I Cultivate Passively Chapter 664: A genius with a near lifespan


Zhou Feng found a huge city without wasting much time.

This city has no walls, and it looks a little messy, with various buildings in the city.

It is not so much a city as it is just a settlement.

When he stepped into this city, he immediately felt many eyes on him.


Compared to the people here, Zhou Feng looks very out of place.

Because the people living in Yunmengze are affected by the environment, almost everyone is a genius.

In addition to dealing with the crisis of spiritualization, he also has to face the coveting from other monks.

A long time ago, killing was the only theme of Yunmengze.

After all, killing and plundering is the fastest way to improve one’s own strength.

This melody of killing lasted for many years, until those mediocre people disappeared, and Yunmengze gradually became peaceful.

This is because the people who survived are very difficult to kill. Everyone is an old tortoise. I don’t know how many ways to save their lives.

The cost of killing has increased!

It is too dangerous to act rashly, but the reward is too small.

It was also during this period of time that various methods of mutual demise were created.

Of course, ways to preserve life, rebirth, and replace death are constantly being created.

If you look at it from the perspective of God at this time, you will find that the people who are watching Zhou Feng are basically aura mold lakes, wearing various armors.

Hidden true cultivation, various life-saving magic weapons, and talismans to escape at any time, these are all standard equipment.

But Zhou Feng is completely different. Not only does he look very embarrassed, but he basically doesn’t have a magic weapon on him.

The breath is also a little unstable, and the cultivation base can’t hide it.

The most important thing is that a small piece of his right hand has become spiritual.

Spiritualization, this is a mutation in which flesh and blood cannot carry more pure aura.

A small piece of flesh and blood on Zhou Feng’s right hand has turned into white jade.


“A monk from outside?”

“Same as those before, they should have just entered Yunmengze.”


Outsider! This is everyone’s first thought of Zhou Feng.

Then there is coveting!

Yes! Compared with native monks born and raised in Yunmeng Ze, foreign monks like Zhou Feng are the best hunting targets.

Because the foreign monks may not have adapted to the environment here, and there are not many ways to save their lives.

In addition, foreign monks mean a brand-new practice method and a new understanding.

These things can be exchanged for enough rewards from the Enlightenment Stele.

A wave of malice began to pervade.

“Is this being treated as a sheep?”

Zhou Feng frowned slightly.

He was treated like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

What’s worse is that although he can feel the malice, he has no way to carefully distinguish who is malicious to him.

These people seem to have a unique understanding of hiding aura.

Although he felt that he was being targeted, he did not stop.

He wants to find the stele of enlightenment, and then use the stele of enlightenment to perfect his method of transformation, and then re-grow his own physical body.

“Do it directly? Or forget it, there are too many people here to do it.”

“Although this person came from the outside, I don’t know if he has any hole cards. After all, he is able to enter Yunmengze from the outside, and he has some skills.”

“Is this appearance tempting me to make a move?”


Looking at Zhou Feng with a calm face, some people lurking in the dark did not choose to do anything in the end.

If you make a rash move, you may become a bird in the first place.

Compared to a foreign monk, how many people are nearing the end of their lifespan today, that is the real gluttonous feast.

“Let’s go! Those old guys should be holding on soon.”

“Got it.”

“Don’t worry, this feast hasn’t really started yet!”


The malice that had been lingering in Zhou Feng’s heart began to dissipate slowly.

For these monks, there seems to be more important things today.

Zhou Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

This ghostly place is really weird, but his current strength is not the peak, if he fights directly, he may overturn.


Wanbao Firm.

“Old thing! Didn’t you buy the life-extending item? I think you are almost there, hand over the pine tree that never grows old!”

I saw a boy who looked 13 or 14 years old with an extremely arrogant expression.

This person is dressed in white, spotless, and there is a bright red bird standing on his shoulder.

In a place like Yunmengze, there is only one possibility to be so arrogant and domineering.

That is, this person is incomparably monstrous, with all his strength, he is not afraid of any calculations.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect that this old man would have such a day.”

The white-browed old man smiled wryly.

In Yunmengze, because everyone is like a dragon, killing is no longer the main theme.

But this is only for those monks who are physically strong, and those monks who are old and frail are being targeted early.

In Yunmengze, only the strongest and most potential monks are needed.

Simply speaking, you can continue to break through, or you are young enough.

Otherwise, you can only become the nourishment of others.

Lazy? lie flat? This absolutely does not exist.

The old man with white eyebrows is in this situation now, his lifespan is almost gone.

However, he has been unable to break through the fairyland and enter the Yinyang realm.

He couldn’t even block the rotten breath on his body.

And a cultivator who has survived for such a long time is about to die from the exhaustion of his lifespan. This is a gluttonous feast.

Seeing the expression of the white-browed old man with emotion.

Shen Yunmu is not moved at all~IndoMTL.com~It’s almost done! How many times have you used this trick? You were able to forcibly renew your life a few times before, let me see if you can still use the magic of swallowing yuan and killing demons this time! “

Corresponding to Shen Yunmu, a monstrous young man, was the silent crowd around him.

The white-browed old man glanced around, and found that there was no one approaching him except Shen Yunmu.

The few people closest to him were still holding a talisman in their hands, ready to fly away at any time.

Seeing this, the white-browed old man stopped pretending, and the helplessness on his face disappeared immediately, replaced by a hint of ferocity.

“Shen Yunmu…was born with a vision of a bright moon growing on the sea, and also has a magic weapon, the Biyun Mirror body protection, but at the thirteenth, he has already stepped into the fairyland. How many genius boys….”

Facing the malicious compliment from the old man with white eyebrows, Shen Yunmu just smiled lightly.

The rest of the people were also completely unmoved, they just felt the changes in the aura of the old man with white eyebrows.

Seeing this white-browed old man’s complexion turned ugly, he ignored these people and rushed straight to the Enlightenment Stone Monument.

As long as he doesn’t show any flaws, these people will never dare to do anything.

But the time left for him is running out.

He could hardly contain the rotten aura.

Once that breath is exhausted, it’s over.

“I’m not reconciled, I will never lose to Shouyuan, there must be another turning point.”

The white-browed old man looks extremely calm on the surface, but in fact his heart has begun to become distorted.

He was known as the proud son of heaven, but he was blocked by the yin and yang realm.

He was unable to break through to the Yin-Yang realm, and it was still under the condition of being immortal.

Strong self-esteem and arrogance began to crazily bite the mind of the old man with white eyebrows.


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