Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art: 26 The Gift of the Seventh Prince


It is understandable for the Seventh Prince to be so excited. After all, if the bowl of luck can really help him absorb luck, then his luck will continue to increase. It is extremely important, and its effect is also extremely huge. Anyone who changes it will be extremely excited.

Lin Feng gave the Seventh Prince an affirmative answer, and he said, “As you expected!”.


The Seventh Prince suddenly felt his mind explode, it turned out to be true, it turned out to be true, his dream finally came into reality.

The hand of the Seventh Prince tremblingly took over the bowl of luck.

Then he looked carefully at the two arrays drawn by Lin Feng at the bottom of the bowl of luck. Obviously, these two arrays activated the magic of the bowl of luck.

I have to say that Lin Feng is really amazing.

The Seventh Prince couldn’t help feeling emotional.

Lin Feng said, “It’s not a crime to conceive a jade, but now the bowl of luck can help you, the seventh prince, to collect luck. This matter must never be spread, even to people of the same clan , otherwise, it is likely to bring about some extremely bad results.”

The Seventh Prince is not a fool, so he naturally knows what Lin Feng meant by the extremely bad result. This world is so cruel. Even people of the same clan may persecute you because of certain things. This kind of thing The Seventh Prince has seen too many.

Therefore, confidentiality measures must be taken well.

At that moment, countless thoughts flashed through the Seventh Prince’s mind, such as keeping a low profile, must be wretched.. grow stronger secretly and so on.

The Seventh Prince looked at Lin Feng, clasped his fists and said, “Thank you Brother Lin for your help, if it wasn’t for Brother Lin, I wouldn’t be able to activate the ability of this treasure!”.

“It’s a trivial matter, not worth mentioning!”. Lin Feng waved his hand.

He can’t say that I still have to thank you, otherwise how could I get that magic trick.

At this time, the seventh prince continued, “When I got the bowl of luck in the past, I also got another thing, and I didn’t study that thing thoroughly. Presented to Brother Lin, I hope it can be helpful to Brother Lin!”.

When the voice fell, the Seventh Prince took out the thing he said. Lin Feng took a look and found that the thing was a rock-like thing, which looked like a pendant, with a gray-blue appearance. .

But it’s not actually a pendant.

Since this thing can be put together with the bowl of luck, it is obviously not an ordinary thing, but Lin Feng has not seen what it is for the time being, and this thing has been in the hands of the Seventh Prince for so long. Didn’t you discover the wonder of this thing? It can be seen that if this thing really has some secrets, it is quite deep.

Lin Feng was not polite with the Seventh Prince either.

If this thing falls into his hands, there may be a possibility that some secrets will be unearthed. If it falls into the hands of the Seventh Prince, it may really be dusty. It’s not that Lin Feng looks down on the Seventh Prince, but that The Seventh Prince didn’t pay much attention to this thing, especially now that the Bowl of Luck was activated, and his thoughts were probably put on the Bowl of Luck, so it was normal for this thing to sink.

Lin Feng took a closer look at this thing.

It’s hard for Lin Feng to define this thing, but looking at some of the lines on it, it doesn’t look like it was made by monks, but it looks like it was polished naturally.

[A novel app that has been running stably for many years, comparable to the old version of the book chasing artifact, the source-changing app used by old bookworms,]

Maybe like the bowl of luck, it is something born from heaven and earth.

Worth doing some research.

But now is not the time to study this thing carefully, and it will not be too late for Lin Feng to study this thing when he returns to his residence, so Lin Feng put this thing away.

The seventh prince is also anxious to study his luck bowl now, and he doesn’t have much thought to continue chatting with Lin Feng. Son, we must keep in touch in the future to deepen our relationship!”.

“Good talk!”. Lin Feng stood up and clasped his fists in response, and then left the Seventh Prince’s place.

Duzu is waiting for Lin Feng outside.

Lin Feng followed Du Zu to the residence.

Everyone was here with Lin Feng, but they didn’t ask why the Seventh Prince Lin Feng was looking for him.

Lin Feng said, “Everyone, go back and rest, there may be fierce battles in the future!”.

“Okay, let’s go back first!”. Wild Demon and the others replied.

Before leaving, Taoist Priest Wuliang looked at Lin Feng and Bai Qingcheng who had not yet left with ambiguous eyes, and said, “Don’t make too much noise, you two, it doesn’t matter if it affects us, it affects the flowers and plants. But it’s not good!”.

“Get out!”. Lin Feng said speechlessly.

“I’m leaving too!”. Bai Qingcheng said with a red face.

“Good!”. Lin Feng nodded.

Actually, if it’s okay, Lin Feng might leave the city alone for a while. With such a beautiful woman by his side, and the two of them have established a relationship, they should naturally do something that couples like.

But now Lin Feng is in a hurry to check the item that the Seventh Prince gave him.

That’s why Bai Qingcheng went back first.

After Bai Qingcheng went back and left, Lin Feng closed the door and entered the time and space.


I saw a flash of light.

The treasure immediately appeared in Lin Feng’s hands.

Lin Feng began to sense this thing with his spiritual sense to see if he could find some clues, but after sensing it with his spiritual sense, he found nothing, so Lin Feng used the method of blood sacrifice to refine this thing again. Things, the blood sacrifice still failed.

Lin Feng couldn’t help pondering for a while, the Seventh Prince must have used methods such as divine sense induction and dripping blood sacrifice before, and now he has also used this method. It is extremely normal that he failed, but these traditions If there is no way to sacrifice this kind of thing, then you have to find some other means.

Suddenly, a light flashed in Lin Feng’s mind.

This baby! Maybe you can also use luck to perform sacrifices, just like sensing the bowl of luck before, it has achieved extremely amazing results.

Now, you can try it.

Thinking of this, Lin Feng quickly took action. He used the magical power of the Great Destiny Technique again. It is also mixed with more mysterious and unpredictable luck power.

Under Lin Feng’s control, these forces all flew towards that special thing, and soon surrounded that special thing.

And these forces also began to slowly penetrate into the inside of that special thing.

A quarter of an hour later.

Lin Feng found that there was a slight fluctuation in that special thing.

This made Lin Feng ecstatic. His method seemed to be successful.


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