Invincible Powers Chapter 1428: Darkroom Mystery


Duan Yu’e was in a state of confusion.

She is the person in charge of the Ghost Talisman Sect in the Split Evolution Islands. Since the Ghost Talisman Sect has declared its attachment to the Shenhun Sect and the Chamber of Commerce, she originally had a good life in the Split Evolution Islands.

She is not in a high realm, just in the soul wandering realm. She worries about the breakthrough in the Yangshen realm all day long and has no intention of doing anything else.

After Yu Yuan appeared in the Split Islands, she also learned about it, but she soon stopped caring.

——She just wants to break through her own realm as soon as possible.

In her opinion, since the five forces, the Shenhun Sect, and the Chamber of Commerce have temporarily stopped, dependent sects like the Ghost Talisman Sect will also have a period of stability and calm.

Yu Yuan came suddenly. She didn’t know the reason, so she quickly took the initiative to pay homage, “Duan Yu’e of Guifu Sect, I wonder if Senior Hong is here. Do you have anything to ask?”

Yu Yuan stopped in mid-air on Guifu Island. Seeing her being so polite, he smiled and said, “Don’t be nervous, I’ll check things out.”

Duan Yu’e relaxed a lot and took the initiative: “Do you want me to take you to the island to see it?”

“No, no, no, no.”

With the Dragon-Slaying Platform in hand, Yin Shen is immersed in it. The secret rooms under Ghost Talisman Island, the ghost symbols on the secret rooms, and the profound traces cannot escape his meticulous observation.

There are only a few dozen disciples on Guifu Island, and most of them are of low level.

Yu Yuan knew all about the talismans of those people, the objects on display, and the interactions between them.

In mid-air, it only took him a moment to read all the movements and hidden secrets of Guifu Island several times.

——Nothing unusual.

On the other side, Feng Zhong, who knew the secret, stopped Lin Kaiming’s group from seeking revenge and ordered them to return to Voodoo Island.

“Would you like to take a look?”

He didn’t see anything, so Yu Yuan waved to Yin Xueqi to come down and let her check it out.

Yin Xueqi did not hesitate to refuse, and flew down to Guifu Island as she was told, and inspected the forbidden area where she thought there might be weird palaces, arrays, and special energy and blood.

Then I discovered that the ghost talismans in the palace and the forbidden areas with strange auras were all the methods used by today’s ghost talisman religious believers.


After a while, she shook her head and told Yu Yuan that she didn’t see any problems on Guifu Island.

Duan Yu’e accompanied Yu Yuan and others in fear for a while. Seeing that Yu Yuan and others were not looking for trouble, she asked with a smile: “Who is dead in the Voodoo sect?”

“A man named Cheng Bo.” Yu Yuan explained.

“Cheng Bo…”

Duan Yu’e frowned, as if she had remembered something, and looked like she was hesitant to speak.

“Do you know him?” Yu Yuan asked curiously.

Gui Fu Sect and Voodoo Sect have always been hostile. Cheng Bo was on Voodoo Island and had just entered the soul wandering realm for the first time, while Duan Yu’e was on Guifu Island and was also a practitioner of the soul wandering realm.

Because there is a secret war, she may know Cheng Bo better than Voodoo insiders. “Speaking of which, I have something to do with you, Senior Hong.” Duan Yu’e hesitated for a while before saying, “Senior Hong came to the Split Islands once and caused a big disturbance. Of course, at that time, Senior Hong, no one knows your true identity, and we don’t know either…”

She is verbose.

Feng Zhong was the first to be impatient, “Let’s get to the point!”


Duan Yu’e glanced at Feng Zhong aggrievedly and replied obediently: “We at Guifu Sect know that the guy named Cheng Bo has a close relationship with Senior Hong, your former medicine slave…”

“Du Jing?” Yu Yuan was surprised.

Du Jing’s real body was destroyed in the Split Islands, and the Yin Shen he hid in Da Ze was later wiped out and no longer exists in the world.

“Well, because something happened to you, Du Jing was afraid that Zhong Chichen would clean the door and switch to the Voodoo Sect. But not long after he stayed in the Voodoo Sect, he was expelled by the Voodoo Sect and lurked in Huangshen Daze. Logically speaking , he was expelled from the Voodoo Sect and should not have too much contact with Cheng Bo.”

As an enemy, Duan Yu’e’s investigation seemed to be very detailed, “But unfortunately, we noticed that every time Du Jing came to the Split Islands, the first person he came into contact with was Cheng Bo!”

“We also know that Du Jing and Cheng Bo once explored the Caiyun Miasma Sea together.”

Duan Yu’e told the facts she knew.

Yu Yuan’s face darkened slightly, and with a thought in his mind, he saw through the sight of Dragon Slaying Platform the backup plan he had left for himself on the unnamed island.

His body shook slightly.

The underground darkroom, which was used to store Liuyan, many pills and rare spiritual materials, and the cupboard where bottles and jars were placed, were pushed to the ground.

Someone has been in!

After the last time he came to the Split Islands and took away what was hidden inside, he has never been there again.

He clearly remembered that after he took away the pill pills and spiritual materials in the cabinets, the cabinets were placed very well and none of them fell to the ground.


His Yin Shen left the Dragon Slaying Platform and disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes in an instant.

“Shen Junshen…”

His Yin Shen entered the ancient desert island and saw a petite, unmasked female military **** in a majestic gold and iron palace. “I have something to ask.”

Shen Feiqing woke up from meditation, her expression was as usual, “Please speak.”

“How did you meet Du Jing in the first place, and what happened to him?” Yu Yuan asked.

“Du Jing was hunted by the Voodoo Cult and lurked in Huangshen Daze. He taught Wei Feng the secret techniques of the Voodoo Cult in order to deprive Wei Feng of the demon blood in his body. This matter was also approved by Huangshen. Huangshen, I also want to see if the purple phoenix mark on Wei Feng’s body really comes from that supreme essence and blood.”

“As for me, I want to refine the essence and blood and strengthen my muscles, bones and blood vessels.”

“I’ve never liked Du Jing, and I haven’t had much contact with him. After the man dies, the ghost is also gone, why do you mention him?”

Shen Feiqing talked again about her original plan with Du Jing and Queen Silver Moon.

At the beginning, they knew that what they did would definitely not be recognized by the five supreme forces, and they hit it off.

But Du Jing was not recognized by that small alliance. They only used Du Jing’s methods to refine the demon blood in Wei Feng’s body bit by bit.

“Thank you.”

The spirit form of Yu Yuan Yin Shen returned to the Dragon Slaying Platform instantly after bowing his hands and thanking him.

“What did you find?”

Feng Zhong and Yin Xueqi looked together.

“Let’s break up now, let’s go back to Tongtian Island.”

Seeing Duan Yu’e looking expectantly, and some people from Guifu Sect also paying attention here, Yu Yuan excused himself first.

The group returned to Tongtian Island, and Yu Yuan told Feng Zhong and Yin Xueqi that his former medicine slave might have been favored by people from the Ghost Witch Sect after being expelled by the Voodoo Sect.

The person who secretly harmed him could not be Du Jing, because Du Jing was so weak and pitiful at that time, and he was scared to death of himself.

“The dead Du Jing may have practiced the secret method of Ghost Witch Sect? Was it because of Du Jing that Cheng Bo was able to obtain the ghost feeding map in the Caiyun Miasma Sea?” Yin Xueqi looked surprised.

Yu Yuan nodded, “That’s what I think.”

Feng Zhong believed that there were other members of the Voodoo Sect still in the Split Islands, perhaps nearby, so he asked everyone to continue to wait cautiously.

Two days later, a practitioner from the Huiling Sect and a person from the Tianxie Sect, like Lian Hu and Cheng Bo, also died one after another.

The cause of death is also unknown, and it happened in an instant.

When Yu Yuan sensed that something was wrong and arrived, there was no soul thought left in the two people’s minds. No strange symbols and patterns of the Ghost Witch Sect were found on those two people or nearby.

Then, from somewhere, a theory gradually spread.

Yu Yuan is the **** of plague. Wherever he goes, he will bring disaster and death…

Because he appeared in the Split Islands, many people died suddenly for no apparent reason, went crazy, or committed suicide. The reason… was all in Yu Yuan.

Afterwards, someone actually protested to the Chamber of Commerce and asked the Chamber of Commerce to expel Yu Yuan!

He also said that if Yu Yuan does not leave, and if more people die inexplicably, the responsibility lies with the Chamber of Commerce, and they, the practitioners stationed here, will also leave.

There are even non-sectarian casual cultivators who are panicking and have begun to evacuate the Split Evolution Islands for fear of drastic changes.

In this atmosphere, Tong Laoqian, escorted by the Ghost King of Thousand Tribulations, came to Tongtian Island from Jiuyou Hanyuan.

The moment Tong Laoqian, whose soul was wounded, saw Yu Yuan, he screamed: “Damn it, guess who I saw? You will never expect it!”

“Du Jing?” Yu Yuan frowned.

Tong Laoqian looked dull, “You can guess this!”



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