Invincible Powers Chapter 1416: Exposing the truth


After the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce and the Shenhun Sect announced their alliance, they did not suspend trade with all parties. The major sects, empires and chaebols could still trade normally with the Chamber of Commerce.

However, due to the change in the position of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce, many sects that had close ties with the Chamber of Commerce in the past took the initiative to avoid suspicion.

For example, Yaoshen Sect…

The Yaoshen Sect and the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce have always cooperated very closely. Most of the pills sold by the Chamber of Commerce are purchased from the Yaoshen Sect, and then the pills are distributed by the Chamber of Commerce to major branches and important places in the empire for people to use. Pick.

However, when the Yaoshen Sect learned that the leader of the Chamber of Commerce Hao Jian had always stood with the original Chairman Li, they decisively terminated Danwan’s dealings with the Chamber of Commerce.

As a result, the number of pills that Tongtian Chamber of Commerce can sell has become less and less.

Not long ago, chambers of commerce suddenly went all over the world, searching for alchemists with generous terms…

In the eyes of the Yaoshen Sect, Tongtian Chamber of Commerce knew that it had relied too much on the Yaoshen Sect when it came to pills, but now it was pinched by the throat, and it was a last resort choice made out of anger.

However, some people within Yaoshen Sect were dissatisfied with the status quo and knew that the Chamber of Commerce had a deep foundation, so they actually had different intentions.

Qu Yun will never allow it!

In front of a mountain of medicine, he looked fiercely and cursed those people for their ungratefulness. After driving them back to the cave one by one, he pointed at the three people **** on the ground and said in a cold voice: “Read When they didn’t take any concrete action and just discussed leaving the Yaoshen Sect, I just whipped them.”

“But what if…”

Qu Yun’s eyes flashed fiercely, and he looked down at the three masters and disciples, “If you really left Yaishen Island, you wouldn’t have suffered any flesh injuries.”

The pharmacist huddled in the cave, and the dozen or so people around him, dared not speak out in anger.

The three masters and apprentices remained silent.

Under Qu Yun’s despotic power, no one with any sense would disobey him or conflict with him head-on.

Because everyone knows who he is as a person, and they also know his combat prowess and methods.

“Uncle Master!”

A thin young man wearing brocade clothes was riding a luxurious flying boat and stopped in front of Qu Yun.

Then, he twisted the two corpses from inside and threw them on the rocky ground in front of Yaoshan. “These two people left the island without authorization. I found out that they were really going to Tongtian Island and wanted to defect to the Chamber of Commerce.”

A strange blood flower bloomed between the eyebrows of the two corpses, as if they had been killed by a sharp weapon piercing their skulls.

After seeing the two corpses, most of the pharmacists who had withdrawn into the cave became as silent as cicadas, and they became even more afraid to say a word.

Only an old red-haired old man with a cane, when he saw the two corpses, could not help but step out of the cave again. His body was trembling, and he pointed at Qu Yun with his free hand, angrily Tao

: “Qu Yun! They are not worthy of death, right?!”

The red-haired old man only had the cultivation level of Breaking the Mysterious Realm. He spent his whole life studying the knowledge of pharmacological pills and had little interest in practice. Therefore, although he and Qu Yun were of the same generation, their abilities were far apart.

The two people who died were disciples he cultivated with his own hands. Like him, they were addicted to refining medicine, so they neglected their practice.

On the other hand, the young man in Jinyi, because of Qu Yun’s training, although his method of refining medicine is sparse and ordinary, his realm has reached the level of Yin Shen.

Killing the two of them was just a disciple of the Yunling Realm, so it was indeed not difficult at all.

“Leaving the island is a crime that will not lead to death. But if you want to go to the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce, you are abandoning the sect!”

Qu Yun grinned, his white teeth full of seriousness, “Red Beard, I know you are the leader, and I also know that you have always been dissatisfied with our policies and strategies. But now I want you to remember that our Medicine God Sect has chosen Those five supreme ones! If they dare to go to the Chamber of Commerce, they are standing against everyone!”

A streak of ferocious dark red flames flew out from Qu Yun’s robe like a python, lingering at the entrance of the cave where the red-haired old man stood, as if he wanted to fly in and tear the old man into pieces.

The few pharmacists who wanted to calm down because of their seniority saw many dark red flames gradually transforming into pythons. Their eyes showed fear and they quietly retreated back into the cave.

“You are their master, and their rebellious spirit must be influenced by you!”

Qu Yun stamped his foot violently, and the entire Yaoshen Island shook slightly. The array of flames deep in the earth seemed to be instantly inspired by him. Circles of brilliant halos formed from different areas of the island, achieving the goal. An effect of sealing off the island.

“I didn’t deal with you before, but I just wanted to capture your two apprentices, and wait until the identity documents are complete!”

Qu Yun had a ferocious aura, and the look in his eyes at the red beard was like looking at a dead thing.

“A pharmacist should be a pharmacist. If you really want to practice, why did you choose the path of refining medicine in the first place?”

The red-haired old man felt the changes in Yaoshen Island and knew the hidden array on the island. Now that Qu Yun has mobilized it, the matter may not be rectified. “Qu Yun, you should go to the Scarlet Demon Sect from the beginning. Or practice in the Yuanyang Sect, not the Yaoshen Sect, it would really bury your talents.”

As soon as these words came out, Qu Yun’s face turned dark, as if something from the past had been recalled, and he suddenly fell silent.

“He went to the Scarlet Demon Sect, but unfortunately his talent was too poor and he was not noticed by others. His talent in refining medicine, which was slightly higher than his cultivation, made him choose the second best and come to the Medicine God Sect. The Scarlet Demon Sect Bian, you’re right. He spent so long and many years cultivating a Yang Shen.”

“You obviously don’t have the ability to practice, but you insist on going your own way and leading the entire sect astray. It’s really… stupid!”

A teasing laugh sounded suddenly.


Bang! Bang bang!

All the dark red pythons released by Qu Yun exploded one by one when the sound first started.

It turned into thousands of sulfur-smelling flames, scattering all over the ground like broken stars.

Red Beard looked at the cave in front of him without knowing why. A strange figure appeared out of thin air, with colorful light flowing from the corners of his clothes, “Who are you?”

He was surprised to know so many old things about Qu Yun.

Yu Yuan smiled brightly, looked back at him, and then faced Qu Yun again.

Qu Yun, who had been exposed, had flames burning in his sleeves, and red flame pillars formed behind him, which resonated with the inner earth fire of the entire Yaoshen Island.

The annoying flame energy gathered towards him crazily, greatly enhancing his momentum and combat power at this moment.

“How dare you interfere in the internal affairs of our Medicine God Sect!” Qu Yun said angrily.

“My words are not interfering in the internal affairs of the Medicine God Sect.”

Yu Yuan smiled slightly and slowly closed his eyes when he looked at the familiar mountain of medicine, those people huddled in the cave, and more people who came after hearing the news.

He compared his impressions of the island three hundred years ago with his impressions today, and gradually mixed them together.

After opening his eyes again, he noticed that Qu Yun had completely calmed down. His irritability and ferocity seemed to have been quickly restrained, and he was looking at himself carefully with a penetrating gaze.

“I should have never seen you.”

While Qu Yun was speaking, he felt that the person in front of him felt inexplicably familiar.

Yu Yuan’s demeanor and behavior, as well as some small habitual movements, made him feel uncomfortable.

It was as if someone he had always hated suddenly appeared in front of him.

Still, in the way of another person…

Qu Yun was suddenly shocked!

He guessed a possibility, but he couldn’t believe it and didn’t want to believe it!

The old woman, who fell to the ground covered in whip marks, opened her cloudy eyes and looked forward strangely.

She looked at Qu Yun, who was trembling all over, and didn’t understand why this powerful figure who had monopolized power within the sect had such a big mood swing.

When the red-haired old man heard Yu Yuan’s last words, he suddenly fell silent, lowering his head as if deep in thought.

Then, his eyes lit up little by little.

The young man in brocade clothes on the flying boat, with his brows furrowed, took out a stack of yellowed oil paper from the secret compartment next to it, and quickly flipped through it.

His movements stopped abruptly at one of the pictures. He looked at the portrait on the oil paper, then quickly lowered his head to look at Yu Yuan.

His expression suddenly became dull, and his body stiffened as a result.



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