Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 6558: The Lord of Time is coming! The bloodline magical power shows its power!


After Lin Feng and others came outside, they met with the Immortal family members who were waiting outside, and then they boarded the ancient starry sky ship.

The ancient starry ship jumped through the void, passed the special coordinate point, and entered the time and space tunnel leading to the ancestral land of the Immortal Family.

Then return along the original path.

For the next period of time, Lin Feng has been in retreat in time and space.

He finally determined the first way of reincarnation that he wanted to shape. The first way of reincarnation that Lin Feng shaped was the way of hell.

The reason why he created the **** realm first is because Lin Feng felt that after death, people go to **** first instead of staying in the earth.

After entering **** first.

In order to be able to reincarnate.

Everything is difficult at the beginning, and the same goes for shaping the Six Paths of Reincarnation. In the next more than a year, Lin Feng has been shaping the way of hell. Although there are many difficulties, Lin Feng finally succeeded in shaping the way of reincarnation.

After the way of reincarnation was shaped by Lin Feng, Lin Feng estimated that he would soon return to the Immortal Family, so he left seclusion. More than a year had passed in the time and space, and only more than a month had passed in the outside world.

Everyone in seclusion is also coming out one after another.

Lin Feng asked how long it would take for Nalanqing to return to the Immortal Family.

Nalan Qing told Lin Feng that he would be able to return to the Immortal Family in about ten days.

When I went back, the speed seemed to be faster than when I came here.

Time passed very quickly, and in the blink of an eye, another week had passed, and there were still about three days to go before returning to the Immortal Family.

But this time.

Outside this time and space tunnel.

Suddenly a huge head appeared.

This is a head made of condensed energy.

This head opened its mouth wide and blew suddenly, causing a storm of time and space to sweep across the world.

The violent space-time storm enveloped the space-time tunnel where Lin Feng and others were, trying to destroy the space-time tunnel where Lin Feng and others were.

The entire space-time tunnel was shaking, and the ancient starry sky ship they were riding on was also shaking. Of course, such a big movement could not be hidden from Lin Feng and others, and they walked out one after another.

The space-time tunnel is transparent.

So Lin Feng and the others can see many scenes outside the time and space tunnel.

Lin Feng and others saw the huge head.

After seeing this head, the expressions of Lin Feng and others could not help but change slightly.

You must know that this time and space channel of the Immortal Family is not an ordinary time and space channel. This is a time and space channel that connects the battlefield of the universe.

This head can actually shake this space-time channel, which is enough to show how terrifying this head is.

“Despicable beings, you dare to try to steal my opportunity, you all deserve to die”!

This head made a cold and biting sound.

Lin Feng and others were slightly stunned, thinking who is this guy?

Do we know you?

But they immediately thought of the subordinates of the Lord of Time.

The Lord of Time originally sent them to find the inheritance of the Creator.


The ancient map was taken away by Lin Feng and the others, and the opportunity was also taken away by Lin Feng and the others.

So this head is probably a head condensed by the Lord of Time across endless time and space.

If this is the case, you can understand why this head is so powerful.

“Are you the Lord of Time?”.

Lin Feng asked straight to the point.

“Yes, I am the Lord of Time. Have you figured out how to die?”. The head said coldly.


When he opened his mouth and blew, a terrible storm swept across the world.

It’s really terrifying.

The space-time tunnel is shaking more and more violently.

This space-time tunnel obviously cannot last for a long time and will definitely be destroyed by the opponent. Lin Feng can definitely confirm this, so this head must be stopped.

But Lin Feng and others are inside the space-time tunnel. Although the space-time tunnel is transparent, it is protected by the power of laws. There is no way for magical powers or magic weapons to release attacks.

Fortunately, Lin Feng knows some abnormal magical powers.

The death spell and God-Splitting Heavenly Skill that Lin Feng had used before to awaken his destiny bloodline can be used at this time.

Death Spell: A magical power that is completely activated by a spell. Since it can be activated without mana, the opponent often cannot find out that he has been attacked by a magical power. It is easy to catch the opponent off guard. Moreover, the power of the Death Spell is extremely It’s scary. This magical power can not only cause serious injuries to monks, but also has a certain probability of directly damaging the monk’s origin.

God-Splitting Heavenly Art: No need for soul power or mana, it only requires spells to activate, killing people invisible. This is very similar to the death spell. But the difference is that the death spell targets the monk’s body and origin, while the God-Splitting Technique targets the soul.

The Death Curse and the God-Splitting Technique are Lin Feng’s trump cards.

The power of these two magical powers is absolutely shocking.

The most important thing is that it is difficult for others to detect it by using spells to activate it without using any mana or soul power.

Now Lin Feng and the others are in the time and space tunnel.

The head condensed by the Lord of Time is even less likely to find that someone has launched a powerful attack on him. After all, it is across the time and space tunnel.

Lin Feng activated the death spell and the God-Splitting Technique at the same time.

The two magical powers were quietly released.

The Lord of Time never thought that someone on Lin Feng’s side could release a powerful attack through the time and space tunnel, so he was now in a state of almost no alertness.

At this time, Lin Feng’s attack hit the head where the Lord of Time was condensed.

Although that head is powerful.

But without any defense, even if he was attacked by the death spell, he would be injured, and there were dense cracks on the head.

As for the God-Splitting Heavenly Technique, it caused great damage to the divine thoughts contained in that head.

Many spiritual thoughts were completely destroyed.

Only a part of the mind is left.

The head formed by the Lord of Time was seriously damaged, and its combat power dropped significantly.

Even for a powerful man like the Lord of Time, it is not easy to gather such a head.

If this head is destroyed.

In a short period of time, the Lord of Time will never be able to gather a second head.

“Who? Who hurt me?”.

The head of the Lord of Time roared angrily.

For the Lord of Time, this is something he absolutely cannot accept.

He has not been hurt so seriously for a long, long time.

The current Lord of Time is simply filled with hatred and madness, with murderous intent in his heart.

Poison Ancestor and others knew that it was definitely Lin Feng who took action, because just now they saw Lin Feng’s lips moving, probably reciting a spell.

In the eyes of Du Zu and others, no matter what powerful methods Lin Feng displays, they will not be shocked at all, because they understand how powerful Lin Feng is.

All kinds of incredible methods emerge in endlessly.

Yuwen Huanyue, Yuwen Shasha, Yuwen Ruochen, and Yuwen Xiaoyao were a little emotional.

The more contact you have with Lin Feng.

They just realized how powerful Lin Feng was.

Lin Feng has so many methods.

They actually had a sour feeling about Lin Feng.

Envy, jealousy.

The Four Heroes are all arrogant people and rarely have such emotions towards others.

In front of Lin Feng, I always feel inferior to Lin Feng in every aspect.

Of course, the Four Heroes will not be discouraged by this incident.

They also know that in this world, there are definitely some monster-level existences that can suppress them. They just didn’t see them before, but now, such monsters appear beside them.

The fighting spirit of the four heroes was inspired.

As expected, the descendants trained by the Immortal Family are not so easily defeated.

I don’t know how much more ambitious he is than the poisonous ancestor who is like a salted fish.



Lin Feng’s attack did not stop there.

Since he injured the head condensed by the Lord of Time, Lin Feng planned to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to completely destroy the head.

If you cannot seize this opportunity, destroy this head.

Wait for the other party to fully react.

It will not be easy to destroy this head then.

There are no restrictions on the use of these two magical powers, the Death Curse and the God-Splitting Heaven Technique.

Can be activated an unlimited number of times.

After the first wave of attacks, the second wave of attacks brewed and continued to attack the condensed head of the Lord of Time.

The second wave of attacks is even more powerful and terrifying than the power released by the first wave of attacks.

The second wave of attacks once again hit the condensed head of the Lord of Time. After withstanding the second wave of attacks, the damage to the condensed head of the Lord of Time became even more serious.

This head is almost broken.


The spiritual consciousness has been basically eliminated, and this head can no longer pose a threat to Lin Feng and others.

Lin Feng was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. It was very dangerous before. If he was not careful, the time and space tunnel might be destroyed by the other party. Then it would be in trouble, because even if they could destroy the Lord of Time, The condensed heads fell into the space and time of the universe. Who knows what kind of ghost place this is?

By then I will be completely lost here. Who knows that I can return to the moon in the Year of the Monkey and the Horse in the Year of the Horse?

“It’s you, fine, fine.”

The Lord of Time looked at Lin Feng with his cold eyes.

The eyes flashed with murderous intent.

“It’s over!”.

Lin Feng said coldly.

The second wave of attacks hit the condensed head of the Lord of Time.


After withstanding the third wave of attacks, the condensed head of the Lord of Time could no longer hold on, and the condensed head of the Lord of Time exploded directly.

“You can continue to leave.”

Lin Feng said.

Nalan Qing came to his senses and quickly ordered the people below to use all their strength to activate the ancient starry sky ship.

The speed of the ancient starry ship has reached its extreme.

Three days later.

Lin Feng and others returned to the Immortal Family.

After they come back.

Then Yuwen Shengtian sent people to invite him to the first main line.

All the top leaders of the Immortal Family’s Nine Lines are here.

Ordinary clan members may not be particularly clear about the purpose of Lin Feng and others going to the cosmic battlefield this time, but these senior family leaders know very well that the resurrection stone is needed to resurrect the immortal lord.

Whether Lin Feng can collect the resurrection stone is of great importance.

Yuwen Huanyue took out the resurrection stone.

After seeing those resurrection stones, the senior officials of the Immortal Family showed extremely excited expressions.

In search of the Resurrection Stone, countless people from the Undead family died.

Even the second-generation leader of the Immortal Family, Yu Wen Bu Mie, died because of his search for the Resurrection Stone.

And now, the Resurrection Stone has been successfully found.

Everyone saw the hope of resurrecting the Immortal Lord.

Yuwen Huanyue handed the resurrection stone to Yuwen Shengtian.

Yuwen Shengtian said, “Okay, okay, you have worked hard. You have found the Resurrection Stone for the family. Everyone will receive a heavy reward from the family. You can go back and rest for now. The rewards will be awarded to you soon.”

Lin Feng had no hope at all for the rewards mentioned by Yuwen Shengtian. It was estimated that only the Four Elites and others would receive rewards. After all, helping the Immortal Family find the Resurrection Stone was a deal that had been negotiated before.

Both parties have completed the exchange of interests.

The group of people left the first main line.

After everyone parted, Lin Feng and the others returned to the mountain peak where the Lin clan lived.

There are about forty or fifty people in the Lin clan.

After some questioning, I found out that these are all people who failed to awaken their bloodline.

As for the nearly 300 Lin clan members who had successfully awakened their bloodline, they all went to the inheritance place to practice their skills and pass on their magical powers.

The tribesmen who had not awakened their bloodline were very disappointed and looked listless.

Lin Feng can understand the disappointment in the hearts of these people.

However, this was something that could not be changed, and Lin Feng could only encourage them with a few words.

I probably won’t be able to see my grandfather and others recently.

Lin Feng planned to ask Yuwen Shengtian to find a way to send a message to them, and then tell them that he would return to Tianwu Continent for the time being.

The next day, Lin Feng went to Yuwen Shengtian to talk about this matter.

This matter is naturally a trivial matter for Yuwen Shengtian.

Yuwen Shengtian agreed without any hesitation.

Lin Feng then asked the Immortal Family if there was a teleportation channel directly to Tianwu Continent.

Yuwen Shengtian told Lin Feng that there was indeed a transmission channel to Tianwu Continent, but it had been sealed for many years.

Hearing this, Lin Feng looked happy.

Lin Feng said, “Can this transmission channel be opened?”.

“There is no problem, but it needs to be inspected to see if it can still be used,” Yuwen Shengtian said.

“I’ll do the maintenance.” Lin Feng said.

Yuwen Shengtian also knew that Lin Feng was a thirty-seventh generation heavenly master and was proficient in formations.

So when he heard Lin Feng say this, he nodded, and then sent someone to take Lin Feng to the place where the teleportation array was. Lin Feng carefully inspected the teleportation array. There were no big problems with the teleportation array, only some small ones. Problem, Lin Feng quickly and completely repaired the teleportation array.

After returning, Lin Feng talked to Du Zu and others about setting off to return to Tianwu Continent tomorrow.

Let Du Zu and others be mentally prepared.

The next day, Lin Feng, Poison Ancestor, Xia Donghuang, Cursed Baby, Alonso, and Xu Qiaoen came to the teleportation array.

When they came here, Lin Feng found that the four heroes were all here, which made Lin Feng a little surprised.

Originally thinking that the Four Heroes were here to see them off, Yuwen Huanyue told Lin Feng that they also wanted to follow Lin Feng to visit Tianwu Continent.

The area where Tianwu Continent is located was the most mysterious area in the world of Kyushu.

The nine restricted areas of life are the most mysterious restricted areas of life in all the worlds.

So they want to go to Tianwu Continent and admire the extraordinary features of the nine life restricted areas of Tianwu Continent.


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