Invincible Powers Chapter 1262: One more time


A streak of crimson fire fell like a torrential rain to a corner of the battlefield outside the sky, crushing all the meteorites into pieces.

A burning flame statue suddenly appeared like a **** of fire. He raised his hands to the sky, and a sea of ​​fire emerged from his palms to catch the crimson flames.

Dozens of crimson flames quickly gathered and refined, turning into the Yuanyang Sect’s artifact “Spear of the Fire God”.

When the “Spear of the Fire God” was re-refined, the pieces of fire crystal fragments were pieced together by the huge flame method, building like building blocks, and condensed into Xu Yao’s body of the Yang God.

“Thank you for your kindness.”

Xu Ziyao, the sun **** with broken traces, bowed to Zhu Huan’s Dharma image.

“I didn’t expect that the plot of Yihuan Star Territory would end up like this.”

In the late stage of the Free Realm, Zhu Huan’s towering Dharma gradually gathered and shrank, and soon became the same size as Xu Yao. He shook his head with a wry smile, and said with a gloomy look: “I don’t know how many people there can be, okay? The new leader of the Star Clan has such terrifying power after escaping the pursuit.”

After this battle, wrinkles appeared on his face and he looked much older.

“Mr. Fu of Xuantian Sect?” Xu Ziyao said in a difficult tone.

They, Cao Jiaze and others evacuated separately in the Yihuan Star Territory to avoid being taken over by the strong men of the Star Clan.

When Xu Yao’s body of the Yang God was controlling the “Spear of the God of Fire”, it was smashed into pieces by the stars that contained infinite mysteries, and he almost couldn’t even escape the “Spear of the God of Fire”.

Before Zhu Huan left, he took away his Yangshen fragment with a sleeve and blended it into the sky full of fire.

But he knew very well that the Star Clan leader named Barlow actually chose the Xuantian Sect as the target of his attack.

It’s Cao Jiaze and Fu Xuanwen’s group…

The “Xuantian Ruler” in charge of Fu Xuanwen showed many signs of fragmentation before he and Zhu Huan escaped. The artifact may have suffered irreparable damage.

“Old Fu should have died in the Yihuan Star Territory, and the Xuantian Ring Ruler will also be destroyed. Cao Jiaze may escape through so many Heavenly Palace Seals.” Zhu Huan sighed, also a little sad, “Enter the Yihuan Star A large number of Yangshen from various major sects will surely die.”

“Blame me.” Xu Yao lowered his proud head.

The plan to murder Leo and Beru was proposed and formulated by him. Cao Jiaze, Fu Xuanwen, and the powerful Yangshen from all parties also entered the Yihuan Star Territory because of his invitation.

The result turned out to be what it is now, and there was no way he could shirk responsibility.

“This matter will definitely be discussed at the three major sects’ councils.” Zhu Huan glanced at him and comforted him: “It’s not a bad thing for you to suffer a big loss when you enter Tianwai for the first time. You should have a deep understanding of the saying “there is a world outside the sky” now, and you will be more cautious in the future.”

“Barlow, as well as Beru and Leo from the Star Clan, why did they choose Cao Jiaze?” Xu Yao said coldly.

“Fu Xuanwen should be easy to kill.” Zhu Huan looked indifferent.

“Why do I feel that the Star Clan thinks that Cao Jiaze has greater potential than me and will bring more trouble to the Star Clan in the future?” Xu Yao was unwilling, “I am in charge of the Spear of the Fire God , I’m with you, so Barlow didn’t choose us as his sure target!”



A bright golden light caused pieces of rubble to explode.

Jin Li was in a panic and flew through the void at high speed. He just wanted to get away from the place where Chen Qinghuang woke up as soon as possible.

“Jin Li! Jin Li!”

Suddenly, he heard loud shouts.

Jin Li suddenly became more awake, the golden light paused for a moment, he squinted at it, and then he rushed towards a meteorite.

“Level 9 Great Demon!”

“The Golden Li of the Demon Palace!”

The bald Fang Yao, Yuan Lianyao, and Yang Shen practitioners from Tianxie Sect and Voodoo Sect, Jia Chuyao, watched in surprise as Jin Li turned into a lean human man and fell down in disgrace. .

“What’s going on?” Fang Yao asked.

“I met the Phoenix…”

Jin Li’s eyes wandered around them. When he realized that none of the human cultivators in front of him had reached the state of freedom, he shook his head in disappointment, “The Yanli in my palace, the black bull, They should have been eaten by the phoenix, as well as many of my species, the Star Beast and the Dark Flame Beast.”

He briefly described it in a few words.

“Phoenix, Queen Qingluan, Yu Yuan, and Yan Qiling…”

Yuan Lianyao’s thoughts were surging, her mind was in a mess, and she was murmuring in her heart. She wanted to break away from this team at all costs and rush over to see what happened.

But she acted rationally, did not do anything unusual, and did not even speak.

Fang Yao has been paying attention to her and saw her eyes twinkling, but he remained silent and nodded secretly.


After Jin Li finished speaking, he shouted with a ferocious expression: “Is there any of your free realms in this outer battlefield? Before I came, I heard that Fu Xuanwen and Zhu Huan, as well as Lei Zong’s Wei Zhuo, seemed to have received What kind of news has crept in quietly? Where are they? Can any of you contact them?”

“I have killed many generals, and many great demons in the Demon Palace were also attacked and killed by her!”


Jin Li shouted excitedly, wanting to seek help and get help from the Freedom Realm Overhaul.

“They are in the Yihuan Star Territory. I am afraid that they cannot protect themselves, and they should not be able to provide any help to the Demon Palace.” Chu Yao said weakly, “Also, Mr. Pei is hiding a meteorite deep in the Suilin Star Territory. , seems to have suffered too.”

“Pei Yuling?” Jin Li growled.

Chu Yao nodded, “He was the one who brought me out of the Yihuan Star Territory.”

“He is related to the Void Spirit Charm that has been missing for many years, and to the Gate of the Source Realm. He also needs to be careful!” Jin Li was angry.

Chu Yao was stunned, “I thought Mr. Pei was dead.”

“He believes in the God of the Origin Realm and is no longer on our side.” Jin Li was very anxious, “Go to the Star River Ferry and immediately pass back the latest news, so that the powerful people from all sides can pay attention to the Silin Star Territory. I I have a feeling that big changes will happen!”


All the big demons and strange beasts were reduced to ashes after three moments.

When the cold wind blows, it turns into dust and flies away.

Above the silver-white meteorite, Yu Yuan and his group suddenly stopped talking. Their eyes all fell on Her Majesty the Queen, watching her fly through the void and fly past.

Except for Yu Yuan, everyone else felt restrained.

Invisible pressure shrouded their hearts, making them feel like they were suffocating.

“Go to the meteorite that formed the gate to the realm.”

Chen Qinghuang looked indifferent and said to Yan Qiling in an unquestionable command tone: “You know the location and you know how to get there.”

Yan Qi’s heart trembled, “The Void Spirit Charm should be there!”

“I just went for it.” Chen Qinghuang said.

Yu Yuan was startled. He first carefully observed Her Majesty the Queen’s face and neck to confirm that not a single colorful butterfly appeared, and then asked: “What happened? What did the Void Spirit Charm want at the gate of the Source Realm?” What are you doing?”

“I know something vaguely, but I can’t think everything through.” Chen Qinghuang squinted his eyes slightly, seemed to be thinking secretly, and then said: “The two ninth-level monsters and those strange beasts made my recovery difficult.” The road speeded up a bit. Unfortunately, because of the butterfly’s kick, Jin Li escaped and I lost half of the profit!”

The half of what she said meant that there were other great monsters and strange beasts that were also approaching.

The Void Spirit’s interference and sneak attacks while she was sleeping prevented her from continuously releasing her influence and spreading it to the outside world.

This caused the big demons and strange beasts that were supposed to gather to wake up in time and flee in a hurry.

Smelling the scent of the phoenix and the spirit of the void, how can any big monster or beast that is not stupid enough to die dare to come over and die?

“Don’t use the space channel, don’t use any related power or magic.” Chen Qinghuang looked at Yan Qiling coldly, frowned and said: “It’s actually better for you to leave. Your existence, because of that The natural restraint of a butterfly will become our flaw and burden.”

Yan Qiling looked stiff and slightly embarrassed.

“Walk with me one more time, and after that, you and I say goodbye.”

When she looked at Yu Yuan, her expression and tone suddenly softened.

Yu Yuan knew the danger, but couldn’t defeat her, so he nodded immediately.

As a cauldron soul, Yu Yiyi snorted lowly, very reluctantly.



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