I Was Born In The Underworld Chapter 1: The return of the King of Slaughter



Where am I…

Where is this, hell? ? ?


I’ve seen real hell.

The **** storm, the mountain of corpses and the sea of ​​blood, the stumped limbs and broken arms, miserable wailing, and endless killings! !

A drunken teenager tried to open his tired eyes.

A strong sense of vomiting filled his body, his consciousness gradually merged with his body, and his perception surged back, which also allowed him to see everything around him.

The lights are dazzling, the music is deafening, and a heady, icy mist sprays from above the stage.

The handsome men and women on the dance floor clung to their bodies in the light and swayed their sweat wantonly. The hormones mixed with the hot breath made the environment gradually become hotter.

The boy had already drunk to the point of unconsciousness, and the pile of vomit under his body exuded a foul smell, but none of the so-called “companions” around him came up to help him, and instead made a sound of sneering and disdain.

“It’s so miserable. Goddess Gu Xuerou has been chasing after her for 4 years. She delivers breakfast to people every day and orders takeout. She’s so infatuated!!”

“Can Goddess Gu Xuerou fall in love with him? She’s overestimated, and he’s worthy of it?”

“Hehehe, what you said is true, what can you do if you are infatuated and can’t afford food, and treat people well? Can it be compared to the big Mercedes of a local tycoon like Yuan Hua, and can be compared to the luxurious villa under his name?? “

ridicule, sneer, ridicule, add insult to injury.

All the so-called classmates and friends around him can think highly of this boy. His so-called infatuation is just dog-licking behavior in the eyes of others.

One of them saw that the young man was already unconscious, and his words became more bitter and mean.

“Yuan Hua’s confession was successful today!”

“In a while, I’m going to have **** with the goddess in this kid’s heart. I don’t know how many new poses I have to unlock. It’s no wonder that this hanger will get drunk, hahahahaha!”

“Have you ever heard of that joke, licking the dog to the end, leaving nothing!!”

From just a few words, one can know what kind of pain this young man has experienced.

For four full years, the entire youth of his college career was dedicated to the goddess in his mind.

But in this era, those high-ranking goddesses do not lack the support of hanging silks, and the cheap feelings and intentions of young people can’t move the hearts of goddesses.

Four years of hard work is not as good as a Mercedes-Benz.

Four years of relationship is not as good as a villa.

When the jokes on the Internet become reality, how many people will know the sadness in them? ? ?

In the center of the dance floor, the man and woman have become the focus of the audience.

Gu Xuerou’s fair skin was covered with drops of sweat, and the crystal clear sweat rolled down like dew on the white and smooth skin. After a hot dance, the delicate skin was even more rosy, Look more sexy.

Her seductive eyes are as charming as silk, and her boneless waist is tightly held by a man’s big hand. She is the rich second-generation local tyrant who has just confessed her success! !

The man’s hand is carrying a famous watch worth more than 500,000 yuan, and his palm has already penetrated into the goddess’ clothing. While wiping off the delicate sweat on his waist, he said in the goddess’ ear with his charming moist breath: ” You are mine tonight, you have to behave well…”

Goddess Gu Xuerou lowered her head shyly, but suddenly felt an electric shock from her **** buttocks.

The full and round elasticity has been captured by the man’s big hand, but she didn’t resist much, instead she blushed pretty, and stuck her whole body on it again.

There were cheers at the scene, this **** rich second generation had already booked the entire venue, just to celebrate chasing the goddess Gu Xuerou! !

All the relatives and friends came to witness it all.

Including that drunk teenager.

His heart was pierced like a knife, and the festering wound was constantly being torn open, and only spirits could anesthetize it.

Cup after cup.

The closer the goddess Gu Xuerou and the local tycoon Yuan Hua get closer, the deeper and harder the sharp blade will pierce.

Seeing the laser light piercing the mist and flashing on the big dishonest hand, watching Yuan Hua caressing the goddess in his heart while showing a smug smile in his direction… The young man felt that his heart A large piece of **** flesh was gouged out one by one.

He did it on purpose!

He deliberately showed off in front of himself! !

That local tyrant Yuan Hua seemed to be saying: “Look, this is the goddess you have been chasing for 4 years. Aren’t you going to act like a spoiled child in my arms, or will you be pressed on the bed by me tonight?”

I hate it.

It’s useless to hate yourself, hate yourself for being a trash dick, and hate how cheap your own feelings are.

Looking at Yuan Hua’s smug face and the dishonest big hands sliding on the goddess, the young man wanted to smash the beer bottle in his hand on the head of this so-called “local tyrant”.

But he failed to do so.

The young man is a useless **** in the eyes of others. He is a kind and kind man, an honest man who lacks courage and is even a little cowardly.

Yes, a nice guy, an honest nice guy, that’s all.

I don’t know how long it took for the boy to get drunk.

Drunk until you are so drunk that everything in front of your eyes becomes blurred, it doesn’t matter if you vomit your own filth, and you drink until you lose consciousness and escape from reality.

There is nothing greater than death.

The teenager’s consciousness could not bear this kind of blow, and his depressed soul was like a dying flame.

However, at this moment, a powerful energy of consciousness began to trace back into his body. At this moment, the youth’s soul and consciousness underwent indescribable changes.

He seems to have entered a mysterious realm! !

A sea of ​​memories poured into the boy’s body. It was a soul that had experienced countless fights.

Bloody, dark, killing.

Betrayal, violence, cruelty.

The consciousness is as hard as iron, but it is cruel and unscrupulous. After experiencing all the pain, torture and betrayal, this soul degenerates into a devil in hell, and even puts the devil in his mouth and chews it into pieces The…butcher! !

Ancient Fan! !

I am the King of Slaughter… Gu Fan! ! !

The young man slowly opened his eyes, the blurred feeling in his brain gradually dissipated, and more and more memories that did not belong to this body emerged crazily.

Being cruel and bloodthirsty, he didn’t know how many monsters he had slaughtered, and he didn’t know how many heads he had beheaded. Every inch of his hands was covered with blood.

The skeletons of the dead can cast a tower under his feet, but no one knows his past for such a terrifying evil spirit.

Ten years later.

In that dark age, people only knew that the demon king named Gu Fan was violent and cruel, evil and dark, and wherever he went, there would be a **** storm.

Those who were brutally murdered by him would never believe that this demon king who made countless people tremble and fear was actually a useless **** who got drunk for love ten years ago! ! !

“I’m still alive~IndoMTL.com~Gu Fan peeled off the filth on his chest, took out his wallet and mobile phone from his pockets, the photo on his ID card was still very immature, but the screen of his mobile phone was impressively showing A date he couldn’t believe.

May 26, 2020.

“I went back to that peaceful era 10 years ago?”

“I went back to before the dark disaster broke out??”

The original immature eyes of Gu Fan’s youth completely changed at this time, revealing a trace of the vicissitudes of life in those eyes.

There is still a strong confidence in the eyes that see through the world of mortals and people’s hearts, but if you can look deeper, you will find a deeper darkness… It’s like a gloomy small room full of people. Evil and bloody! !

Who knows what Gu Fan will experience in the next 10 years? ?

Reached the limit in the killing.

Break through the shackles in a desperate situation.

He rises from the darkness of despair and kills in madness and extremes.

Transcending himself time and time again, he sublimated to the extreme and became a true killing king, becoming what he is now.

What a sarcasm.

I’m such a butcher.

A demon king like me.

I can actually be resurrected and return to my own body 10 years ago. God, is this giving me a chance to start over again? ?

Interesting! !

It’s really very very very… interesting! !

Demon King Gu Fan slowly got up, with a complex and crazy smile on his face.

The smile is three points ferocious, three points manic, three points violent, and there is a trace of cold and ruthless killing intent! !




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