Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 6554: There is no place to be found after wearing iron shoes, and it takes no effort to get it!


Lin Feng heard some of the discussions around him very clearly.

It turns out that Chen Qian actually has such an extraordinary origin.

His background is not particularly amazing. After all, his family has not yet reached the top level.

What is really surprising is that he actually awakened two major divine bloodlines.

There are many masters in the wasteland, and Chen Qian’s ability to rank third among the younger generation in the wasteland is obviously related to his awakening of two kinds of God-given bloodlines.

“What do you call me?” Chen Qian looked at Lin Feng and asked.

He felt that Lin Feng was definitely an extraordinary figure.

Although he does not know Lin Feng, but now that he has the opportunity to make friends with Lin Feng, he naturally does not mind making friends with Lin Feng.

A person like Chen Qian has a very high starting point and his own arrogance, but he knows what kind of people he should show his arrogance in front of and what kind of people he should show his kindness in front of.

One more friend, one more road.

But not everyone is qualified to be a friend of someone like him, but Lin Feng obviously has this qualification.

“Lin Feng”.


Lin Feng reported his name.

Because the monks here are basically monks from the four universes or the wasteland.

Except for the monks from the Kyushu universe, the monks from other universes and the wasteland monks are very unfamiliar with the name Lin Feng.

In fact, even the monks in the Jiuzhou Universe may not know much about Lin Feng. After all, the Jiuzhou Universe is so huge, and Lin Feng’s reputation was mostly established after entering the heaven.

In addition, his reputation in the Chaos Xuanhuang World is not small, but how many monks are there in these two worlds?

The reputation established in the mortal world is nothing at all, and it cannot attract the attention of many top forces.

Therefore, among the monks in Kyushu, only a small number of them are really familiar with the name Lin Feng.

Some monks who had heard about Lin Feng’s reputation showed expressions of surprise.

I didn’t expect that the famous Lin Baitian’s son Lin Feng would also enter the cosmic battlefield.

It was widely rumored that he had killed strong men who had transcended realms. Many monks still scorned this rumor.

But now seeing the strength Lin Feng has shown, many people feel that this rumor may be true.

Chen Qian clasped his fists and said, “When you come to the wasteland in the future, you must remember to go to the Tianleixue family to find me, so that I can fulfill my duty as a landlord!”.

“Definitely”. Lin Feng also crossed his fists.

Chen Qian left quickly without stopping.

Lin Feng and the others also did not stay, and they quickly left this place.

Many people lament that it is so easy for a top powerhouse to make friends. If one reaches this level of strength, he must have friends all over the world.

After leaving that area.

Lin Feng found a hidden place to retreat.

He entered time and space.

Then Lin Feng tried to refine the Zixiao Thunder Law.

But the process was not smooth.

Zixiao Thunder Law struggled extremely hard.

And the Purple Sky Thunder Law produces spirits.

Although the “spirit” of Zixiao Thunder Law has not yet been able to transform into a complete weapon spirit, it already has consciousness after all. Once the spirit gives birth to consciousness, it will be very difficult to refine the things that the spirit controls.

Lin Feng said, “Ling, you must have understood my methods by now. I promise you now that I will not erase your consciousness, but let you merge with my magical power. It can be regarded as a new kind of new life.”

“If you continue to resist, then I will have to erase you. This is not the result I want to see. You must not want to be erased either. I will give you a quarter of an hour to consider this matter.” .

If possible, Lin Feng would not obliterate the spirit of Zixiao’s Thunder Law.

Because once the spirit of Zixiao Thunder Law is wiped out, the power of Zixiao Thunder Law will drop by 30 to 40%, or even 50 to 60%.

It will not be of any benefit to Lin Feng at that time.

But sometimes some things can’t be just what Lin Feng wants.

For example, the matter of erasing the spirit of Zixiao Thunder Law.

If the spirit of Zixiao Thunder Law cooperates with Lin Feng honestly, there will certainly be no problem.

But what if Zixiao’s Thunder Law doesn’t cooperate with Lin Feng?


Lin Feng had no other choice but to kill the spirit of Zixiao’s Thunder Law instantly.

Lin Feng has basically said everything he can say.

So Lin Feng did not say anything else. He was waiting for Zixiao Thunder Law Spirit’s reply.

Lin Feng believes that the spirits of Zixiao Thunder Law are smarter and know how to make decisions.

About half an hour has passed.

The Zixiao Thunder Law’s spiritual voice said, “Okay, I promise you, but you must keep your word and not obliterate my spirit.”

“Of course, I’ve always been one to stick to my words.” Lin Feng said.

The spirit of Zixiao Thunder Law has great doubts about Lin Feng’s words, but it has no choice now.

The Zixiao Thunder Law removed the alert and resistance against Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was finally able to successfully refine the Purple Sky Thunder Law.

Powerful mana continuously pours into the Zixiao Thunder Law.

After integrating Lin Feng’s magic power.

The laws of Zixiao Thunder and Lin Feng’s aura gradually assimilated. When the aura was completely understood, Lin Feng activated his own Epoch Thunder Talisman.

Soon, Lin Feng’s Era Thunder Talisman was activated by him.

When the Epoch Thunder Talisman was fully activated, streams of special energy surged out from the Epoch Thunder Talisman.

That special energy.

Shrouded the law of Zixiao Thunder.

After absorbing that special energy, Zixiao Thunder Law quickly became smaller.

Finally it became as thick as a thumb.

The formation formed by the Era Thunder Talisman quickly absorbs the Purple Sky Thunder Law.

When the formation formed by the Zixiao Thunder Law and the Epoch Talisman were fused together, some wonderful changes suddenly occurred.

At the same time.

Lin Feng discovered.

The magical power of the Epochal Freezing Talisman also started to operate quickly.

Resonating with the Era Thunder Talisman.

A smile suddenly appeared on Lin Feng’s face.

Finally solved the problem of not being able to display both the Epoch Thunder Talisman and the Epoch Freeze Talisman in one battle.

In other words, now Lin Feng can fully activate the two magical powers of the Epochal Freezing Talisman and the Epochal Thunder Talisman during a battle.

After solving this problem, there is one extremely important thing to do next.

This matter is of course the matter of finding the subordinates of the Lord of Time.

Then **** the place they control that is related to the inheritance of the Creator.

Lin Feng and the others continued to set off, trying to see if they could find a group of subordinates of the Lord of Time.

They searched for more than ten days and interviewed many people, but could not get any clues.

Many people don’t even know who the Lord of Time’s subordinates are.

Lin Feng thought that there was no way for them to search aimlessly like this. It was a complete waste of time.

So, Lin Feng has already planned to leave the cosmic battlefield.

But at this moment, something happened that shocked Lin Feng and the others.

A group of monks found Lin Feng and others.

These people surrounded Lin Feng and the others.

One of the leading monks looked at Lin Feng and others coldly and said, “Is the treasure of the Mirror of Time in your hands?”

After hearing what this monk said here, Lin Feng and others were slightly surprised.

The Mirror of Time that this person is talking about should be the mirror controlled by the monk who was killed by Chen Qian before, right?

That mirror is really powerful.

At that time, Chen Qian took away the monk’s storage ring, and Lin Feng took away the mirror.

However, Lin Feng never took a closer look at what was so special about that mirror.

But Lin Feng knew how powerful that mirror was.

Now, the monk’s accomplices are all looking for that mirror. It can be seen that that mirror may be more precious than Lin Feng and others imagined.


These monks will not come here either.

“The mirror of time is in our hands.”

Lin Feng said.

There is no need for him to hide this.

“Kill them”.

The leader of the monks ordered coldly.

“Yes, my lord!”.

There were almost more than 200 monks behind him. These monks answered in unison, and then all these monks moved towards Lin Feng and others to surround them.

These monks are very powerful.

Lin Feng discovered that they acted in an orderly manner.

Although they stood in different directions and positions, these people formed a special connection with each other.

This special connection is very much like a special formation, and also like the art of combined attack. These monks are not simple.

Lin Feng summoned the Book of the Dead.

The undead souls of more than four hundred powerful men flew out one after another.

These undead fought with a group of monks.

After seeing so many powerful undead, Yuwen Huanyue, Yuwen Killing, Yuwen Little Demon, Yuwen Ruochen and others all showed shocked expressions.

It’s really because those undead are so powerful.

There are actually undead souls that transcend realms.

It’s incredible.

How many hidden tricks does this guy have?

The four heroes were all murmuring in their hearts.

As for Yuwen Killing, he even smiled bitterly.

No wonder he was so completely defeated before.

Lin Feng has too many tricks and it is impossible for him to win.

The undead summoned by Lin Feng had a huge advantage in numbers, and were much stronger than the opponents’ masters.

Although those monks mastered methods such as combined attacks and formations, they still faced a one-sided situation when faced with the undead monks who were not afraid of death.

The opponent’s strong men are constantly being killed.


After seeing this scene, the leading monk’s face turned gloomy. He knew that he had underestimated the strength of Lin Feng and others.

It is extremely unrealistic to take down Lin Feng and others now.

We must leave quickly.


The entire army is likely to be annihilated.


The leader of the monks said in a deep voice.

He took the lead and flew into the distance.

The rest of the people also want to escape from here.

“Get the guy”.

Lin Feng said.

Alonso quickly chased the fleeing monk.

It didn’t take long for him to catch up with the fleeing monk, and then blasted away at the monk with a palm.

“Looking for death”.

As the leader of a group of people, this monk was naturally very powerful. Facing Alonso’s attack, he gave a cold shout, then quickly turned around and blasted away at Alonso with one palm.


He collided hard with Alonso.

Alonso was actually blown away by the monk.

However, Alonso was not injured.

“So powerful?”. Lin Feng had a surprised expression on his face.

Be aware.

When Alonso didn’t break through, he had the combat power of the Hedao realm. Now that he has broken through and transcended the realm, he should have the combat power of the Hunyuan realm, right?

But he was still knocked away by the opponent.

It shows how tyrannical that monk is.

But the key is that this person has not broken through or transcended the realm.

How is it possible to have such combat power?


Lin Feng thought of some possibility.

If some super strong people, such as those in the quasi-creator realm or the creator realm, use some powerful secret techniques and arrange some powerful runes in the monks’ bodies, their power can be stored in the runes. If This monk himself is powerful enough.

At that time, with the help of the power of runes, extremely terrifying combat power can be unleashed in a short period of time.

However, this kind of time is not particularly lasting. After all, the power of the runes will continue to weaken.

“Somewhat interesting”.

Alonso laughed ferociously.

He once again killed the leading monk. The leading monk looked gloomy. Alonso was powerful beyond his imagination. He knew what he was in. Although he could suppress Alonso for the time being, he wanted to completely defeat him. Alonso is difficult.

If he is held back by Alonso, the situation will be very bad.

He wanted to leave quickly, but Alonso didn’t give him any chance at all.

Alonso entangled the leading monk and fought with him.

At this time, the Cursed Doll also took action, chanting a curse secretly, hoping to use the curse technique to deal with the leading monk.

Alonso fought with the leading monk for dozens of rounds, and the curse of the cursed doll finally hurt the leading monk.

The leading monk felt as if his head was about to split, and let out a painful scream. He couldn’t help but slap his head hard.

Alonso’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he slapped the leading monk away with his palm. The leading monk’s magic power was dispersed.

As for the other monks, a dozen monks escaped, and the rest were all killed.

The leading monk has disheveled hair and is very embarrassed.

But his eyes were very fierce.

He looked at Lin Feng and others coldly and said, “I am a member of the Lord of Time. Do you know the Lord of Time? A strong man in the quasi-creator realm and an apprentice of the Lord of Curses. If you dare to kill If I say so, the Lord of Time will definitely kill you.”

“What? Are you from the Time Lord?”.

Lin Feng and others couldn’t help but exclaimed.

They searched for so long but couldn’t find these people.

I really didn’t expect the monks to besiege them today.

Turns out to be the Lord of Time.

It’s really hard to find a place without any hard work, it takes no effort at all!


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