Invincible Powers Chapter 1415: Another possibility


At the cliff, “Sword of Shattering” Fan Heqing patiently listened to every word Yu Yuan said.

His eyes, which seemed to contain too many thoughts, looked at Yu Yuan seriously, as if secretly comparing Yu Yuan with someone.

After a while, he frowned slightly and suddenly said: “You are probably the same as you were in the first half of your life.”

Yu Yuan stopped talking and looked stunned.

After a moment, he figured out the meaning of Fan Heqing’s words, and knew that the first half of his life that Fan Heqing mentioned was referring to Hong Qi…

“If I remember correctly, I have never dealt with Mr. Fan before, right?”

Yu Yuan was puzzled because when he was Hong Qi, Fan Heqing was already a famous great swordsman, and he had been in seclusion in this world all year round, only appearing in the outer stars from time to time.

In his last life, he had only heard of Fan Heqing for a long time and had no contact with her.

From what Fan Heqing said, it seemed that he had known him before when he was Hong Qi.

“You have been to the Split Islands before, and you were with that girl. She was the treasure of the Sword Sect at the beginning, and the sect asked me to take care of her secretly, so every time I look at her, I naturally see it. You.”

At this point, Fan Heqing paused, thinking, and said slowly: “You have been to the Split Islands more than once, and your style… is getting bigger and bigger. Your temper, your arrogance, It also skyrocketed, and it seemed a bit abnormal to me.”

Fan Heqing looked at the Medicine God Island, was silent for a few seconds, and then shouted softly: “Have you ever thought that the great change in your character at the end of your life might be due to the poison in your soul?”

“Poison in the soul?” Yu Yuan was startled.

He never thought of this possibility!

The outside world said that it was because he was addicted to the refining of poison pills and knew that his life was approaching, that he gradually fell into the path of evil, to the point where humans and gods were angry.

He himself felt that his memory was muddy every time he recalled some of Hong Qi’s deeds at the end of his life.

Based on his current level of cultivation and the strength of his soul, it seems a bit abnormal.

Before, he thought it was himself and didn’t want to think about it.

Hearing what Fan Heqing said, he was confused for a moment, “The poison in my soul has changed my character greatly, and the evil thoughts deep in my heart have continued to grow?”

“As Hong Qi, you have never embarked on the path of cultivation, have not tempered your soul, and have insufficient understanding of your own three souls. Therefore, if you are poisoned by something similar, you will not be able to sense it.” Fan Heqing asked He elaborated on this possibility, “I say this because every time you come to the Splinter Islands, you disgust me a little more.”

“Maybe you don’t know

Tao, it is also a skill to make me feel disgusted. ”

Fan Heqing twitched the corner of his mouth.

Yu Yuan fell silent.

He also really knew that there were several poisonous elixirs that could arouse evil thoughts in people. All he had to do was find special herbs and combine the medicinal properties to easily arouse evil thoughts or murderous desires in people.

He also knows how to refine the pill that makes people have many evil thoughts and gradually deteriorate.

If he accidentally takes such a pill, his soul, which has not embarked on the path of spiritual practice in the second life and has not been specially tempered, will be tricked without knowing it?

“I have seen you in the dark many times because of her. Every time I see you, your character is changing drastically. I feel that it is not a natural change of character. Natural, not that fast… …” Fan Heqing said it very straightforwardly.

“Man-made?” Yu Yuan looked gloomy.

Fan Heqing nodded slightly, “The current situation in the Split Evolution Islands is very delicate. I heard that the Chamber of Commerce is looking for people who understand pharmacology and spiritual plant cultivation, and there are also many people from the Yaoshen Sect who are interested. I want to defect to the Chamber of Commerce. On the Medicine God Island you were familiar with before, some pharmacists have been controlled.”

“Recruiting pharmacists…”

Yu Yuan was thoughtful, thinking that the Chamber of Commerce and Shenhun Sect were really promoting this matter.

No matter what the outcome is for him and the Medicine God Sect, since the Chamber of Commerce is already searching for people who understand pharmacology everywhere, they are preparing to be sent to the Dark Wing Star Territory later.


The Dragon-Slaying Platform quietly emerged, shrunk and then fell into his palm. A ray of his heart and soul was immersed in it, and he used the Dragon-Slaying Platform to see Medicine God Island.

On the island, all the flowers, plants, spiritual plants, medicine palaces, alchemy furnaces, and earth fire veins that were planted on the island were instantly visible to every alchemist and outsider, every detail.

He unexpectedly saw a silver-haired old man shouting something loudly in front of a mountain of medicine.

The silver-haired old man has an extraordinary bearing and fierce eyes. Although he is wearing the robe of an alchemist, he gives the impression that he is more like a brave practitioner.

“Master Qu, he is still alive.” Yu Yuan was shocked.

Qu Yun, who is of the same generation as his master, studied the art of refining medicine intensively in his early years. Later, he suddenly began to focus on breakthroughs in realms, and he actually succeeded in condensing the Yang Shen for him, and successfully soared into the sky.

When he was young, Zhong Chichen was greatly loved by Qu Yun, and Zhong Chichen was taught by this person in his practice.

It can be said that Zhong Chichen was also influenced by this person because he was obsessed with spiritual practice and neglected the intensive study of medicine.

Yu Yuan clearly remembered that Qu Yun had always disliked him, not long after he first entered the profession

, because he found out that he could not enter the spiritual path, he was scolded by Qu Yun as a waste, and asked the master not to waste energy and time.

Qu Yun’s reason is that a pharmacist who cannot practice has a short lifespan and is of no benefit to the Medicine God Sect.

After his master insisted on accepting him as his disciple, Qu Yun made a scene and went to Tianwai to temper the Yangshen.

Soon I heard that Qu Yun’s Yang God died outside the sky, which also caused the backlash to his true body. Qu Yun never came out until something went wrong in his reincarnation.

But now, Qu Yun is not only on Yaoshen Island, but also alive.

It seems that his Yang Shen realm is also quite stable and does not look like a Yang Shen Shatterer at all.

“Not long after you died, he came out.” Fan Heqing said indifferently, with a bit of weirdness in his tone, “His Yang Shen also returned from the outer galaxy. Not only was it not broken, but its realm was also improved. With the improvement, his combat power is quite strong. Your senior brother can quickly stabilize the situation and silence the critics.”

After a pause, Fan Heqing added: “In my eyes, he and your senior brother seem to be more like master and apprentice.”

Yu Yuan remained silent, but continued to use the Dragon Slayer Platform to spy on the movements of Yaoshen Island, listening to Qu Yun’s curses.

He saw some alchemists who were proficient in pharmacology, retreating into the cave of the medicine mountain, and kept explaining to Qu Yun that they had no intention of leaving.

I also saw that on the hard stone ground behind Qu Yun, three people were **** at the moment, with bruises and whip marks all over their bodies.

Three people, all wearing the robes of the Medicine God Sect, an old woman, plus two apprentices, a male and a female.

After Yu Yuan took a closer look at the old woman’s appearance, he felt that she looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember it for a while.

When he used the Dragon Slaying Platform to look at Yaoshen Island in his unique way, Fan Heqing, the “Sword of Shattering”, also took advantage of the situation and his eyes fell on the Dragon Slaying Platform.

Fan Heqing’s eyes gradually became brighter. Even he could not penetrate the turbid white light with his sight and could not see the world inside the Dragon Slaying Platform.

But he could see that due to Yu Yuan’s use, colorful ripples were rippling around the Dragon Slaying Platform.

In the ripples, there seemed to be tiny colorful dragons swimming around.

“Mr. Fan, I’ll go to Medicine God Island first.”

After listening for a while, Yu Yuan took a breath and his face became darker.

Fan Heqing nodded slightly, “It is inconvenient for me to participate in the internal affairs of the Medicine God Sect.”

“Anyway, thank you Mr. Fan for your information.”

After bowing again, Yu Yuan and Zhanlongtai disappeared out of thin air.



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