Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 6556: Is the Magic Tower related to the Demon Lord? Find the place where the Creator passed down his heritage.


The Holy Lord Realm, as the last great realm of the Holy Realm, is an extremely critical realm.

Theoretically speaking, the peak of the Holy Lord realm can directly impact the transcendent realm.

But basically no one does this.

Mainly because it is too difficult to directly break through to the transcendent realm at the peak of the Holy Lord Realm.

Many people will choose to break through to the quasi-transcendent realm for a period of time. In this realm, it will be relatively easier to continuously accumulate strength and then attack the transcendent realm.

But no matter which way the monk breaks through, the importance of the Holy Lord realm is self-evident.

Lin Feng’s savings are relatively strong, and it is difficult to break through in cultivation.

So it is not easy to find the treasures of heaven and earth that directly improve Lin Feng’s cultivation.

This kind of origin of the universe is exactly what Lin Feng urgently needs. Of course, Lin Feng hopes to continue to find new origins of the universe.

In fact, if we really talk about it, there are many kinds of universe origins. The universe origins that have recently appeared in the cosmic battlefield can be regarded as quite satisfactory.

If it is the most top-level universe origin, the improvement in cultivation will be even more significant.

It’s just that the top origin of the universe is not so easy to find.

There are very few origins of the universe born from the four major universes. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to find the origin of the universe.

The origin of the universe can be found in the cosmic battlefield because this place is a broken world. It is difficult for the origin of the universe to completely hide its aura in the cosmic battlefield.

So he was discovered by some monks and had to escape. During the process of escaping, more monks discovered the origin of the universe.

Lin Feng and others continued to search for the location marked on the map.

At the same time, he is also paying attention to many things happening in the space battlefield.

Not long after, another shocking news came out, saying that two broken magic towers appeared and then swallowed up two groups of magic sources. The two broken magic towers became extremely terrifying.

Someone seemed to recognize the two Broken Demonic Towers, and tried to suppress the two Broken Demonic Towers, but failed, and was instead swallowed by the two Broken Demonic Towers.

In recent times, the two broken magic towers have begun to devour monks crazily. A large number of monks have been swallowed by the two magic towers, and many people are worried about this.

After hearing the news, Lin Feng was very surprised. When he mentioned the magic tower, the first thing that came to his mind was the first magic tower and the second magic tower.

The fall of the ancestor Sky-Swallowing Demon Lord seems to be related to the Demon Tower. The Demon Tower is very mysterious and ancient. It was originally one, but now it is separated. The relationship between the two Demon Towers is also quite special now. They want to swallow The other party, but many times, will join forces again.

As time goes by, the two magic towers become more and more powerful.

Previously, Lin Feng tried to conquer two magic towers, but failed.

And now, could the magic towers appearing in the cosmic battlefield be the first magic tower and the second magic tower?

Soon, Lin Feng confirmed his guess. He saw the two magic towers, which were the first magic tower and the second magic tower.

The two magic towers devoured dozens of monks, and then quickly flew towards Lin Feng and the others.

“What a terrible evil spirit”. Yuwen Huanyue said in surprise.

The demonic energy emanating from the two magic towers is indeed very powerful. Not only is the demonic energy powerful, but there is also an invisible pressure. This invisible pressure can bring great oppression to the monk’s spirit.

Compared with when they were first born, these two magic towers are many times more powerful.

“Hey, look who this is? Isn’t this Lin Feng? Long time no see.” The spirit of the First Demonic Tower said angrily. When the First Demonic Tower was suppressed by the Snow Clan, Lin Feng also helped the Snow Clan to impose a seal. More than two hundred years have passed so quickly.

“Tsk tsk, it’s only been a few years since I last saw you, and your blood energy has become so powerful. It seems that your strength has improved very quickly.” The spirit of the second magic tower also laughed, but his laughter contained a malicious flavor.

When Lin Feng was powerful in the past, the two magic towers naturally did not dare to provoke Lin Feng, but it is different now.


The cultivation of the two magic towers has soared, and they are no longer afraid of Lin Feng.

“You have also become stronger. Didn’t you fight very hard before? Why are you two brothers now?” Lin Feng said.

The spirit of the first magic tower said, “That’s because we have now reached an alliance. We will unite temporarily. After leaving the cosmic battlefield, we will immediately become mortal enemies.”

“Oh!” Lin Feng responded.

The spirit of the second magic tower said, “Lin Feng, we are also old friends. I hope you won’t be stingy if I borrow something from you, right?”

Lin Feng asked, “What to borrow?”.

“Borrow your immortal blood. Give each of us ten drops of immortal blood, and we will no longer trouble you. If you don’t give it, hehe, then we will just take it by force today, you know Yes, we demon monks are not careful or serious. Once we take the immortal blood from you, who knows what will happen?”

The spirit of the second magic tower said hehe.

Lin Feng said, “The material of the magic tower is special. I’m thinking that if we smelt the magic tower into original materials and then recast the magic tower, we should be able to get a brand new magic tower, right?”

“Looking for death”.

The two magic towers shouted angrily, and quickly rushed towards Lin Feng. The two magic towers continued to grow in size, and with a slight shock, it seemed that they could destroy the world.

The strength is shocking.

Lin Feng sneered and punched the two magic towers with two consecutive punches.



The sounds of two violent collisions were heard.

Lin Feng punched the two demon towers and flew them away.

“Damn, he’s so strong!” the spirit of the first magic tower shouted.

“Pervert, you are no match for this guy. Let’s leave quickly. When we become stronger, we will devour him again.” The spirit of the second magic tower also shouted.

After the words fell, the two magic towers fled towards the distance.

“Can you leave?”.

Lin Feng sneered and stepped forward. Endless mana surged out, and the mana condensed into countless runes.

Every rune contains the power of destruction.

The densely packed runes were suppressing the two magic towers.

Many runes are suppressed on the top of the magic tower, and the power of the magic tower is constantly weakening.

“Magic Tower Unity”.

The spirits of the first magic tower and the second magic tower shouted loudly.

The two magic towers quickly merged into one, and an extremely evil aura surged out from the two magic towers.

Then, a vague figure appeared from the two magic towers.

The blurry figure was completely black, with an extremely huge head and two huge horns.

The head is like an ox or a dragon, extremely evil.

“Lord of Demons”.

After seeing the blurry figure, Alonso screamed in horror.

Alonso used to be the number one player in Devil’s Abyss.

So, although he has never seen some of the rumored existences in the Demonic Abyss, he has heard about them to some extent.

For example, the Lord of Demons.

At this stage, the masters of the Demon Abyss are still the Demon Emperors.

So many people think that the Lord of Demons does not exist.

If the Demon Lord really exists, then the Demon Abyss should be in the hands of the Demon Lord, not the Demon Emperor.

But in fact, the Lord of Demons really exists, but it’s just too mysterious.

It is so mysterious that countless creatures in the Demon Abyss think that the Demon Lord is a being in myths and legends.

Alonso once thought so too.

But regardless of whether the Demon Lord really exists, the existence shown by the Demon Tower does look too much like the Demon Lord.

This is a kind of fear and trembling that comes from the soul.

“What does the Lord of Demons look like?”.

Lin Feng muttered a little.

Magic Tower, why does the phantom of the Demon Lord appear?

When the Demon Lord appeared, the countless runes condensed by Lin Feng collapsed.

Then, the Demon Lord stretched out his big hand and slapped everyone.

Devil’s hand destroys the sky.

Extremely terrifying.

Many people looked frightened. The pressure exerted by the Demon Lord made it difficult for everyone to breathe and resist. Everyone felt like an ant.

The difference in strength is not that big.

The main thing is the mental pressure. This kind of pressure is terrible.

“What a powerful attack, the sun and the moon reincarnate, the stars change, the mirror of destiny, who can compete with it?”.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but shouted loudly.

After his voice fell.

A mirror appears.

It is the mirror of destiny that awakens when Lin Feng’s bloodline awakens.

The Mirror of Destiny is an awesome magical power.

This mirror will be able to copy anyone. According to the condensed mirror of destiny monk’s understanding of the mirror of destiny, the copied existence has 60% to 100% of the combat power of the copied monk. Fifty.

The mirror of destiny condensed by Lin Feng shined towards the Demon Lord.

Then, everyone saw a terrifying existence condensed in front of the Mirror of Destiny.

This being is actually a demon lord.

Lin Feng used the Mirror of Destiny to create an identical copy of the Demon Lord.

It’s just that the Demon Lord copied by Lin Feng is not as powerful as the Demon Lord condensed from the Demon Tower.

Even if it is not that powerful, it is still no small matter.

Has almost 70 to 80% of the combat power of the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord condensed in the Mirror of Destiny and the Demon Lord condensed in the Magic Tower collided fiercely.

The attacks from both sides were ultimately annihilated.

Although the Demon Lord condensed in the Mirror of Destiny took a few steps back and was at a disadvantage, it was not easy for the Demon Lord condensed in the Demon Tower to destroy the Demon Lord condensed in the Mirror of Destiny.

“Magic Tower, why can you show the shadow of the Demon Lord? What is your relationship with the Demon Lord?”.

Lin Feng asked in a deep voice.

Because the death of Lin Feng’s ancestor, the Sky-Swallowing Demon Lord, was related to the Demon Tower, Lin Feng wanted to find out something.

Magic Tower sneered and said, “Want to know? We just won’t tell you!”.

Then the magic tower shattered the void and fled.

The Demon Lord was killing the Demon Lord condensed by the Mirror of Destiny.

The two demon lords eventually perished.

But the magic tower has run away.

Lin Feng frowned slightly and thought about something.

Is it possible that the death of the ancestor, the Sky-Swallowing Demon Lord, is related to the Demon Lord?

Maybe it is possible.

Damn it.

When there is a chance in the future, we must kill all the Lord of Curses and the Lord of Demons.


In the next half month, there is still no news about the origin of the universe.

But that day, Lin Feng and the others found a waterfall. This waterfall looked somewhat similar to the waterfall on the map.

Lin Feng tried to use the map to sense the waterfall to see if he could form a special connection with the waterfall.

That’s a pity.

The map has no connection with the waterfall.

“Isn’t it the waterfall marked on the map?”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but frown slightly.

Maybe it’s just similar.

The time is getting late.

Lin Feng and others do not plan to continue looking for the waterfall marked on the map elsewhere.

They plan to rest here for one night and set off again tomorrow.

Late night.

Silver moonlight fell down.

You can clearly hear the sound of falling water from the waterfall in the distance.

Everyone scattered around to rest, while Lin Feng carefully looked at the map in his hand.

At this time, a ray of moonlight fell down and shone directly on the map.

Go on.

The moonlight reflected in other directions.

The direction of the reflection was clearly the waterfall. This scene made Lin Feng extremely surprised.

The moonlight shines into the waterfall, and the waterfall does not undergo any special changes.

Lin Feng frowned slightly, expecting some special changes or reactions to occur, but he remained calm.

Is it just a coincidence?

Lin Feng felt that it would not be that simple.

The reason why many things are connected is because there are many extraordinary things hidden behind them.

Lin Feng tried to gather a large amount of moonlight power, and Lin Feng sprinkled all the moonlight power he had gathered on the palm-sized map.

The map reflects the power of the moonlight towards the waterfall.

Lin Feng discovered that the reason why the map was able to reflect the power of the moonlight was because there was some special change in the map.

Lin Feng felt a special energy flowing in the map, although he did not know what kind of energy that special energy was.

That special energy is gradually integrated into the power of the moonlight falling on the map. The reflected moonlight power and the power of the moonlight falling down have actually undergone some changes.

The rest of the people were also awakened by the movement here, and they all looked towards the waterfall in the distance.

Everyone will see it.

After incorporating the power of these special moonlights, the waterfall gradually changed, and its silver color continued to deepen.

And it was changing towards a silvery white color. This change made the eyes of Lin Feng and others brighter.


The falling waterfall turned completely silvery white.

“Found it”. Lin Feng said in surprise.

The rest of the people also showed joy. After searching for several months, they finally found this place.

It’s really not easy.

This time.

The falling silver-white waterfall suddenly emitted the power to distort time and space.

In the center of the waterfall, a vortex appeared. The vortex was like a space-time black hole that distorted time and space.

No one knows where the whirlpool leads.

Taikoo Longxiang Jue


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