Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 2657: The way of bewitching



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“It’s him…”


After seeing the man who suddenly shot, repelled the Warriors of Light, and rescued Ronis, the priestess’s face was obviously ugly.


“I’m sorry, the priest who guides the light… I brought that trouble here. He has repeatedly sabotaged your plan. said.


“You did nothing wrong, he rejected the guidance of the hero of light and was willing to fall into the company of darkness.” The priestess shook her head, with a bit of regret in her words, “The hero of light will give him the punishment he deserves. .”


Mage Tazis sighed deeply, and turned to help other pagan priests in pursuit of the spatial fluctuations that Ronis left behind when he left.


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“Does Erathia need this method, or do you need it?” The man saw through Ronis’s purpose at a glance, and the person who brought back this method would obviously be rewarded handsomely.


Rones did not deny: “There will always be someone who will present this method to Queen Catherine, whether that person is me or not, it is only a matter of time. Why can’t I be that person?”


“Fortunate for you, my friend just happens to know how to dispel the darkness.” The man was quite satisfied with Ronis’s answer, and he put his hands in front of him and said.


“Really? Where is your friend now? I’m willing to pay some price in exchange for your friend’s knowledge.” Ronis’ eyes lit up.


The mercenary looked helpless: “My friend…he is the maker of the glowing statue, but now he is in a little trouble. He was deceived by those people, and the priest of light did not know what to do with it. Illusion, let him see his dead son, I’m afraid he won’t give you the knowledge easily.”


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Whether it is him or the mercenary Kaidan on the side, he has the ability to stand on his own, but in the face of a large number of heretics, many of them are innocent people who have been deceived, even if they are helpless. So far, seeking help from the top officials of the Holy See has become the only option for Ronis.


For countless years, the Holy See has been cleaning up infidels. Legend has it that during the ancient Erathia period, the Holy See suppressed all foreign races, and even mentioning the name of the Holy Kingdom would make those pagans tremble.


In the mouths of bards, those blood-warming legends about Ancient Erathia have been heard by both Ronis and Kaidan.


Time goes by, Erathia’s glory is gone, and when people think of the strongest power in the world, the first thing that comes to mind is those mages of Bracada.


But with the recovery of the everything in the world will change, angels are no longer hidden in the city of clouds, they walk in the world, choose the right people, become saints with divine power, Egypt Lasia will usher in the greatest restoration, and even the kings of the last days cannot prevent this day from coming.


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I don’t know what the priest of light did to let Tazis see his long-dead son, and the priest even claimed to have the ability to let him return to Tazis again.


Of course, Kaidan didn’t believe these words. He saw with his own eyes the son of Tazis who died again after turning into an undead. Bringing the dead back to the world is not the power of the hero of light, but the power of the Lord of the Undead.


If the Rhode said this, Kaidan might believe it, but from the priest of light, Kaidan didn’t believe it at all.


It’s a pity that Tazis has long been dazzled by hope. When he heard that he could see his son again, he immediately fell into the arms of the hero of light, no matter what Kaidan said, he was firm, and even turned his hatred on to give way. He left Kaidan here.


Kaidan is very helpless, he can just walk away and ignore everything in the city of light, but for the sake of Tazis saving him, he can’t just leave, he knows Tazis Just need your own help.


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