Invincible Powers Chapter 1413: Nothing to worry about


Mo Yan didn’t know that Yu Yuan had returned from the outer galaxy.

Because the Yang God was shattered outside the sky and his character changed drastically, his “Magic of Transformation and Reincarnation” also went awry, and now Mo Yan has turned into a skinny old man.

His true age and true soul imprint can no longer be concealed.

After the Yang God was destroyed, the bunch of soul fire he left behind in the Demon Palace was re-condensed into Yang Soul after Zhu Zhenga spent his soul power and rare spiritual materials.

The Yang Soul, after its transformation and refinement, allowed Mo Yan to return to the Yang God Realm.

But even if Yang Shen is reborn, every time he practices, he can’t help but think of the scene of Yang Shen’s explosion, and Yu Yuan’s bombardment of him…

His self-confidence was seriously frustrated, and he developed a demonic disorder as a result, and he could no longer make progress.

And Zhu Zhenzheng, after recasting the Yangshen for him, also made it clear that this was the last time.

From now on, if Mo Yan faces death again or is killed by someone, Zhu Zhenzhen will not even try hard to pull him back from the edge of death.

Mo Yan knew very well that his father was extremely disappointed in him and was already planning to give up on him.

Because, starting from the Sea of ​​Stars, he had always been at a disadvantage in the battle with Yu Yuan.

Time and time again, I was teased by Yu Yuan and led by the nose.

Until, Yang Shen was blasted to pieces by Yu Yuan outside the sky.

His vigor and vitality seemed to be scattered due to the sinking of the yang god…

He began to develop demonic obstacles and lacked self-confidence. There was also a problem with the “Magic of Transformation and Reincarnation”, which caused him to go crazy and become the skinny old man he is now.

It no longer has the style and magnificence of the past.

“It’s Qin who is casting the Yang God. That person used to be the head of the Seven Gods Sect, but later followed Yu Yuan…”

The person who came to Jiuyou Hanyuan with him was a demon cultivator named Qing Xing from the Demon Palace. He was in the late Yangshen realm. He was soft and weak, and was famous for his good temper.

It is also because of Qingxing’s good temper that she can tolerate Mo Yan now and stay calm when Mo Yan gets nervous.

“Yu Yuan! It’s Yu Yuan again!”

Mo Yan’s skinny face looked like a ferocious snake. When he heard the name, his mind was filled with demons, and a wave of resentment broke out in an instant, “Kill me! Crush Qin? Yang Shen, just like when I exploded!”

Qing Xing looked at his collapse with pity in her eyes, as if she was used to it.

Calmly said: “We have a new tacit understanding with the Shenhun Sect and the Chamber of Commerce. Qin’s Yang Shen… has almost been successfully cast. According to the agreement between the two parties, those who arrive at the Yang Shen are not allowed to fight at will

Killed. ”

“What a **** agreement!”

Mo Yan cursed loudly, and **** of green demonic fire emerged from his body. Even the sea water of Jiuyou Hanyuan could not extinguish it, “The Yang Shen that has just been formed has not yet stabilized, so it is not considered the Yang Shen realm! I I want Qin Hui to die, will you Qingxing help me?”

“The other party is also guarded by strong men, and I can’t help.” Qingxing sighed softly.

Mo Yan has lost control, and in the depths of his eyes, demonic fire is constantly being generated, “If you don’t go, I will force my way in! I don’t believe that the old man can really watch me die in Haojiang.” ! I have long wanted to see if he still thinks of me as his son!”


A white dress floated over.

Zhou Cang?

His wagging fingers caused ripples of soul to ripple in the sea, which had a magical effect of calming the mind.

Mo Yan actually slowly became quiet.

“Mr. Zhou!”

Qing Xing, who came from the lineage of Zhuzhenzhu in the Demon Palace, was immediately in awe when he saw that the person was Zhou Cang?F.

She and Zhou Cang?F are in the same realm. They are both in the late stage of the Yang God. Zhou Cang?F is just a Yin God, while she is the real body, with another Yang God hidden in her body…

But even so, she remained humble and had no intention of starting a fight.

“Take Mo Yan away, and faster.”

Zhou Cang?F no longer looks at Mo Yan. At Mo Yan’s age, and with the resources of the Demon Palace to support him, he has never been able to prove himself…

In Zhou Cang?F’s heart, Zhu Zhenzong’s son was considered useless.

He was crippled by Yu Yuan.

On the bottom of the Xingjin Sea, Mo Yan encountered Yu Yuan, which was the greatest sorrow in his life.

“If you don’t want Mo Yan to die here, just be stronger.”

Zhou Cang?F took the initiative to ask for help. When Yu Yuan was about to intercept the cold force at the mouth of Han Yuan, he came over quickly and stopped the conflict that was about to break out.

“Who is there inside?”

Qing Xing changed color slightly and immediately knew something was wrong.

The Ghost King of Thousand Tribulations, Tong Laoqian and Tan Yuan are both in the Yang God Realm like her, but she doesn’t think that with their fighting prowess, they can kill people under Qing Xing’s nose.

Also, she didn’t believe that those three people really had such courage!

Mo Yan is Zhu Zhenzong’s son after all, and everyone knows it!

“Don’t ask so many questions, just listen to me, la

Mo Yan quickly left Jiuyou Hanyuan. Otherwise, when that person frees his hand, I won’t be able to stop him even if I want to. “Zhou Cang?F urged with a wry smile.

Qing Xing was stunned, thought about it, and still chose to believe Zhou Cang?F.


Leaves flew out from her palms, covering Mo Yan who had just calmed down. Without giving Mo Yan any chance to speak or struggle, he wrapped Mo Yan and turned around and left.

“You will thank me…”

After Zhou Cang smiled softly, he disappeared on the spot.


A few days later, at the bottom of the cold abyss.

After the successful repair of Han Yuankou, Yu Yuan once again placed it in the Dragon Slaying Platform. His Yin Shen returned to the sea of ​​consciousness, and the Dragon Slaying Platform also fell into the Shenque Cave.

It was previously crowded and blocked, and there was a hole mixed with supernatural light inside, making it appear dark and dark.

Yu Yuan took a quick look and knew that several cracks inside the pothole had also been repaired.

The colorful silk threads used to connect Hanyuankou and the pothole were re-formed, and the bond between the two sides was reconnected.

When he rushed to the stars outside the sky, the “Snow Bear in the Cold Region” found a suitable ice star region for him. With the help of the snow bear, he located the mouth of the cold abyss in a star, and he could fight with Hao Jie. The Nine Nether Han Abyss forms a passage.

He also figured out the secrets of Jiuyou Hanyuan and Hanyuankou.

I also learned about the involvement of the source of the Yin channel…

He lowered his head and glanced at his feet. The thoughts and consciousness he had dispersed came back from all directions and escaped into the small world of the sea of ​​​​consciousness in an instant.

“Where do you plan to go next? Tell me clearly so that I can be mentally prepared.”

Zhou Cang?F, who was always by his side, was fortunate to take the initiative and avoid Mo Yan’s death and Zhu Zhen’s rage.

Zhou Cang?F is very clear that the current Haoji needs stability. The five supreme forces, the Shenhun Sect, and the Chamber of Commerce are not suitable for fierce conflicts during this period.

He was afraid that Mo Yan was really dead and Zhu Zhenzheng did something irrational regardless of the overall situation.

“Mo Yan, you have seen what he has become. His spirit has been completely shattered by you, and he will not be afraid of him in the future. Believe me, he cannot break the demonic barrier in his heart. Because he That demonic barrier is you, Yu Yuan! You are getting stronger and your status is getting higher and higher, how can he break it?”

“You don’t have to pay attention to him. Really, even I don’t want to look at him, let alone you?”

Zhou Cang?F said sincerely.

“Okay, I’m too lazy to catch up and kill him.” Yu Yuan laughed dumbly and took a breath, “I will go to Yaoshen Sect!”



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