Invincible Powers Chapter 1260: Sublimated Soul-Destroying Slash


The Soul-Destroying Slash is the first form of the Nine Qingtian Slashes.

The so-called annihilation of spirits means to eliminate spirituality. Yu Yuan thought that the object he wanted to destroy was named Void Spirit Charm.

Since it had the word “spirit”, he had the mentality to give it a try and directly used Qingtian Nine Slash’s Soul-Destroying Slash, and called on all the demons in the sky to help him deter him.

The demon suddenly screamed, and every acupuncture point opened by the “Yin Kui Essence” became sinister.

Thousands of evil ghosts, evil spirits, and strange spirits roar out from Hades and Hell, responding to his call and fighting according to his heart and soul thoughts.

For some reason, at this moment, he actually had the wonderful feeling that he had become a powerful ghost king in a terrifying land, fighting orthodox ghosts all over the sky.

“Is it because of the essence of Yin Kui? Or the evil spirit? Or the Soul-Destroying Slash?”

He was in a daze for a moment, but he suddenly concentrated his energy and continued to run this sword technique to refine his spiritual power, soul power, and qi and blood.

Phew! Phew!

Bunches of crimson sword light spread across the galaxy, carrying a sense of erasing the spirituality of all living beings.

The sword light went from where he stood to the secret door formed by Yan Qiling’s black and white chess pieces.

The splendid secret door, like thousands of time and space intertwined, creates a swaying brilliance.

But at the moment when the first beam of crimson sword light was refined in the starry sky here, the mysterious power of Soul-Destroying Slash locked the many hidden intersecting times and spaces in the secret door.


The strange sound of space tearing came from the secret door. Yu Yuan’s thoughts seemed to be attached to the first beam of sword light, and he began to fight against the “spirituality” of the void spirit.

In a daze, he seemed to see millions of colorful butterflies fluttering in the void he perceived.

Thousands of demons screamed in his many acupoints that were opened up, combining with the “essence of Yin Kui”.

Bunches of crimson sword light were quietly stirring in that gorgeous and magical secret door.

Circles of crimson wave light disperse, and within the wave light you can faintly see the speckled light of the “Essence of Yin Kui”. Countless demons can be seen, converging into tiny rivers of souls, like the sources of Yin veins. branch.

The spiritual mysteries of the Soul-Destroying Slash have been greatly enhanced, resulting in endless changes.

Yu Yuan was in a trance again, and suddenly felt that wisps of his soul thoughts were mixed with the crimson sword light, mixed with the “essence of Yin Kui” and numerous evil spirits, deep in the secret door, It turned into rivers of the underworld and tributaries of the Yin veins.

When the world first opened, giant beasts from the stars were conceived, but other magical and foreign objects were also born.

The source of Yin veins and the source of Yang veins are the two most special and mysterious ones.

Yin veins seem to imprint the mysterious soul of all things naturally.

Yang pulse has an unusual relationship with the blood of all living beings.

As powerful as Nie Qingtian, even if he understood the Qingtian Nine Slashes, he could not understand the secret of the source of the Yin Veins.

His Soul-Destroying Slash is only the first form of the Nine Slashes, and it does not possess such shocking power.

But in the hands of Yu Yuan, with the blessing of the “Essence of Yin Kui”, the help of thousands of evil demons, and several intimate exchanges between Yu Yuan and the source of the Yin Vein, it seems that this soul-destroying man was killed. Sublimated.

Ascend to a higher level!


Yan Qiling suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

His restricted body and soul moved freely in an instant. When he squinted again, he immediately noticed the splendid secret door he had condensed with black and white chess pieces. In different interlaced time and space, colorful butterflies were mercilessly killed. kill.

The gorgeous secret door, with many “threads” representing spirituality, was cut and broken by the sword.

Yan Qiling once again established a spiritual connection with his own tools. With a thought, he saw chess pieces, black or white, flying away from the disintegrated secret door.

As soon as the chess pieces left, the power that Void Spirit Charm continued to release was suddenly cut off.

The Yan Li from the Demon Palace who fought against the old demon, slowly regained the light of intelligence in its crazy and turbid demon eyes, and seemed to wake up.

“It works!”

Concubine Han hugged Her Majesty the Queen and noticed the colorful butterflies appearing on Chen Qinghuang’s forehead, cheeks and neck, which quickly faded away.

The Void Spirit who doesn’t know where to hide can’t send its mysterious powers through the secret door in space, so it can’t continuously drive those big demons and spiritual beasts crazy.

It was sent into Chen Qinghuang’s body to suppress the power that bound Her Majesty the Queen, and it was unable to maintain it.


The drop of tender green blood left by Her Majesty the Queen, like a green flame, suddenly penetrated towards Concubine Han’s eyebrows.

Gone in a flash!

Concubine Han’s body froze slightly, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she said excitedly: “Adele thanks Her Majesty the Queen for your favor!”

A drop of dark green blood turned into a heart the size of a fist in Concubine Han’s strange icy body.

The green heart exuded vitality, making Concubine Han suddenly feel like flesh and blood.

Even though the original Concubine Han condensed a body of ice, her power did not possess the energy of flesh and blood. Her entire body and person looked like a stiff ice sculpture.

She looks awe-inspiring and inviolable, like a **** of ice and snow, but because she has no flesh and blood, she has a lot of inconvenience in moving her body.

A drop of Chen Qinghuang’s blood entered her body, as if giving her a flesh and blood body, allowing her to use that drop of blood to conduct a new round of tempering of the demonic body.

Concubine Han became the biggest beneficiary.

“Congratulations, Your Highness!”

The old demon was extremely happy. He took the silver chain that was transformed from the cold veins and beat the black oil bull until it gradually turned into an ice crystal black bull.

The black bull roared, anxious and restless because the drop of green blood that he dreamed of was obtained by Han Fei.

“The remaining power of the void spirit charm will eventually be eliminated, we…”

Yan Li was completely awake, and she did not continue to join forces with the black oil bull to fight the old devil to the death.

Instead, he turned around and looked at Jin Li, Yan Qiling and Yu Yiyi, “Hei Niu, take advantage of the Phoenix’s evil thoughts and fail to corrode us. Run away quickly.”

“The ninth-level Golden Rock Beast also wants to kill me?”

Yan Qiling freed up his hands and saw that Jin Li was thinking of retreating. He and Yu Yiyi exchanged a look.

Yu Yiyi was still using the secret method of Soul Art to stir up trouble in Jin Li’s demon soul. Yan Qiling appeared on Jin Li’s retreat, and he threw chess pieces one after another.

The black and white chess pieces “chichi”, pulling out the bright space light blade, setting up obstacles in Jin Li’s retreat.

“Don’t! Don’t use space power!” Yu Yuan shouted.

He keenly felt that with the appearance of those bright space light blades, the influence of the void spirit charm suddenly increased.

This shows that any secret method involving space, whether it is a secret door or a crack, can be used by it.

It is the first person in the world to understand the secrets of space!

It seems to be able to borrow secret techniques and mysterious phenomena related to space, such as abyss holes, space gaps, domain passages, etc., to deliver its powers.

Compared with it, the Dragon of Time and Space is at least inferior in terms of space power.


Yan Qiling also sensed that something was wrong. He had hoped to quietly inflict heavy damage on Jin Li, but decisively stopped many secret arrangements. The space cracks in the dark that were ready to go disappeared silently.

He immediately sensed that the power of Void Spirit Charm had indeed not been enhanced again.

“Source World, is it really related to it? Is it the God of Source World? If not, then the God of Source World… would probably be quite terrifying!”

Yan Qiling was shocked.

The Void Spirit Charm is weaker than the Phoenix, but it is also an existence on the same level and the founder of a group.

If a strong man who can tame such an alien and make it willingly obey orders and serve him obediently exists, it is the mysterious God of the Source Realm…

Taking a deep breath, Yan Qiling suddenly felt heavy.

Thinking of the realm passage of the Calamity Demonic Abyss, the inexplicable appearance of the “Source Realm Gate”, the vast Lintian Mountains, and the many alien realms that had emerged over the years, made him feel stressed.



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