Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 2732: Darkness



The silence of the flames brings deep darkness to the earth, but also brings deep opportunities to other existences lurking in the dark.


This is the case with Sally in front of her. As the leader of the assassins, she has mastered the shadow realm. At this moment, she has become the master of the darkness. In the era of silent flames, she is expected to become a demigod. Existence, enough to compete with those elemental monarchs.


After discovering this good news, as soon as Rhode arrived, Sally couldn’t help but share it with him, and there was a bit of comfort in her words.


Perceiving the opportunity in her, Rhode couldn’t help nodding. The power of the source of karma allowed him to rely on karma points in exchange for the realm belonging to the king of hell, but the shadow on Sally’s body The realm is not in this list, and Rhodes is also happy for her to see that her strength has improved.


“In that case, you have to thank the Fire Elemental Monarch for taking away the power of the flame… Anyway, congratulations to you.” Rhode said casually.


“You’re right, now that the world is in eternal darkness, my strength will increase to an unimaginable level. But I heard that you seem to have developed a way to dispel the darkness? I still need you The Titan Arrow on you?”


Rod nodded. With the intelligence capabilities of the Thieves Guild, he realized that the operation of the Titan Project was not difficult. There were so many lightning items developed in the city. If the thieves still didn’t notice, I am afraid that Rhodes would suspect them. ability.


The advancement of the research and development of the Titan project symbolizes that the kingdom of the dead has entered a new era. Rhode has a hunch that in time, those lightning props will be spread across the entire continent, and the kingdom of the dead, which was the first to develop it, also has a hunch. Countless benefits will be enjoyed.


Having a Titan Arrow is equivalent to having unlimited lightning energy. Through continuous research and development, mages have found a way to convert lightning energy into other energies. For example, in the magic city at this moment, there is a large amount of light and heat converted from lightning. Even if the flames in the world have long been silent, they cannot affect City of the Dead.


However, there seems to be some dissatisfaction with this approach. For Sally, the darkness of the world can bring her powerful power, but the lightning tool Rhodes took out destroyed this power.


With the progress of the Titan project, after the necromancers had set up the power grid in the city, they began to extend to other towns in the snow. They erected towers and connected them with wires. The lightning energy with the Magic City as the core is being delivered to all parts of the snow.


According to the investigations of the thieves, it may not be long before Rhodes can re-light the entire Brakada in this way. This is a feat that no force can achieve in the era of silent flames. Even The overlord of the underground world, the hero Moriel is also full of praise for this method, and plans to let the magician under him carefully study it and bring the method back to the underground world.


For others, even the undead, it’s a good thing to see the world light up again. The undead transformed by the death domain retain all the experience and consciousness of the past, and they prefer to stay in the light rather than the darkness where they can’t see their fingers.


But for Sally, it’s not a good thing to see the Brakada re-lighting. The re-lighting of the light means the weakening of the darkness, and that will directly lead to the decline of the power of the shadow field. For her, who uses the shadow as her power, this is undoubtedly something she does not want to see.


If it was someone else who dared to carry out such a shocking project as the Titan Project in the era of silent flames, Sally had already let the thieves under her assassinate her, and she would not have given the plan a chance to continue. It’s a pity that the Titan was approved. It was not someone else who planned, but the Rhodes she was thinking of.


For Rhode, Sally can’t kill him. She can’t bear to attack Rhode, not only because Rhode can see her who is always in the dark, but more importantly, as she and Rhode get to know each other, she Finding that she can no longer get used to the darkness that belongs to her alone, if she can do so, she will not hesitate to pull Rhodes into the deep shadow forever.


Because of this, seeing Rhodes appearing, she couldn’t help complaining about the Titan project: “The creations of those scholars have seriously affected my shadow field. I heard that they also plan to promote those lightning props to the whole world. World, do you know how much that would affect my power?”


If other thieves hear Sally’s complaint, I’m afraid that even their eyeballs will fall to the ground in surprise. How can they imagine that they are usually gloomy and majestic, always shrouded in darkness, a little unhappy, The Shadow Lady, who was about to cut off her subordinate’s tongue, even stuck her tongue out to complain.


Seeing Sally with her hands on her hips and complaining to herself with a helpless expression, Rhodes could only cough dryly:


“This matter is indeed my negligence… I didn’t expect the Titan project to have such a big impact on you. I will tell those scholars to temporarily stop research in this area, so that the lightning props will not be leaked out. If you are going to be promoted to demigods, I can’t guarantee other areas, at least in Bracada, that day there will be no lights.”


Listening to Rhodes, Sally smiled with satisfaction. As the leader of the thieves, of course she understands that the research on the Titan Project is beneficial to the entire undead kingdom. Rhodes is willing to slow down the research progress of the entire Titan Project for her. This can only mean one thing, that is, in Rhodes. In her heart, the status that belongs to her is above the entire kingdom of the dead.


Sally doesn’t care how many Yingying Yanyans are beside Rhodes. As the leader of the Thieves Guild, among the countless intelligence and secrets that other thieves have collected, what are the things she has not seen before? The only thing Sally cared about was her status in Rhodes’ heart.


Sometimes Sally would also worry if she was too proactive about the Scarlet Eye, causing Rhodes to despise herself in her heart, resulting in a lower status than others, even knowing Rhodes With all her deeds, it is difficult for her to guess Rhode’s thoughts. But at least judging from Rhode’s current reaction, her status in Rhode’s heart is definitely not low.


After thinking about all this, Sally also showed a sweet smile that no one has ever seen before. Even Rhodes couldn’t help but tremble in his heart. He thought he had some kind of charm magic, but he clearly mastered love It is Rhode himself who is in the realm.


Unlike the **** king, many demons in **** have seen Cecilia’s beautiful face, but in this deep darkness, the sweet smile that emerges is only Rhodes can appreciate it.


Relying on the power of the field of love, Rhodes also calmed the little ripples in his heart. The realm of love can not only be used for offense, but also for defense. Its ability is also very good. Rhode, who was still in a difficult state of peace just now, immediately regained his composure. Looking at Sally, only the most Pure appreciation.


Instead, it was Sally, who was stared at by Rhodes’ pure eyes, and her face was a little red. That was a feeling she had never experienced in the countless years she had become a thief leader. It was different from the irresistible mental magic. Yes, that feeling was so beautiful that Sally couldn’t help but want to drag Rhodes to indulge in it.


“Actually, I’m here this time mainly for another matter.” Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, Rhode quickly found an excuse to divert the topic.


“What’s the matter?” The atmosphere was interrupted by Rhodes’ words, but Sally was not annoyed. The countless years of living in the dark gave her extremely good patience, so she followed Rhodes’ words and asked.


“When I was observing the earth with my magic eye, I happened to see something unexpected.” Rhodes explained, “One of my death knights escaped my control, but did not escape far away. , but hiding in the small town south of Erathia, I don’t know what he was planning, but he attracted the saints of Erathia.”


Speaking, Rhode’s expression also changed, that is what he observed with the eternal magic eye by chance, the death knight Vera, who once belonged to him, is now hiding in the city of light in the south of Erathia, Luo De didn’t know what he was trying to do, but his gut told him that it wouldn’t be a good thing.


Rod is interested in Vera’s affairs, but he will not appear directly in front of Vera. Rather than executing the death knight who defected, Rhode wanted to know what method he used to get rid of the control of the dark holy word.


If Rhodes remembers correctly, the timing of Vera’s defection was exactly when the gods came to Brakada, and I don’t know if they were related. Another defector of Rhodes Yin Fu, the death knight of , is now at the side of the god-given. Because of this, Rhodes chose to let Vera’s actions go, and instead wanted to see what he was going to do.


Even so, basic information still needs to be collected. Since the Magic Eye Organization can only see the screen and cannot collect any other information, Rhode has no choice but to keep his doubts in his heart. Opportunity to ask.


“Is there such a thing?” Sally thought for a while, “If the death knight wants to gain true freedom, he must kill the necromancer who controls him. You should know this better than me, after all, you A necromancer who is good at spiritualism.”


Listening to Sally’s words, Rhode also nodded. The enslavement effect of the mental mark is permanent. If Vera fails to get rid of the mark, one day, when he can’t suppress the power in the mark, he will Will be back under Rhodes control.


And the death knight wants to get rid of the spiritual imprint, there are only a few ways, such as relying on the powerful heroic will, completely breaking through the enslavement of the spiritual imprint, the heroic will contains almost all the power, even only the legendary apex can The power of the domain mastered will also appear in the hero’s will. However, it is extremely difficult to get rid of the mark by relying on the unstable heroic will, which is no less difficult than making any ordinary person a hero.


In addition, the most feasible method is to directly kill the necromancer who enslaved the death knight. As long as the necromancer dies, all the spiritual imprints he has planted will completely disappear. Under the protection of the hero’s will, a normal death knight can hardly be enslaved by other creatures.


Sally’s words also spoke to what Rhodes worried about. Could it be that Vera is going to find a way to kill herself? Just relying on the withered statues made by those mages? Rhodes saw the previous battle between the statue and the saints. Neither of them were his opponents, and they were not even the enemies of the One. As long as Rhodes used the power that belonged to the divine weapon, he could easily defeat the two. rout.


Even so, Rhodes still has a little worry in his heart, a sense of unease haunts Rhodes’ heart, that unease has helped Rhodes a lot, even if he doesn’t know what Vera wants to do , he still won’t let his guard down.


“I will help you pay attention to the situation over there… According to the information gathered by my subordinates, the silence of the flames has greatly reduced the fighting spirit of the demons, and Erathia has also ushered in a short truce period. After successive battles, I have long been exhausted. The unbearable Erathians also got a good respite, and sometimes I wonder if the Fire Elemental Monarch is an undercover agent sent by the Erathians to hell.”


The corner of Rhodes’ mouth twitched. He also had the same idea. The demons’ aggressive offensive was restrained by the fire element monarch. She achieved what all Erathians have always expected, but no one has ever been able to achieve it. The only thing that happened was that she single-handedly delayed the entire Doomsday War, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that she was the savior of the Erathians.


Although I said, the threat of the elemental monarch is more terrifying than the **** demon in a certain way, and the entire main plane will be destroyed by it. Rhode did not forget this, and the elemental master warns The words still linger in his heart.


“Speaking of the Elemental Monarch… It seems that something unusual happened on Eli’s side.” As if thinking of something, Rhode said again.


“You’re right, the Eri creatures are preparing for battle, ready to challenge the elemental monarchs. The seas over there have already suffered first, and the water elemental monarchs are coming with huge waves, although the thieves have collected According to the information, the Water Elemental Monarch did not break the final seal, but if the creatures of Eli cannot stop her, the continental plate where Eli is located will completely sink.”


Thinking of the threat of the water element monarch, even Sally couldn’t help but look tight. Those ancient and powerful beings can have the power to destroy the main plane. She can only transcend the legend and be promoted to the level of the demigod. Qualified to fight them.


“The thieves guild in the jungle is also helping the Eri creatures to resist the power of the elemental monarch. Although the **** demons are very cruel, they will not be crazy enough to destroy the entire main plane, but are calm and full of The wise elemental monarchs mainly do this… Although they are calm, they can’t hide the ruthlessness in their hearts. You will also resist the elemental monarchs together, right?” Sally stared at Rhodes.


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