Immortality Cultivation Era Chapter 1: Before Resurrection


There was a moment of confusion.

It was as if the palette had been knocked over before his eyes, and all kinds of colors mixed together to form a vortex, from which a hand protruded and pulled his consciousness in.

Gao Ge slowly opened his eyes, his vision was still a little blurry, just wanted to lift his head, but found that his head hurt like a tear.

“I’m not dead?” Gao Ge was shocked and blurted out.

“You might as well die.” A voice full of anger came.

Looking along the source of the voice, I found that my father, Gao Ming, was staring at him with a frosty face.

Mother Song Yun was sitting beside the bed, wiping her tears: “Xiaoge, just beg you as a mother, don’t fight in school, okay? The college entrance examination is coming soon, and I don’t ask you to pass it. Undergraduate, but I graduated from high school anyway!”

Every word is like a thunderstorm.

School fights? college entrance examination? Graduated from high school?

There was a storm in his heart.

He suddenly raised his arm and grabbed his mother’s wrist subconsciously: “Mom, what year and month is it now?”

Song Yun lost her eyes and muttered to herself, “The doctor only said that it was a mild concussion, how can you be so stupid? It’s March 2018!” After speaking, she turned her face to Gao Ming and said, ” Daddy, go and call a doctor!”

Gao Ge did not speak, her lips were trembling.

2018! March!

Not only did he not die, but he went back to the past, before the earth’s spiritual energy recovered!

At this time, a news was playing on the TV in the hospital ward. The female anchor with delicate facial features was facing the camera with a press release in her hand: Recently, animal mutation events have occurred one after another in this city. This morning, a Thai Di rushed into the tiger park and killed two Siberian tigers.

An uncle in the hospital bed next door patted his thigh and laughed: “This is Teddy, it’s just a flat-headed brother-I have been fighting in my life, or on the way to fight, don’t tell me who my opponent is, Just tell me the time and place, it’s hilarious.”

Another sixty-year-old old man coughed: “This is going to change! Some time ago, I also saw a mouse the size of a dog! It scared people to death.”

Gao finally recovered.

Yes, coming soon! A wonderful change is taking place in this world, and it won’t be long before the city’s Duanlong Mountain will open the first secret realm after the arrival of aura recovery. The tourists who were in Duanlong Mountain at that time, by chance, Most of them became the first beneficiaries of the era of Reiki recovery.

But right now…you’re the only one who knows what’s coming!

This also means that the current high song has already led the entire earth by more than half a circle!

Round up to 20 circles!

“I’m about to turn the salted fish over?” He muttered to himself in astonishment.

Father standing in front of the hospital bed, Gao Ming snorted coldly: “Just you? Turn over? Is it to be familiar with both sides?”

High song: “…”

Suddenly, a thunder flashed in his mind.

I’m still in the third year of high school, which means… Meng Jing isn’t dead yet?

The next second, Gao Ge got up from the hospital bed like crazy.

“Son, where are you going?” Song Yun asked anxiously.

Gao Ge’s eyes turned red: “I’m going back to school.”

He was wearing shoes when his father grabbed his clothes.

“Lie down, the doctor said, you have a slight concussion and you need to rest.” My father was as unsmiling as he remembered, and every word he said had an orderly tone. It’s just that it won’t be long, when my father knows that he is defined as stupid with aptitude and can only be thrown into the last class of the Cultivator Academy, the whole person is very depressed.

“Dad, I’m in a hurry, I really want to go back to school.” Gao Ge raised his head and looked at his father.

Gao Ming was slightly taken aback.

In his memory, although Gao Ge is not stingy, he often fights in school and causes trouble, but in front of him, he is like a mouse meeting a cat, never going against his will. The most important thing is that the way Gao Ge looked at him at this time made him a little weird and had a feeling that he couldn’t tell the truth.

He thought about it and asked, “It’s important?”

Gao’s eyes are firm.

Gao Ming let go: “Then come back early.”

Ge was overjoyed, and before she could change her clothes, she rushed out of the ward wearing a blue hospital gown on a white background.

This made Song Yun so angry, but it was too late to stop her, so she could only turn around and blame her man, and taught Gao Ming not to say a word. After rushing out of the hospital, Gao Ge ran along the road all the way. At this time, his head was still tightly wrapped, and he was still wearing a hospital gown, which attracted the attention of passers-by. He didn’t have time to care about it.

The No. 1 Hospital of Jiangnan City is only over a thousand meters away from Jiangnan No. 1 Middle School. If he has money in his pocket, he will definitely choose to take a taxi.

Meng Jing and Gao Ge are not only classmates, but also childhood sweethearts. In his heart, he always attaches great importance to the girl who wears a ponytail all the year round. She appears in front of him during the day and in his dreams at night, but Because of his youthfulness and good face, he never confided in his heart.

He is afraid that he will be rejected, that the distance between him and Meng Jing will be estranged, and that he will not be able to make friends.

What Gao Ge didn’t expect was that Meng Jing deliberately failed the college entrance examination in order to stay in the same city as Gao Ge. A scholar who was held in the hands of the principal, parents and teachers, actually only took a specialist test, and the day the college entrance examination was awarded , Meng Jing’s father was angry and beat Meng Jing.

The aggrieved girl wiped her tears and ran out of the house, and a speeding car took her best life away.

It wasn’t until later that she flipped through Meng Jing’s diary that her parents knew the secret and led someone to block up the Gao family and curse. On that day, Gao Ge hid in the house, curled up, feeling that the whole world was dark, he trembled desperately, and finally cried until he fainted.

“Silly girl… In this life, even if I don’t want this life, I will tie you to my side!” With red eyes, he rushed into the gate of Jiangnan No. 1 Middle School. Not daring to stop, he directly moved his eyes to the side and looked into the distance.

In the face of the notorious Gaoge, they are helpless, and they don’t want to provoke them.

At this time, when the get out of class was over, the students who saw Gao Ge were talking about each other.

“This is Gao Ge? Why is the head wrapped like a zongzi?”

“Shit, do you want to die?”

“What are you afraid of, he is so powerful, and he was beaten by Li Lang and the others…”

At this time, Gao Ge turned his face and glanced at the man in glasses who was talking. The man shivered, his lips turned white with fright, and he quickly lowered his head to avoid Gao Ge’s fierce gaze.

After Gao Ge left, his legs were still shaking.

A teaching building.

Senior grade three and eight.

As soon as he walked to the door of the classroom, he heard a “bang”.

“Get out of here! Get out of here all of you!”

Gao Ge’s body shook violently, as if an invisible hand grabbed his heart.

A little bit of force will crush the whole heart.

Meng Jing’s voice.

The windows were closed, and the doors of the classroom were locked from the inside. Through the windows, many students could be seen surrounded by students, but there was a large space in the middle.

It is still Meng Jing with a ponytail, her makeup without makeup, her delicate facial features must be God’s proudest work. In the past life, many classmates sighed that the beauty was poor. In this life, even if a ghost came, he would grab the other party’s neck and leave Meng Jing behind.

What the hell!

I was the first to refuse!


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