like Bertans did!

 Although, a single consciousness is far less powerful than Bertans’ single demon soul.

 But in terms of quantity, there are not many disadvantages.

 “Awesome, you can really surprise me.”

 Skeleton Bones showed an expression of admiration, deeply realizing that Yu Yuan, who had lived in two lifetimes, was indeed not simple and could not be viewed with normal eyes.

 Not long after, 7,360 ghosts and demon souls were killed by Yu Yuan one by one, and all of them died.

 The weak Luo?h also got rid of the bright Yinshan Mountain, took back her flower basket, floated in front of the bones, and said: “I didn’t expect that there would be aliens who would dare to suddenly attack me at this time. A sneak attack.”


 The rich and pure yin energy turned into a flowing spring, flew out from the palm of the white bones, and dropped from Luo?h’s head.

  Luo?h’s soul recovered surprisingly from the injuries, and her eyes gradually regained their sparkle.

 “As long as it’s okay.”

 Countless Yu Yuans spoke together, and at the same time they were withdrawn from the Yin Mountain. In front of her and Bai Gu, they suddenly gathered together and re-condensed into the Yin God of Yu Yuan.

 “Are you so strong?” Luo?h was surprised and unsure.

 “That’s how strong it is.”

Yu Yuan smiled, and after successfully helping her detoxify, he also realized the mystery of the “Great Yin Soul Technique”.

 What he was able to successfully do last time when he controlled the “Starting Sword Formation” in the Feiying Star Territory, now in the vast world, he can achieve it again with Yin Shen.

 It seems that this is the core magical power of the “Great Shadow Technique”, and it is his innate mystery.

 “There is a powerful guy coming.”

 Yu Yuan snorted coldly, squinted his eyes and stared at the left side, and saw a familiar soul shadow, “Du Jing is here too!”

 “I was brought down below because of him!” Luo?h exclaimed.



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