Invincible Powers Chapter 1309: Aftershocks


 Void Spirit Charm, Fallen Divine Tree and Digges entered the passage opened by “Void Sky Mirror” one after another.

 Subsequently, Pei Yuling also disappeared into it, disappearing together with “Xu Tianjian”.

 Diggs, who had regained his youth, showed a satisfied smile at him and Brissette before leaving.

 The rest of the people did nothing special.

 During this process, Her Majesty the Queen, who stood above the green and strange tree, always watched silently and did not take action to stop it. She seemed to know that the deal was already done and it would be difficult to make any changes.

 The contemporary patriarch of the Dark Spirit Clan just sighed softly, as if he had accepted his fate.

Yu Yuan then knew that the “God of the Source Realm”‘s plan to break up the galaxy here, even if they did not achieve a complete victory, should have achieved the results they wanted.

 A series of green divine lights were released, and the strange tree with pleasant green color turned into the “Heavenly Wood Scepter” of the Dark Spirit Tribe again.

 Brissett smiled bitterly, stood on the scepter wrapped with withered vines, shook his head, and said: “I never imagined that after thousands of years, the broken galaxy would transform into the famous outer battlefield. It actually contains so much superpower that it has truly grown.”

 After the fallen sacred tree truly showed its strangeness, many majestic powers suddenly emerged one by one from exploding meteorites, from some altars, and from the dark galaxy.

 He finally realized that for thousands of years, the strong men, strange beasts, and big monsters who died in the Suilin Star Territory all had their power left behind.

 Most of the remaining power has not left this extraterrestrial battlefield, or has been incorporated into meteorites, or scattered in the stars, becoming filthy superpowers that are harmful to flesh and blood creatures.

 This also leads to the fact that the seemingly destroyed Shulin Star Territory actually contains vast energy far beyond what everyone realizes!

 And the fallen sacred tree only relied on the irrigation of flesh and blood creatures in the early stage, such as Zhu Huan, the Deep Sea Giant Winged Lizard, and other fallen tribesmen.

 Wait until the later stage, restore some of the fallen sacred trees with miraculous talents, and draw all the hidden power directly from the stars!

 As a result, it grows unstoppably and rapidly, then grows dense branches and leaves, and then blooms and bears fruit.


 Yu Yuan shook the gravel under his feet and flew towards Chen Qinghuang and Brisette. He was full of confusion and wanted to figure out what happened.

 “The defiled and fallen sacred tree grew with the help of the huge amount of superpowers in the Shulin Star Territory.”

 “Diggs swallowed the fruit and gained eternal life, and will soon be promoted to the tenth level of bloodline.”

  Brissett sighed.

 The gravel at Yu Yuan’s feet slowly stopped. He stared at Chen Qinghuang, who was floating in the sky because of the strange tree turning into a “heavenly wood scepter”, and asked with concern: “Are you okay?”

 For some reason, he felt that Her Majesty the Queen was not in particularly good condition.

 It seems that there are signs of falling into deep sleep again…

 When he was pulled into that strange world by the will of the “God of the Origin World” who descended on Diggs, what Chen Qinghuang faced was the combination of the Void Spirit Charm and the Fallen Divine Tree, and perhaps others.

 He disappeared together with the Dragon-Slaying Platform, and the Dragon-Slaying Platform’s natural check and balance on the Void Spirit Charm and the Fallen Divine Tree became ineffective.

 The collapse of the Yingling Realm naturally stopped.

Phoenix, which has not yet regained its peak combat power, is not easy to resist two equally ancient beings in the territory arranged by others.

 “I’m a little injured, but I can’t die.”

  Chen Qinghuang always had an indifferent expression. He glanced at the old Brisette and said, “You are still alive, and the Tianmu Scepter is still in your hands. At least it is not a complete defeat.”

 She looked at Yu Yuan again, “We are not dead. This is an acceptable result. Why should we feel sorry for ourselves?”

 Brissette stopped sighing with a grimace.

 From the respected leader of the Dark Elf Tribe, Galaxy Platoon

 The seventh-ranked supreme bloodline expert suddenly fell to the eighth-level bloodline and was about to lose everything he had. It was really hard for him to accept.

 The gap is really too big.

 Especially, I think of Diggs reappearing in the galaxy in the near future with a tenth-level supreme bloodline to gather his original team and followers…

 Behind Diggs, stands the mature fallen sacred tree, and is also supported by the “Source World”. Who can resist the Dark Spirit Clan?

 ”Is anyone else okay?” Yu Yuan asked again.

 ”Retreating to the edge of the Sulin Star Territory, most of them are still alive.” Chen Qinghuang said expressionlessly: “Just with the power of the shattered galaxy left here for thousands of years, it has already It’s enough to make it mature. It doesn’t have to worry about penetrating the branches to the boundary of the star field.”

Yu Yuan suddenly felt relieved.

 Then, he said: “I was suddenly pulled into a strange world, a place of desolation and nothingness, just like now. Diggs stood on the sea like colorful ripples, like the immovable heart of the world , below the ripples, there is an aura of endless dark abyss, and there are huge creatures…”

 Yu Yuan described his previous experience in meticulous detail.

 Chen Qinghuang listened carefully.

 Even Brissette was completely silent, listening to his novel encounters with a very focused expression, fearing to miss a word or the slightest detail.

  He knew that this might be the will of the “God of the Origin World”, and it was the first time that he freely cast spells in this starry sky.

 He needs to figure everything out to prepare for the future confrontation with the “God of the Origin World”, as well as the Fallen God Tree and Diggs.

 “Can you think of anything through these?”

 After finally explaining things clearly, Yu Yuan looked deeply at Chen Qinghuang and humbly asked for advice.

 Her Majesty the Queen shook her head, “Only when I have fully reached the level of strength in the past, and have integrated the present and past memories, will I know whether I have any impressions and memories in this regard.”

 After a brief pause, she calmly said with an attitude that it had nothing to do with her: “The ‘god of the source world’ of unknown origin is about to be supported by three extraordinary beings, the divine butterfly, the The fallen old tree, and Diggs who is about to break through.”

  “The trouble it caused is not our turn to solve. It should be a headache for Bertans, the Shenhun Sect, and the five supreme forces of Hao Yan.”

 When Chen Qinghuang said this, he actually felt a little gloating about his misfortune, fearing that the world would not be in chaos.

Yu Yuan was stunned.

 “The Silin Star Territory has fallen into silence, the fallen sacred tree has grown, and the infiltration of the God of the Origin World has nothing to do with me?”

  She curled her lips and looked at Brissett coldly, “I just happened to be able to reach out and give you a hand at the right time to keep your clan’s sacred weapon from breaking so that you can survive.”

  Immediately, there was finally a hint of regret in her words, “It’s a pity that I didn’t **** that fruit away from Diggs… and give it to you.”

 She finally looked at Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan was startled, “Is the fruit Diggs swallowed good for me?”

 Chen Qinghuang nodded, “The body of the Yang God, tempered with the amber of Ming Chaos Kun and the blood-colored crystals of Grek, contains the power of the origin of life. But that origin of life is all about flesh and blood. Life, and the fruit on that tree contains the wonder of another kind of plant life.”

 “Forget it, let’s see the opportunity later.”

 Her tone was casual, “After the Silin Star Territory, the fallen sacred tree will appear again, and it should continue to create fruits. Next time, just seize the opportunity.”

Yu Yuan turned pale in surprise.

 Shen Lin Star Territory turns into nothingness and death, the Fallen God Tree grows, Diggs will be promoted to the tenth level of the highest bloodline, the will of the “God of the Source World” has been significantly strengthened, and there will be more actions in the future.

 But Chen Qinghuang’s expression made everything that happened before his eyes seem nothing.

 Can’t arouse her much interest…

  She did not feel any sense of depression due to this defeat.

 The indifference and indifference she showed actually made Yu Yuan feel better, and he would not feel that the great changes in the Suilin Star Territory would affect his firm and upward Taoist heart.

 Suddenly a cry came from afar.

Yu Yuan knew it was the gray goose as soon as his eyebrows moved, so he felt relieved.

 Gray Goose is fine, the cold snow bear is probably alive too, and Yan Qiling and others are most likely not dead either.

 Not long after, a huge gray goose suddenly appeared in everyone’s sight.

 On Gray Goose’s slender neck, there are three elders of the Wing Clan standing at this moment, two men and one woman.

 Three old men with obvious characteristics of the Wing Clan looked at Chen Qinghuang enthusiastically. From a distance, they tremblingly knelt down on the Gray Goose’s neck, speaking in a vague and incomprehensible way as if they were talking in a dream. The clear voice said something.

 The three elders of the Yi clan were all in tears, unable to make a sound.

  Chen Qinghuang stood proudly in the void, her cold eyes showing a bit of softness. She nodded slowly, and then the three elders of the Wing Clan raised their heads and stood up.

 Brissette was shocked. He recognized one of the three elders from the Wing Clan!

 That person, in Brissett’s memory, was older than Diggs. It was said that he had died long ago, but he did not expect to appear again now.

 ”Elder Lucia, is it…you?”

 Brisette’s hands couldn’t help but grasp the withered vines on the “Sky Wood Scepter”. She looked at the female Wing Clan old man on Gray Goose’s neck, her tone full of disbelief.

 The old woman with messy gray-white hair hanging down on Gray Goose’s neck, seemingly blending in with its down, nodded with a chuckle.

 Then he said: “Little Brissett, I heard that you were quite disrespectful to the guardian of our Wing Clan not long ago.”

 When she spoke, she rubbed Gray Goose’s neck, and it was obvious who she was referring to.

 “It’s really you!”

 Brissette was pleasantly surprised. In his memory, this old man from the Wing Tribe named Lucia was a figure that the previous leader of the Dark Spirit Tribe respected greatly.

 According to the previous patriarch, Lucia has immortality and will never die.

 But not long after Brissett took charge of the “Sky Wood Scepter” and became the leader of the Dark Spirit Clan, he heard a message from the Wing Clan that Lucia was dead…

 He did not expect that Lucia, who was rumored to be dead, would reappear in a Gray Goose with two equally decrepit old men from the Wing Tribe.

 It was clear that he had traveled thousands of miles to meet Chen Qinghuang and specially welcome her return.

 “There is no need to send anymore, it’s time for me to go back.”

While Brissette was shocked, Chen Qinghuang floated away. In an instant, she was on top of Gray Goose and said these words to Yu Yuan.

 Three old men from the Wing Clan were standing on the gray goose’s neck, but she was at the head of the bird, proudly stepping on the gray goose.

 The status is obviously different.

 ”Return…to the territory of the Yi clan?” Yu Yuan asked with a complicated expression.

 “Go back to my own territory.”

 Chen Qinghuang corrected it, then looked at Brisette, and said with an attitude that left no room for doubt: “It has fallen. From now on, the Dark Spirit Clan, like the Wing Clan, all obey my orders.”

 Brissette looked at a loss.

 “Little Brissette, are you still stubborn?” Lucia shouted.

 Like an enlightenment, the contemporary patriarch of the Dark Spirit Clan suddenly woke up, lowered his head, saluted Chen Qinghuang in the distance, and said: “Follow your guidance.”



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