Invincible Powers Chapter 1256: Have a touch


 The black and white chess pieces quickly rose into the air among the fighting monsters and strange beasts.

 Chance pieces, either black or white, all release mysterious light energy.

 The chess pieces suddenly flew around and formed a strange secret door, revealing extremely obvious spatial vibrations.


 In the shaking secret door, it was as if there was a smooth mirror being pulled down.

 In the mirror, two figures could be vaguely seen, standing in a dark area, huddled together and watching.

 “Xu Tianjian!”

 The moment he saw the mirror, Yu Yuan recognized it and his eyes turned cold.

 Nine-star sage Beluti warned him that no matter how he pretended to be Pei Yuling, because he was in charge of the Dragon Slaying Platform, that person would not be friendly to him and would definitely deal with him deliberately.

 Later, he also felt this.

 Unexpectedly, in the famous Tianwai battlefield, in the eyes of all the forces that wipe out all parties, Mr. Pei, who has a peaceful temperament and is uncontested, is actually secretly spying on him again.

  was also discovered by Yan Qiling.

 “It’s really you!”

 Once you heard Yu Yuan say “Xu Tianjian”, and Yan Qiling, who had communicated with Zhou You, you still don’t know the other party’s identity?

 “Why are you so sneaky? If you want to come, just come over!”

 After letting out a long laugh, Yan Qiling crossed his fingers and refined beams of bright white light. Then, like a spider spinning silk, the white light shot towards the unstable secret door.

 “It’s you who are destroying our good deeds!”

 Hello, deep and awkward human language came from the secret door. The figure who did not belong to Pei Yuling got angry and shouted: “Soul entanglement!”

 In Yan Qiling’s palm, beams of bright white light suddenly dissipated on their own before they even approached the secret door.

 This man who is proficient in space mysticism suddenly felt a pain at the tip of his eyebrows, and his consciousness suddenly became blurred.

 A strange soul power surged from the depths of the secret door, from the “Xu Tianjian”, and instantly filled the world.

Yu Yuan was shocked.

 He was surprised to see that in his small world of consciousness, all kinds of strange thorns, shrubs, weeds, and strange trees suddenly grew up wildly.

 Absorbing the power from his soul!

 “The Great Shaman Technique!”

 His Yin Shen stood in the small world of the sea of ​​consciousness. He concentrated his thoughts and visualized countless swords. He thought about the “Sword Holding the Sky” thousands of times.

 The “Sword that holds the sky” refined from his soul power thoughts in the sea of ​​​​consciousness, performs a shocking sword fight.

 The crimson sword light filled his sea of ​​consciousness.

 All the weeds and trees that were condensed and fed by his soul power were cut down one after another.

 Yu Yuan regained consciousness instantly and broke into a cold sweat.

 Soon, he noticed that the Evil Demon Cauldron had transformed into an exquisite armor and was worn by Yu Yiyi. The soul of the cauldron looked very nervous, clearly concentrating its strength to face it

 Abnormalities in the soul.

 Looking closely, he also found that many bushes and thorns suddenly appeared in Yu Yiyi’s mind.

Yu Yiyi was anxious to deal with the abnormal movements in her head.

 Eighth-level demons, crazy beasts, as long as they have souls, are affected at this moment, and are penetrated by evil thoughts. There are thorns, weeds and shrubs in their souls, and they use their demon souls to quickly grow.

 The killing of the herd stopped because of this.

 The black fat flowing out from the body of the black oil bull is no longer burning.

 The huge colorful demon fish, covered with bruises, screamed in the charred fire oil, in pain, to resist the strange vegetation in the demon soul.

 “No, that person…”

 Pei Yuling’s exclamation came from the strange secret door.

  He was trying his best to stop and persuade the person who was casting the spell not to listen to Yan Qiling’s provocation and come from the other side of the world, “Don’t go crazy, the phoenix is ​​still there!”

 The words phoenix seem to have mysterious power, making the alien on the other end suddenly calm down.

 The big monsters, strange beasts, Yan Qiling and Yu Yiyi who stopped fighting, the weeds and shrubs that grew wildly in their brains died almost instantly.


 A low and hoarse alien voice came from “Xu Tianjian”, revealing surprise and doubt.

 The figure in the “Xu Tianjian” that was previously expanding and trying to cross the sky was obviously hesitant, weighing the gains and losses, and did not dare to make the next overly exciting move.

 “I am a believer in the God of the Source Realm. We do not offend the river, so please don’t ruin our good deeds!”

  The alien race on the other side left such a sentence in the language of the Dark Spirit Race.

 The “Xu Tianjian” also disappeared immediately from the secret door opened by Yan Qiling.

 There are dozens of black and white chess pieces, cracking into pieces.

 Yan Qiling looked grim, his lips were split, but not a trace of blood flowed out.

 He looked at the secret door, feeling his wounds, and suddenly took a black chess piece and pressed it into the secret door.

 The chess piece suddenly disappeared.


 There are strange meteorites everywhere in the dark space underground.

 Pei Yuling held the “Xu Tianjian” on her head and held the old man from the Dark Spirit Tribe trying to break into the “Xu Tianjian” with both hands.

 A black chess piece suddenly flew out from the “Xu Tian Jian”.

 “My name is Yan Qiling, I come from the Shenhun Sect of Haojiang, and I obey the orders of Taishi.”

 The black chess piece exploded in the dark light, but left behind a text that revealed its identity.

 The threat warning is extremely obvious.

 “Shenhun Sect, Taishi…”

 Pei Yuling let go of his hand and looked at the text that faded a little bit and disappeared completely. He repeated it in the language of the human race and the dark spirit race, his pupils slightly gleaming


 His mood was also very heavy.

 Different from the old monster of the Dark Spirit Tribe who has been sleeping for many years, he is well aware of the terror of the Shenhun Sect, and knows how profound the Shenhun Sect’s resurgence and appearance is.

 With his own efforts, he has suppressed the five major sects and the Shenhun Sect, which cannot hold its head high, is something that not everyone can provoke.

 “Why bother? After you were awakened by me, many things were unclear, so why bother?”

  He looked at the old man from the Dark Spirit tribe whose hair was connected to the roots of a huge ancient tree, with a wry smile on his face, “I told you about the phoenix, you stopped on your own initiative, did not continue to cast spells, and did not cause any more trouble. But why, it was obviously already. After quitting, you still have to teach the Shenhun Sect’s surname Yan?”

 “Shenhun Sect, I don’t have a particularly deep memory in my mind.” The old man said solemnly.

 Pei Yuling frowned, “In today’s era, the Shenhun Sect is only more powerful than the Phoenix. You have missed so much. Regarding the glory of the Shenhun Sect, you don’t know that a new era has arrived. Alas, now It may not be a good thing to be targeted by the Shenhun Sect and noticed by the opponent early on.”

 ”How glorious is it? I only know that the five supreme sects of Hao Zhan are the strongest force.” The old man said disdainfully.

 Pei Yuling shook his head, “It seems that it is necessary for me to explain to you the situation of our vast annihilation.”


 ”It’s an old monster from the Dark Spirit Tribe who is causing trouble. He should have had a chance to become a level 10 bloodline strongman.”

 Yan Qiling took back the black and white chess pieces, and there were cracks on his lips and neck.

  He is not flesh and blood, so he did not shed any blood. “If nothing unexpected happens, he, like Pei Yuling, was also bewitched by the mysterious God of the Origin World.”

 Subsequently, Yan Qiling informed Yu Yuan that there was a strange “Source World Gate” formed deep in the Suilin Star Territory.

 “I know.”

Yu Yuan nodded and did not say that he had also captured the anomaly through the Dragon Slaying Platform.

 “That person’s influence seems to have disappeared.” Yu Yiyi said curiously.

 The crazy killing between the big demon and the strange beast actually stopped after such a turmoil.

 The old monster from the Dark Spirit Tribe who used “Soul Entanglement” mentioned the name of the “God of the Origin Realm” and told the Phoenix that he hoped that the water in the well would not interfere with the river. Although he retreated, his The power of the secret of blood seems to still have broken Her Majesty the Queen, and her evil thoughts have penetrated into the beast herd.

 The eighth-level monsters and strange beasts stood motionless in the void blankly.

 Obviously, he has not woken up yet and is still digesting something.

 But the ninth-level Jin Li, the black oil bull, and the colorful demon fish, because of the mixing of the dark spirit tribe old monster, successfully eliminated the evil thoughts of Her Majesty the Queen, and the beast’s eyes became clear.

 “Jin Li! Report to the Demon Palace immediately!”

 The demon fish screamed loudly and strangely.



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