Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 1: Young Lin Feng


Night, deep.

In the back mountain of Jialan Academy, an agile figure jumped quickly in the forest.

This is a young man with clear features, looking like fifteen or sixteen years old, he quickly swept towards the top of the mountain.

“After today, the poisonous fire on Yuexi’s body should be able to be removed, and Yuexi will no longer suffer from the pain of poisonous fire.” Thinking of this, Lin Feng’s speed increased by three points.

It didn’t take long before he reached the top of the mountain.

“Brother Feng, you are here”, a sweet voice came out.

A young girl is waiting for Lin Feng.

Although this girl is young, she is very charming.

Lin Feng and Su Yuexi grew up together as childhood sweethearts. They have a deep relationship. They are both geniuses from Qingyun Town. They joined Jialan Academy in the same year to cultivate.

In the Jialan Academy, both of them are well-known geniuses, but a year ago, Su Yuexi almost died because of her practice, poisonous fire attacked her heart, although she saved her life, but every day she To endure the pain of poisonous fire.

Tianwu Continent is the world of warriors. Every warrior has his own spirit. Lin Feng’s spirit is an extremely rare devouring spirit.

This kind of devouring martial spirit allows Lin Feng to absorb the energy of heaven and earth much faster than others. At the same time, devouring martial spirit also gives Lin Feng a “devouring ability”.

So, after Su Yuexi had a problem with her body, she begged Lin Feng to help her **** out the poisonous fire in her body.

The poisonous fire in Su Yuexi’s body is very difficult to clear. Once inhaled, it is difficult for Lin Feng to defuse these poisonous fires. However, seeing Su Yuexi’s pain, Lin Feng is willing to do anything for the woman he likes.

Therefore, every full moon night, Lin Feng would be here to expel the poisonous fire from Su Yuexi’s body.

In the past year, because of absorbing the poisonous fire in Su Yuexi’s body, the poisonous fire in Lin Feng’s body has raged, and his cultivation has also dropped from the sixth level of the warrior to the third level of the warrior.

But for the woman he likes, Lin Feng has no regrets.


“Yue Xi, sit down, today I can **** all the poisonous fire out of your body, and then your body will fully recover.” Lin Feng looked at Su Yuexi tenderly.

“Thank you brother Feng then.” A sweet smile appeared on Su Yuexi’s delicate and pretty face.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and began to run his martial spirit.

A dark vortex appeared in Lin Feng’s dantian.

With Lin Feng’s movement, the vortex flew out of Lin Feng’s body, and then appeared on Lin Feng’s palm.

Lin Feng put his palm on Su Yuexi’s lower abdomen.

The faint power of the moonlight sprinkled down, wrapping Lin Feng and Su Yuexi in silver clothes.

A black flame appeared in Su Yuexi’s body.

The black flame was the poisonous fire that Su Yuexi produced when she got into a demon. At this time, the poisonous fire quickly moved towards Su Yuexi’s dantian.

And Lin Feng began to absorb those black poisonous fires by “devouring martial souls”.

Lin Feng’s whole body is full of blue veins, his face is very pale, and there is a look of pain in his eyes.

The poisonous fire penetrated into the body and burned the body. Lin Feng’s meridians were already injured when he was healing Su Yuexi.

But Lin Feng has been enduring that painful torture. After an hour, the poisonous fire in Su Yuexi’s body was finally absorbed by Lin Feng.

Su Yuexi became brighter, while Lin Feng seemed to have been soaked by the rain, sweating profusely and his face pale.

Lin Feng showed a smile and said, “Yuexi, the poisonous fire in your body has been completely eliminated, rest for a while, and soon, you will become the genius girl of the past again.”

“Thank you.” Su Yuexi nodded slightly, but looked at Lin Feng with a hint of indifference.

Lin Feng said, “What are you polite to me? Yuexi, it’s getting late, let’s go back to the academy now.”

“I still have some things to do, I’m afraid I won’t be able to go back with you”. Su Yuexi said coldly.

“It’s so late, what else is there?”, Lin Feng asked in confusion.

“Haha, naturally with me”. At this moment, a wild laughter suddenly came from the forest.

Then a young man in white came out.

This young man in white looks like seventeen or eighteen years old, handsome and handsome.

Lin Feng knew this person.

This young man in white is called “Bai Yifei”, a genius in the outer court.

“Bai Yifei, why are you here?” Seeing Bai Yifei, Lin Feng frowned slightly.

“Naturally it was Yuexi who called me here, can’t you see that Yuexi actually likes me?”. Bai Yifei looked at Lin Feng with a smug look on his face.

“Impossible, Yuexi, what’s going on? Is Bai Yifei lying?”. Lin Feng’s eyes widened and he looked at Su Yuexi.

Su Yuexi glanced at Lin Feng lightly and said, “Lin Feng, Brother Yifei is right, I like a genius like Brother Yifei, and you, now you have absorbed the poisonous fire in my body, the meridians Damaged, cultivation is almost hopeless. You are no different from a **** now. It is no longer possible between you and me. Now my body has fully recovered. Brother Yifei has prepared Ziyang Pill for me to help me. Quickly break through the cultivation base, with the help of Ziyang Pill, my cultivation base will advance by leaps and bounds, and I will definitely be able to pass the test in the inner courtyard. At that time, the gap between you and me will be even greater. The two of us are no longer from the same world. So, don’t be delusional anymore, the toad wants to eat swan meat.”

Hearing Su Yuexi’s ruthless words, Lin Feng suddenly felt like a bolt from the blue.

He shouted angrily: “Su Yuexi, you actually lied to me. In order to help you heal, I absorbed the fire poison in your body. Now, my meridians are damaged, but you lied to me like this.”

“Boy, that’s what you deserve, don’t pee to take care of yourself, now you have been reduced to a waste, can you be worthy of the moon?”. Bai Yifei gave Lin Feng a disdainful look, then turned to look at Su Yuexi, and said with a smile, “Yuexi, let’s go.”

Su Yuexi was too lazy to look at Lin Feng again, she nodded, and Bai Yifei was about to leave.

“Su Yuexi, you hurt me so badly, don’t leave”. Lin Feng grabbed Su Yuexi.

“Boy, courting death”. A sneer appeared on Bai Yifei’s face, and he turned and slammed towards Lin Feng with a palm.

This Bai Yifei, the cultivation base of the sixth-level martial artist, Lin Feng is only the third-level martial artist, and the gap between the two sides is too large.

Lin Feng didn’t catch that palm at all.

With a bang, Bai Yifei slammed a palm on Lin Feng’s dantian.

Lin Feng was blasted out.

He fell to the ground, convulsing all over.

“My dantian, Bai Yifei, you actually abolished my dantian”. Lin Feng’s eyes were full of horror, and then he looked at Bai Yifei and Su Yuexi with endless hatred.

Su Yuexi frowned and said: “Lin Feng’s dantian has been abolished, it’s a little troublesome now, although he has fallen from a genius to a waste, he is a student of Jialan Academy after all. You know, we’re going to be in big trouble, too.”

Bai Yifei sneered, “Then don’t do it again and again, just kill this kid, you’re done.”

Su Yuexi hesitated for a while, and finally nodded.

Lin Feng let out a miserable laugh. He was in pain and despair as if he had been pierced by thousands of arrows, and the last trace of his goodwill towards Su Yuexi disappeared.

Bai Yifei walked over to Lin Feng, lifted Lin Feng up, and said with a sneer, “Boy, what kind of thing, you dare to grab a woman with this young master? It’s really courting death.” When the words fell, Bai Yifei threw Lin Feng under the cliff not far away.


Lin Feng fell rapidly.


Before landing, Lin Feng’s body was blocked by a big tree, fell to the ground and fainted.


It didn’t take long for the thunder to roll and the dark clouds to cover.

A bolt of lightning fell.

Purple thunder is intertwined, like a purple dragon.


The void is cracked, and in the depths of the cracked void, there is endless darkness, and I don’t know what kind of world is connected.

Suddenly, a pitch-black, thumb-sized bead flew out from the cracked void.

The bead hovered slightly in mid-air, and suddenly flew towards Lin Feng, who was fainted on the ground.


With a flash of light, the mysterious pitch-black bead penetrated into Lin Feng’s body.


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