Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate Chapter 1: Success rate



   Jiang Lai lay on the grass with a piece of grass in his mouth, squinting at the blue sky.


  He was reborn in this world…no…According to the world view he knew, it should be this planet, he has been here for fifteen years.


   fifteen years! What about the good cheats?


   After waiting for fifteen years, he basically doesn’t believe the golden finger.


   At this moment, there seemed to be a small black spot falling down in the sky, and the target—Jiang Lai—the head.


   The speed was too fast, Jiang Lai had no time to react, so he watched, and was directly hit by this thing on his forehead.


   Except for the broken skin and bleeding, Jiang Lai found out that he was all right!


   What caused him? He sat up and looked around, but couldn’t find it.


   “Huh?” Jiang Lai had a physical meal. He found that there was a strange thing in the sea of ​​knowledge, and he had already recognized him as the master!


  ”Is this the golden finger I have been waiting for for fifteen years?!”


  Slap in the face at the speed of light? Is it so scary?


   “Huh? Can you calculate the success rate and various odds? Really?”


   Leave it alone, run away!


   Jiang came and got up and ran away. He didn’t believe the pie falling in the sky. Now this thing suddenly recognizes him as the master. What if someone finds it and he can’t beat it?


   Don’t run and wait for death!


   He ran all the way back to the Pills Pavilion, ignoring the guy’s surprise, ran quickly inside, poured a cup of tea, and rested for a while, only then did he earnestly study the intellectual brain he had just acquired.


   Jiang decided to try this brain function. His current cultivation realm is the peak of the nine levels of Qi training. It is the result of more than ten years of hard work. He has been in this realm for more than a year. The most important thing is There are no resources for cultivation, which is the disadvantage of not having gold fingers.


   But now the cheats are here, why don’t you give it a try?


   Jiang Lai thought about how long he needed to practice to break through, and suddenly a piece of data appeared in his mind:


  Without training resources, there is a one-thousandth chance of breaking through.




   One thousandth, so low? No wonder he has been unable to break through despite his very hard work this year.


What is the concept of    one thousandth? It’s almost the same as being unable to break through.


   Jiang Lai smiled bitterly, this year’s experience made him somewhat believe in this intellectual brain.


  ”Can I break through after taking a cyclone Tango?”


   The breakthrough rate of taking a normal cyclone Tango is 50.1%.


  ”How about two pills in a row? How about three pills?”


   even take two tablets 75.1% and three tablets 87.6%.


   Jiang came for a moment, and the human body has drug resistance. He knew that. In short, taking the same pill, the first time it was best, the follow-up became weaker and weaker.


   And according to the analysis of this brain, the success rate of a cyclone pill is 50%, and the second one after serving two is only 25%, and the third one is even more It’s only 12.5%, and the three stars add up to 87.5%, plus the original one-thousandth, isn’t it 87.6%?


   but this cyclone pill…


   Jiang Lai smiled bitterly. If he had Qixuan Dan, he would have taken it.


   Although he is a direct descendant of the Jiang Clan in Jiangshuicheng, his qualifications are average, especially his position is the most embarrassing. How awkward is his position?


  His elders are traitors…


  If otherwise, I won’t be fifteen years old to practice the Ninth Level of Qi.


  ”Fortunately, I am still in charge of this Jiangshuicheng Jiang Family Medicine Pill Pavilion. I still have monthly money to collect. If I save a year of monthly money, it can be enough for a cyclone pill.”


  As a direct descendant of the Jiang family, he is fifteen years old, sixteen years old, he is considered an adult, but his identity is very embarrassing, so the family let him manage the medicine pavilion, the business that the Jiang family does not value most.


   This is already a stocking, and he knows that this will not allow him to rise and rise. After several attempts to manage the business to no avail, now, he only needs to go to the Pill Medicine Pavilion to take a look every day, and then walk around.


   Anyway, this job is better than nothing, and the family won’t let him beg for food. After all, the face of the big family is still needed.


   He was originally going to eat and wait to die and enjoy the fun of the world, but now he has regained his ambition, and he wants to try again.


  ”Wang Er, bring me a pill prescription and ten medicinal materials needed in the pill prescription, whatever you want.”


   Soon, the guy in the pill pavilion brought the pill prescription and alchemy furnace.


   “Stewardship, this medicinal material…” The guy looked embarrassed. These are all accounts, because every year the Jiang family sends someone to check the accounts. If something is missing, his guy will have to lose his job.


  ”It’s on my account and deducted from my monthly money! Is there anything else? Go out to watch the door if you’re okay.”


  , the man breathed a sigh of relief, turned and walked to the door, closed the door and left.


   Jiang Lai began to study pill recipes.


  ”This is the easiest Qi-gathering pill, I will try again?”


   just do it.


   Jiang Lai twisted the switch to lead the ground fire under the alchemy furnace in the room. According to the order of the fire conditions and medicinal materials mentioned in the alchemy prescription, I put the medicinal materials into the alchemy furnace while watching the success rate.


  As more and more pills were lost, the success rate dropped from 100% to zero%, and at the same time a scent of the pill furnace spread.




   Jiang Lai was not disappointed, but quickly removed the waste residue, and then asked in his heart: “How to improve the success rate of Qi Gathering Pill?”


   He quickly picked up the medicinal materials and tried them separately. Finally, he found that when he picked up the Ganoderma lucidum, the wisdom brain showed that the success rate was 100%.


   Jiang Lai quickly threw the Ganoderma lucidum into the alchemy furnace.


   Then draw the gourd according to the pattern, and constantly change the medicinal materials. When picking up the Qi-gathering grass, the success rate is 100%!


   He quickly put in the gas-gathering grass, and then continued the test.


   put three fishy leaves, the success rate is 100%.




   Put on the lid of the Dan furnace. With the delay of the waiting time, the success rate gradually increases. After a stick of incense, the fire is turned off, and the success rate is 100%.


   When the success rate showed 100%, Jiang Lai opened the lid of the pill furnace and took out ten Qi Gathering Pills.


   This is… the best Qi Gathering Pill?


   Fuck! Is there such a surprise?


   Jiang Lai’s face was At the same time, I thought: If I take the best cyclone pill, how likely is it to enter the state of rotation?


  Intelligent brain display: 100%.


   As expected!


   Jiang Lai was overjoyed, this intellectual brain is simply an artifact!


   It’s just that this Qi Gathering Pill is just a basic pill. It doesn’t require special techniques, so it’s so simple.


   Alchemy is a huge profit, but how do you get the pill?


  Huh? wrong!


   Jiang thought back and forth about the order in which he put the medicinal materials just now, and compared it with the pill prescription, and found that there are several kinds of medicinal materials in different orders!


The order of adding the    Fuan Dan prescription can also have a 100% success rate? The efficacy of the medicine has also improved!


   Then, if the remnant prescription can make a good medicine?


   I am very excited to think of Jiang Lai here. There are remnants sold on the black market every day at low prices.


  Those remnant prescriptions are almost no one cares about. After all, incompleteness is the same as ordinary people.


   Then, can I refine the cyclone pill by myself?


   However, the refining of Qixuan Pill, a pill, has already involved alchemy techniques.


   This intellectual brain is dead and only shows the success rate, but he has to learn the alchemy technique himself.


   Immediately, Jiang Lai smiled bitterly. He really wants to run away before he learns to walk.


   There was no pill for the Qixuan Pill in this pill pavilion, so he started thinking about how to refine the Qixuan Pill.


   Although this pill pavilion belongs to the Jiang family, the Jiang family can only manage basic pill such as Qi Gathering Pill, because there are no high-level alchemists in the Jiang family.


   But no matter what the industry, the higher the level, the more you earn!




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