Invincible Powers Chapter 1414: Thank you


 A shining sun **** with a bit of fire inside, was slowly taken into the body by Qin?

 His Yang Shen’s resting place, unlike Yu Yuan and An Ziqing, is not in the middle Dantian acupoint, but in the lower Dantian Huangting.

 The Yang God is nourished and washed by spiritual power. Because the source of power is here, it is placed here.

 “I just said there would be no problem, right?”

  Tong Laoqian released “Jade Tower” and took the opportunity to absorb part of the cold air. Looking at Qin Yu who finally relaxed, he said doubtfully: “It’s a little strange. The heat in your Yangshen is different from what should have appeared. There is no residue at all. It seems that there is another force that helps you clean it the moment you create it.”

 Thousand Tribulations Ghost King and Tan Yuan of the Ancient Desolate Sect also nodded slightly, feeling similarly.

  Qin Qin, who was dressed as an old Confucian scholar, looked younger due to the formation of the Yang God. He touched his chin and felt strange in his heart.

 He once clearly felt that an external force was quietly injected into him, which brought him great benefits.

 That external force of unknown origin helped him stabilize his state of mind in an instant. The pure yin-cold energy in it solved many hidden dangers when he first became Yang Shen, so that he did not need a transition period and no need to worry about it. By refining it carefully, you can directly collect Yang Shen into the Huangting acupoint.

But he couldn’t tell where the infusion of external force came from.


  Zhou Cang, dressed in white, came to him with a ghostly look, and said with a smile: “Mr. Qin.”

 “Master Imperial Master!” Qin? looked slightly shocked.

 The two of them had contact when they were in the Chiyang Empire. As the leader of the Seven Gods Sect, Qin had suppressed Zhou Cang when he was born.

 It’s a pity that I couldn’t suppress it.

 Zhou Cang’s rise was as dazzling as a comet. In a very short time, he became the national advisor of a country and the most powerful and prestigious person in the Chiyang Empire. Qin could only bow his head and submit to him.

 When everyone thought that Zhou Cang?F would definitely enter the Yuanyang Sect, his identity was unexpectedly exposed, and he turned out to be a demon species cultivated by the Red Demon Sect.

 Facing Zhou Cang? F, Qin? still habitually calls him “Master of the State”, feeling a little in awe in his heart.

 Thousand Tribulations Ghost King and Tan Yuan, including Tong Lao Qian, also suddenly became nervous due to his appearance.

 Zhou Cang?F is the demon species of the Scarlet Demon Sect, and the Scarlet Demon Sect… is the camp on the side of the five supreme forces. Even though the relationship between the two parties was acceptable before, due to their different positions, there will still be many encounters. inappropriate.

 “Let me congratulate you on my behalf.”

 Zhou Cang?F waved his hand to indicate

I hope you don’t have to be so nervous. “He has too many trivial matters and is worried that his sudden appearance will upset your mood and hinder your Yang Shen’s concentration, so he didn’t come.”

 “Who?” Qin? His face was blank.

 “The person you have been waiting for.” Zhou Cang?F smiled.

 Qin?’s heart was beating wildly and he rushed forward excitedly, “Seriously?”

 Qianjie and Tanyuan were also shocked.

 “Where’s that kid?” Tong Laoqian yelled.

 “Before Mr. Qin succeeded, he had already flown away. At this moment… he might be in the Split Islands.”



 The steep cliffs are like rows of sharp swords piercing the sky, majestic and majestic.

 From the depths of a gray-white rock, a figure suddenly stepped out. The clothes he wore were the same color as the rock. There was a bit of weariness in his eyes, as if he was tired of everything in the world.

 A long sword was inserted into the rock he walked out of, full of ancient meaning.

 Because of his appearance, Yu Yuan instantly sensed the situation and flew from the other end of Jian Island. His trace was as vague as a ghost and did not disturb the rest of the people on Jian Island.

 Soon, Yu Yuan came to him. Without any hesitation, he clasped his fists and bowed: “Thank you, Mr. Fan, for escorting me with your sword.”

 The Sword Immortal, ranked seventh in the Sword Sect, looked lukewarm and said calmly: “Mo Yan is really unlucky, I can meet you everywhere.”

As soon as he said this, Yu Yuan immediately knew what was going on under Han Yuan. Fan Heqing should have seen Zhou Cang’s persuasion.

 ”Not long ago, a lot of sword light fell on the sword cave. I heard that… you are partly responsible for it.”

 Fan Heqing’s brows moved slightly, as if he was considering his words, “But the Jianzong is on the other side after all. Even if you have the favor of the Jianzong, I can’t do anything for you. At most, I won’t embarrass you. Yes.”

 “I came here specifically to say thank you.” Yu Yuan explained with a smile, “Nothing else.”

 Fan Heqing raised his eyebrows and glanced sideways, “Nothing else?”

 Yu Yuan’s smile was slightly embarrassing, “I originally wanted to ask about the whereabouts of that sword, but when I saw what you said, I stopped asking. Later, I will ask President Li or Huang Shen to inquire, and they should be able to find out. ”

 The Split Evolution Islands are not far from the Jiuyou Hanyuan, and Fan Heqing is not only a major cultivator in the realm of freedom, but also a great swordsman of the Sword Sect. He also has respect for the “Sword of the Sky”, otherwise he would not have been able to do so back then. Draw a sword for yourself.

 Hence, he should be the one in the surrounding area who is most likely to feel the movement of the sword.

 After the return of “Sword to the Sky”, it will

 There are so many rivers of sword light spilling down into the Sword Cave, it is impossible for Lord Fan He to be unaware of them.

 After the sword light fell, it is most likely to be clear whether the Divine Sword has left and whether it is still killing him.

 ”No longer. I don’t know exactly where he went.” Fan Heqing said.

 Yu Yuan grinned, “I understand.”

 Fan Heqing pondered for a moment, then suddenly raised his head to look at the sky and said, “Sword Soul, what did you tell you, what did you see? Can you tell me?”

 ”Mr. Fan wants to hear it, of course I can tell you. But, do you really want to know?” Yu Yuan frowned.

  He had already made some guesses about Nie Qingtian’s death. The pictures he had seen before, combined with the current situation, and the subsequent news he learned, actually gave him an answer in his mind.

 But this answer may not be acceptable to Fan Heqing.

 “Forget it.”

 Fan Heqing suddenly changed his mind, shook his head, and did not continue to ask. Instead, he changed the topic and asked him about the situation in the Firefly Star Territory and what specifically happened.

 Because the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce and the Shenhun Sect stand together, although he is on Jian Island, he cannot learn about the outside world’s trends through the Chamber of Commerce.

 As the person involved, Yu Yuan naturally knew everything, so he asked.

 Yu Yuan also knew what he wanted to ask, so he told the reason for the existence of the long rivers of sword light, Nie Qingtian’s last wish, and his friendship with the Sword Sect.

 Also talked about Du Yuan’s severe injury, Ji Ningshuang’s breakthrough again, and Yu Mu’s safe return.

 “I didn’t expect that person…”

 Fan Heqing took a deep breath, as if he was worried that Yuanshen Daxiu would be watching, so he did not continue the last part of his mouth, then stared at Tongtian Island and said coldly: “Close your eyes!”

 In Tongtian Island, a crystal ball that could peek into the entire island and a large area of ​​the nearby sea suddenly shattered.

 The two Yangshen Daxiu from the Chamber of Commerce looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

 “Old monster Fan, you won’t do anything to Yu Yuan, right?”

 ”In this situation, it should be impossible for him to take action. What’s more, he already admired Yu Yuan, otherwise it would not have been his sword light that escorted Yu Yuan to Tongtian Island.”

 ”It’s better if we don’t take action. If something happens to Yu Yuan on the Split Islands, it will be a disaster for both of us.”

 ”If the information is correct, the current Yu Yuan… Even if Old Monster Fan hands over his sword, he may not be able to capture him.”

 “This is true.”

 The two of them immediately felt at ease.



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