Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art: 273 Enemies meet on a narrow road


Lin Feng didn’t know what the demonic snake female cultivator was planning. After getting rid of the demonic snake female cultivator, Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast flew all the way towards the City of Light. Soon they Came to the outer area.

Now, although the fog shrouding the City of Light has begun to dissipate, it has not completely dissipated. The City of Light cannot be entered yet. Everyone is waiting for the opening of the City of Light.

Lin Feng could vaguely feel that many terrifying auras were dormant around him, and there were many people whose strength was simply unfathomable.

For a long time, the number of old people here is really not small, and the old people can be regarded as an extremely scary group of people.

Of course, the indigenous creatures are basically demon monks transformed from various ferocious beasts, and their strength cannot be underestimated.

In fact, being able to practice here for a long time, plus not being able to go out, will not face the various temptations of the outside world. In such an environment, it is indeed easy to improve one’s cultivation.

Lin Feng felt some unfriendly glances, which made him raise his eyebrows slightly.

At this time, a group of monks flew over and directly surrounded Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast. These people were none other than Ye Jiuxuan and others from Wentian Pavilion. That is, Lin Feng had just followed Guo Zirui and others into the void. Among the people they met on the island, Ye Jiuxuan seemed to know the information about the secret place on Guo Zirui, so he wanted to kill people and seize the treasure. Later, Yuan Zihua from the Nine Demon Islands in the East China Sea world appeared and shocked Ye Jiuxuan and others. Then he retreated.

Of course, Yuan Zihua is not a good person. Jiuyao Island is ambitious and wants to devour the East China Sea Islands. They want to win over Liuli Island where Guo Zirui is located, so they help.

Some things that many people do are not as simple as they appear.

There are some hidden reasons behind this that may shock people’s jaws.

Seeing the malicious eyes of Ye Jiuxuan and others, Lin Feng suddenly sneered in his heart. He knew what these guys wanted to do without even thinking about it.

The situation here instantly attracted the attention of many monks.

The monks, either openly or secretly, all looked this way.

Some people naturally know this Ye Jiuxuan. People who don’t know Ye Jiuxuan probably recognize an old citizen who appeared next to Ye Jiuxuan. That is an old citizen of Wentian Pavilion. The island is quite famous.

Not many people know Lin Feng.

However, some strong men from the Holy Eye Mountains recognized Lin Feng’s identity through the special soul aura.

They know that Lin Feng is not simple, nor is he easily bullied, but they have no obligation to warn the people in Wentian Pavilion.

Say something a little harsher.

Whether it is Lin Feng or the people from Wentian Pavilion, they are in a competitive relationship with them after entering the City of Light.

If people from these two parties end up losing both sides, that would be the best outcome for them.

There are not a few people who hold this kind of thoughts and intentions.

Of course, although everyone does not know Lin Feng, many people still know the black tiger and leopard beast. He is a native of the Island of Nothingness. Although he is not the top being on the Island of Nothingness, his strength cannot be underestimated. Disdainful.

What just makes everyone confused is that this black tiger and leopard beast is not a good person. It likes to hunt monks and devour their souls.

But now that the black tiger and leopard beast come together with an outsider, it is really puzzling.

I don’t know why this happened.

“Boy! Do you still recognize me?”. Ye Jiuxuan looked at Lin Feng and said.

Lin Feng said lightly, “Of course I recognize you, Ye Jiuxuan from Wentian Pavilion, right? Your Excellency and his people surrounded me. It shouldn’t be as simple as saying hello to me, right?”

“Say hello to you? You want to fart!”.

Ye Jiuxuan immediately curled his lips and was extremely speechless to Lin Feng, wondering if this guy’s brain was broken.

He sneered and said, “Where are the people on Liuli Island?”.

Lin Feng said, “They have left. Their souls have probably returned to their true form now!”.

Ye Jiuxuan had a sneer on his face. Obviously he didn’t believe Lin Feng’s words. After all, this was an island of nothingness, with so many opportunities.

How could they leave not long after they came in?

So Ye Jiuxuan felt that Lin Feng was lying, and he said this because he was unwilling to tell him the whereabouts of Guo Zirui and others.

Ye Jiuxuan sneered and said, “Boy! Originally, I thought that as long as you cooperated with me honestly, I would spare your life, but unfortunately, you did not make such a choice!”.

“Hey, keep your mouth clean!”. The black tiger and leopard beast shouted angrily. As a subordinate who had just taken refuge in Lin Feng, he was very loyal to Lin Feng.

He tried his best to protect Lin Feng.

Seeing that the black tiger and leopard beast was an indigenous creature, Ye Jiuxuan’s voice faltered slightly, but the old man beside Ye Jiuxuan said lightly, “Black tiger and leopard beast! You should shut up!”.

“Ye Tiancan! I have seen you a long time ago, and I will kill you later!”, the black tiger and leopard beast said viciously.

The monk who was called Ye Tiancan by the black tiger and leopard beast laughed loudly and said, “You are a waste. He was not my opponent back then, and he cannot be my opponent now. I advise you not to be too much.” Mind your own business and get out of here as far away as you can, otherwise, this place will just become your burial place!”

It seems that this black tiger and leopard beast has a grudge against the old people of Wentian Pavilion.

I really agree with the saying that enemies will never get together.

Lin Feng asked, “What’s going on?”.

The black tiger and leopard beast said bitterly, “That was many years ago. I discovered a secret place where there was a kind of fairy spirit fluid that was born from heaven and earth and was very beneficial to cultivation. ! With that spiritual liquid, my cultivation level will be greatly improved, but at this moment I was attacked by this Ye Tiancan. This guy’s concealment skills actually managed to hide it from me, and he followed me, waiting for me. When he found an opportunity, he attacked me secretly. I was seriously injured in that battle, and he also took away the fairy spirit liquid that I had gone through so much trouble to find. It took me a long time to fully recuperate my body. Well, not only has my strength not improved, but I have also wasted a lot of time recovering my body, all thanks to him. Now I want to slap him to death with one claw!”

Lin Feng can understand the mood of the black tiger and leopard beast. After all, he suffered too much loss at the hands of Ye Tiancan before.

No matter who suffers such a big loss, he will definitely hate the other party extremely.

At this time, when Ye Jiuxuan saw that the black tiger and leopard beast was just a subordinate of the elders around him, he immediately became more courageous.

He looked at Lin Feng with a condescending look and said, “Boy, I can give you one last chance now. If you want to survive, tell me the whereabouts of those people and contribute half of your soul to Me, let me swallow the promotion, and I can spare your life! How about it?”.



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