Invincible Powers Chapter 1412: Open the skylight and speak frankly


 Zhou Cang?F and Hong Qi were not in the same era.

 But because he was particularly concerned about Yu Yuan, after learning that Yu Yuan was the reincarnation of Hong Qi, he went to investigate Hong Qi’s deeds.

 He was surprised to find that the Hong Qi in the first half of his life and the Hong Qi before his death were approaching were two different people.

Hong Qi, who was trapped in a short life span and wanted to extend his life, did many evil things that hurt innocent people at the end of his life.

 The number of cultivators and mortals who died unexpectedly because of the poisonous smoke pill he refined… even Zhou Cang was horrified.

  He has been worried that after being labeled a traitor by the five supreme forces, Yu Yuan will be targeted and persecuted by all parties, and will once again lean towards Hong Qi’s character in the later stages of his life…

 He was afraid that the current Yu Yuan would turn into the tyrannical Hong Qi again due to various factors.

Just now, his Yinshen shrank into grains of rice and hid in the body of a herring. He did not observe Yu Yuan specifically, but only looked at the people related to Yu Yuan.

 This is because he doesn’t want Yu Yuan to discover him and is afraid of being exposed early.

 He saw Su Yan, Long Tianxiao, and Qin? successively received “Fuze” and received generous gifts from Yu Yuan…

 Then, he decided to show up.

 “Mr. Zhou!”

 Yu Yuan’s mouth broke into a heartfelt smile. He was at the entrance of the ladder well. His body and Yin Shen coexisted, intercepting the Yinhan superpowers together. He apologized: “I’m sorry, you came at such a coincidence that I can’t get away.” Come out to see you.”

 “It doesn’t matter, this is fine.”

 Zhou Cang?F smiled casually, obviously not caring about this, “Congratulations, I thought that after you set foot in the outer world, you would be as glorious as you were in Hao Mie. But I… still underestimated you. I didn’t expect you. The noise outside the sky was even more exaggerated and terrifying than the one in Haoji.”

 The Imperial Master in white was filled with emotion.

 Then, with a serious look on his face, he actually saluted Yu Yuan, “Fang Yao, I want Yuan Yatou, thanks to your care. Even I have benefited from a piece of solar crystal core, and I am about to get together to win the title of Free Realm.” , all the fire attribute spiritual materials are missing.”

 “You and me…”

Yu Yuan opened his mouth, but then kept silent vigilantly, subconsciously looking towards the four potholes.

 The souls of the four supreme beings, Demon Palace, Demon Palace, Yuanyang Sect and Xuantian Sect, may still be listening inside…


 Zhou Cang?F laughed dryly, knowing what he was worried about, and said calmly: “When I came, I got the permission of my sect master. He didn’t just nod immediately. He… also consulted others. opinions.”

 The leader of the Scarlet Demon Sect is the newly promoted supreme soul. Who does he need to consult?

 Yu Yuan was stunned and immediately understood, “I didn’t expect that after I saw you again, you… actually became the other party’s representative!”

 “Why don’t you?” Zhou Cang?F winked.

 Before he came, he was still afraid that Yu Yuan would have the experience he had in Tianwai, coupled with the sudden increase in his combat power, and the flood of that year

 With a strange identity, it will become difficult to get along with you.

 The leader of the Red Demon Sect also asked him to be careful, saying that Yu Yuan now has the power to kill him!

 At this time, he was completely relieved. He pointed to the potholes and said with a smile: “You can more or less feel it. They have disappeared and no longer pay attention to this side. Of course, when I go back, I will pay attention to this place.” When the leader of our sect reports, they can still know what you and I said.”

 “It doesn’t matter.” Yu Yuan didn’t care.

 Zhou Cang?F is too smart and seldom makes mistakes in his work. Now that he has come to Jiuyou Hanyuan, he is definitely not afraid of being held accountable.

 So, after asking for instructions, he transformed into a representative of the five supreme forces.

 He takes the place of those who are supreme, negotiates with himself, and communicates with himself.

 Because I trust him, the relationship between the two parties has been very good for many years. There are no worries about each other, and it is much easier to talk.

 “Over there, I hope you can settle down Hanyuankou as soon as possible.”

 When Zhou Cang?F spoke again, his eyes fell on the extremely long ladder shaft. He hesitated for a moment, and then said: “There is something wrong with the Han Yuankou that the Demon Palace is responsible for guarding. The seven Han of Haojie Yuankou, five of them must be kept open at the same time. Something has gone wrong in the Feiying Star Territory, and there is also a problem with another one.”

 Yu Yuan immediately looked at the pothole where he had noticed something was wrong earlier, “What’s the problem? How did it happen?”

 ”After the Suilin Star Territory became nihilistic, a great riot broke out in the Extreme Cold Star Territory where the Hanyuankou guarded by the Demon Palace is located. I am not qualified enough to know the specific situation. I only know that the great riot in that star territory, It’s because they worship the God of the Source Realm,” Zhou Cang?F explained.

  He is not the leader of the Red Demon Sect. If he had not been instructed to come here to negotiate with Yu Yuan, he would not even be worthy of knowing the secret of Han Yuankou.

 What he is saying to Yu Yuan now, these things were just learned not long ago.

 Like Yu Yuan, he was also in a state of great shock.

I was shocked to find that at the bottom of the Nine Nether Cold Abyss, there were seven pits leading to the sky, corresponding to the seven cold outer star skies.

  Hanyuankou, from the depths of the extremely cold star field outside, never stops acquiring cold energy.

 “The God of the Origin Realm!”

 Yu Yuan’s expression changed, and he suddenly guessed that because of Pei Yuling’s complete rebellion, the God of the Source Realm should have known the secret of the vast world.

 Perhaps, the God of the Origin Realm has known this for a long time, just because he lacked strength before and could not extend his tentacles to Hao Yan.

 With the emptiness of the Shulin Star Territory, the formation of the Fallen God Tree, the strong resurgence of the Void Spirit Charm, and the fact that Diggs is about to become a tenth-level bloodline warrior, the God of the Source Realm can use more and more power. .

 This is when he began to extend his evil hand to the great world of Hao Zhan, destroying Hao Zhan’s layout from the outer galaxy.

 Suddenly, Yu Yuan thought of what Cao Jiaze said before leaving in the Feiying Star Territory

ˆ’s words.

  He said that Han Miaoyuan of the Xuantian Sect sent a message to all parties to discuss important matters. Even the Shenhun Sect and the Chamber of Commerce were secretly invited to discuss the crisis in the abyss.

Is it because an accident happened at the Hanyuankou guarded by the Demon Palace at the same time?

 ”What other requests are there? No! What other requests are there?”

Yu Yuan grinned and immediately corrected his identity, “Today is different from the past. Those parties seem to need to rely on me to solve their problems. I almost forgot that I have separated from them a long time ago and become As a member of the Shenhun Sect, they have no right to ask me, they can only ask me.”

 “I just hope that you can settle Hanyuankou as soon as possible, and…”

 Zhou Cang?F stopped talking and observed the strange changes at the Hanyuan Mouth above the pit. He watched as the colorful glow continued to flow out from the Dragon Slaying Platform, and then formed a hidden space at the bottom of the Hanyuan Mouth. The colorful threads of superpowers gradually revealed the mystery.

 ”Perhaps, when another Hanyuankou is found and can be brought back to Haoji, we will need to rely on your Dragon-Slaying Platform.”

 He finally understood that the repair of a damaged Hanyuankou did not just rely on a few potholes.

 The Dragon Slaying Platform, which Yu Yuan firmly holds, is also crucial.

 ”Let’s talk about it then and see if the other party is sincere!” Yu Yuan laughed.

 Zhou Cang?F’s face was indifferent, but he didn’t say anything to persuade him. This was because he felt that even without pressure from the five supreme forces, the Shenhun Sect and the Chamber of Commerce would still let Yu Yuan do what he should do.

 “That’s all the business. Next, let’s chat casually.”

 The Imperial Master in white calmly flew over several other potholes with Yin Shen, returning his own soul to the cold and cold power flowing towards Han Yuan’s mouth, “For any souls and ghosts, They are all nourishing things. If my true body is here and I can intercept some of them, I will also benefit a lot.”

 He was very envious.

 The two of them were just chatting about everyday things, talking about interesting things from outside the world, and discussing the recent great changes.

 Zhou Cang?F intentionally or unintentionally led the topic to the bloodline changes of the dragon clan, and seemed to be extremely interested in this.

 Frustrated by him, Yu Yuan simply opened the skylight and spoke frankly, “The Dragon Slaying Platform has advanced, and new strange things have been born, so the ban on the dragon clan has been broken.”

 “Got it.”

 Zhou Cang?F was not embarrassed. After getting the answer, he never mentioned the dragon clan again.

 Another half hour passed.

 Yu Yuan, who had both human and soul at the mouth of Han Yuan, frowned suddenly and said suddenly: “Mo Yan, did you get the instructions from Zhu Zhenzong, so you want to destroy Qin’s path to Yangshen advancement?”

 “Mo Yan?” Zhou Cang?F was surprised, “Why did you suddenly mention him? After you destroyed his Yangshen in the sky, I haven’t heard from him for a long time.”

 “Because he has come.”



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