Invincible God of War Chapter 1: Desperately struggling


The hottest months are June and July.

The scorching sunshine and the scorching weather have turned the whole earth into a big furnace.

Iron Bull Town.

It was noon and the sun was in the sky.


Up a long stone ladder.

Qin Feiyang is walking up step by step, sweating profusely, panting like a cow.

The stone staircase slopes upward at a forty-five degree angle, with a total of nine hundred and ninety-nine steps leading to a huge palace.

Each step is hot from the sun.

Sweat drips and evaporates instantly.

Makes a screeching sound.

Qin Feiyang is only a fifteen-year-old boy, but he has maturity and stability that his peers do not have.

He is 1.75 meters tall, his body is slightly thin, his facial features are handsome, but his face is pale and bloodless, giving the impression that he is a weak young man who is sick.


Not like.

He is a patient himself.

And, terminally ill!

His life will end in five days.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine steps, plus this kind of bad weather, even a normal person can’t reach the top, let alone a sick person.

But stepping on this stone ladder is his only chance to survive.

Even, can change the fate of his life!

Five years ago.

Qin Feiyang is the prince of the Great Qin Empire, with a noble status and extraordinary talent.

When he was only ten years old, he had already become a nine-star martial artist.

It can be said that since he was a child, he has been the scorching sun of everyone’s attention, and among all the princes, he has the most hope of inheriting the throne.

He is also an emperor, one of his favorite princes.


Just when he was brilliant, many auras added to him, and a sudden change came suddenly.

Because of this sudden change, he was forced by others to swallow the ‘Erling Pill’, and then he was ruthlessly expelled from the imperial palace, expelled from the Daqin Empire, and ended up in Tie Niu Town.

Erling Pill is an extremely vicious pill. Once taken, not only will you lose your cultivation base, you will no longer be able to cultivate in the future.

In five days, he will be fifteen!

Five years have passed.

The Great Qin Empire still stands on this continent as a king, ruling all directions.

What about him?

Here is struggling to survive.

He doesn’t agree!

He swore countless times in his heart that one day, he would return to the Great Qin Empire and make those who were sorry for him pay the price!

The palace above the stone ladder is his only hope.


His legs were limp and sore.

He struggles every step of the way!

A lot of perspiration, he has entered a state of dehydration.

The lips are chapped, and there are streaks of blood.

Started to experience dizziness.

He stopped on a step, gasping for breath, regaining lost energy.


He looked at the top of the stone ladder, and a firm light flashed in his weak eyes.

At the end of the stone ladder, a great hall stands tall, resplendent and magnificent.

The doors of the palace are closed.

Besides, stands a black stone tablet, which can be more than ten meters high, and is engraved with two striking characters.

——Dan Hall!

Like an iron hook and silver stroke, it is vigorous and powerful, and there is a faint oppressive force that shocks people’s hearts.

This is a place that countless people have dreamed of going in.

Because here, there are all kinds of elixir.

There are some medicinal herbs that can detoxify all kinds of poisons, eliminate all kinds of diseases, and ensure a safe life.

Some medicinal herbs can wash the body, make people reborn, and step into the path of cultivation.

There are even rumors that there are some legendary elixir that not only have life, but can also fly into the sky, overturn rivers and seas, and if they are fortunate enough to take them, they can become gods admired by the world overnight.


Dan Hall is a very sacred place!

Each disciple of the Pill Hall is a respectable existence.

Even for the lowest level alchemists, there are countless people who compliment and flatter, just to get a pill.

Qin Feiyang’s goal is a medicinal pill called ‘Suisui Dan’.

The Cleansing Marrow Pill is the key to his rebirth!

He didn’t even know how many times he had been here in order to get the Xisui Dan.

However, every time he was seriously ill, he was unable to climb to the top and reach the Pill Hall.

But this time, he has no turning back and no room for giving up!

Because in five days, he will be dead.

To survive, you must climb to the top!

He took a hard step, gritted his teeth, and continued to climb.


At this moment, the closed gate of the palace quickly opened.

A woman in her thirties, wearing a long red dress, strode out of the palace.

She stood on the edge, looking down at Qin Feiyang below, and said lightly: “Qin Feiyang, count yourself, how many times have you been here? Don’t you know how to give up?”

Qin Feiyang didn’t answer, buried his head and climbed with gritted teeth.

This woman, every time he came, he would see this woman, named Ma Hongmei, the deacon elder of the Pill Hall.

Of course, she is also an alchemist.

It is precisely because of her status as an alchemist that this woman is pretentious and arrogant.


He was too lazy to speak out, lest he humiliate himself.


His attitude made Ma Hongmei even more annoyed.

She sneered at the corner of her mouth and said, “Don’t say that this elder looks down on you, no matter how many times you come, the result will be the same, you bastard, don’t get in the way here.”

“Elder Ma, you can close your eyes and not look.”

Qin Feiyang stopped and looked up at her, with a trace of anger deep in his eyes.

Ma Hongmei laughed angrily and said, “Yo, it’s reasonable, right? Okay, I’ll tell you plainly, even if you reach the top, I won’t give you the Cleansing Marrow Pill.”

Qin Feiyang’s hands were clenched tightly.

But in the end.

He held back and continued to climb.

Because he had no choice, he was under the roof and had to bow his head.

Not to mention the alchemy hall, Ma Hongmei is not only an alchemist, he can find other alchemists.

Time flies by.

I don’t know, is it because of being provoked by Ma Hongmei? Or is it because of the desire to survive in his heart? In the next time, he did not stop for a while, and gradually approached the peak step by step.

Two hours later.

He is only fifty steps away from the summit.

Although at this moment, he is physically and mentally weak, his head is dizzy, and every step he takes, the muscles in his legs feel like tearing pains, but his heart becomes hot!

With only fifty steps left, he can reach the top!

Getting to the top means a lot to him.

Not only means that he can survive, but also means that he can cultivate in the future.

Only when he becomes stronger can he be qualified to find answers and solve the doubts in his heart!

He looks at the summit, his eyes are firm and his fighting spirit is high!

This time it will be a success!

Forty steps!

Thirty steps!

Twenty steps!

Ten steps!

He took a breath and climbed to the top, losing his strength all at once, lying on the ground, breathing the air greedily.

“Yo, today is really a miracle, actually let you climb up.”

Ma Hongmei never left, she was surprised to see Qin Feiyang reach the top.

But then, a cold light flashed across her eyes, and she kicked Qin Feiyang.

Qin Feiyang exclaimed: “Elder Ma, what are you doing?”

“Send you down, of course.”

Ma Hongmei smiled playfully and kicked Qin Feiyang’s chest.

Bang bang bang!


Qin Feiyang rolled down the stone ladder like a ball, accompanied by screams of pain.

“Ma, I curse you to die!”

He roared with cynicism, full of malice.

It was not easy for him to reach the top, but he didn’t expect that this woman would be so vicious. Isn’t this a clear way to cut him off?

“You still dare to curse me, I really don’t know whether to live or die, and now I will kill you!”

Murderous intent flickered in Ma Hongmei’s eyes, and she was about to chase down and cut down the roots.

“What happened?”

But at this moment, a vigorous shout came from the palace.


A middle-aged man walked out of the palace.

He is seven feet tall, wears a purple dress, walks like a tiger, his eyes are bright, and he is not angry or arrogant.

Ma Hongmei frowned, turned to look at the middle-aged man, bowed and said, “I have seen the three hall masters.”

The third hall master nodded, looked at Qin Feiyang who kept rolling down, and frowned: “Why is he here again?”

Ma Hongmei said with a smile: “I don’t want to wash the marrow pill yet.”

The third hall master wondered: “Then how did he get down?”

Ma Hongmei gloated and said, “It’s all his own fault. Just now I persuaded him again and again to stop climbing, but he didn’t believe it. What happened? His strength was exhausted, his legs became weak, he lost his balance, and he rolled down. .”

When Qin Feiyang heard this sentence, he was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood.

See you.

Ma Hongmei sneered.

This stone ladder has nine hundred and ninety-nine steps. If you go down like this, there is no way to survive.

If no one rescues her, she doesn’t need to do it herself, and this little beast will fall to her death.

As a client, Qin Feiyang is naturally aware of this.


When he reached the top, he was already sore and weak, unable to move his limbs.

Now, he rolled all the way down again, his head was bleeding, his hands were broken, and there was no way to stop.

“Am I going to die like this today?”


“I must survive…”

“I want to return to the Daqin Empire alive…”

“Those who have blamed me, I will make them repay a thousand times and ten thousand times…”

Qin Feiyang roared wildly in his heart, his eyes turned blood red, like blood stained, and he was full of anger. Although his hands were broken, he still did not give up.

The unwillingness and anger in my heart turn into a source of strength.

He turned over suddenly, facing the sky, leaning back against the stone ladder, and sliding down.

The feet are like a pair of brakes, pressing firmly on the stone ladder.

He wants to use this method to ease the impact and slow down the slide!

After a hundred breaths.

He finally stopped and lay on the stone ladder.

But his back and his feet, under the violent friction with the stone ladder, have long been ripped apart, bloody, and even the spine has been broken.

The piercing pain, like a tidal wave, hit every nerve in his body, and he was in excruciating pain!

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