I Can View Character Attributes Chapter 371: Return to Xinghai Creatures



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“I hope you will let me go if I encounter something that I can’t accept one day.”


Cui Xinghua looked at Xia Xu’s outstretched hand, was silent for a moment, and put forward his final conditions.


“Of course, Dr. Cui, I think I’ve emphasized it many times. We are a regular business, and this is just a normal recruitment process.”


Xia Xu smiled and raised his outstretched right hand: “As long as you abide by the contract, you have the right to submit your resignation at any time.”


“After that, please take care of Mr. Xia.”


Cui Xinghua finally reached out and shook hands with Xia Xu.


After persuading Cui Xinghua, Xia Xu did not delay any longer, he submitted a leave application to the school non-stop, and took him back to the Xinghai Biological Headquarters in Decheng the next day.


As for the follow-up of Modu’s side and Gardner’s, Uncle Luo’s belonging is only in the Nanhu Province branch, and he has no command and jurisdiction over this side, so he can’t learn too much about the situation.


Of course, there are still simple process reports.


On that night, Uncle Luo, the provincial-level special operations team leader, communicated with the Modu side in person. Naturally, the special department in Modu did not dare to neglect, and led a team to raid Gardner overnight.


With the cooperation of the military and police, the special departments have achieved great results. A large number of militants who were too late to evacuate were wiped out, and some researchers were also arrested.


However, there was a time lag during their dispatch, so it was difficult to ensure that there were no early transfers and absconders who were not at the base at the time.


And the underground experimental base of Gardner’s mental hospital was finally detonated and self-destructed.


All kinds of experimental data and criminal evidence were destroyed. Although the official destroyed the base, it was difficult to trace the forces behind the scenes.


Then there are Zhao Ming, Hong Yan, Xu Zhaoxin and other giant experimental subjects who escaped before.


Zhao Ming, Xu Zhaoxin and others have been found and properly placed, including some follow-up treatments. Most of them are failed giant experimental subjects, their physical performance is not outstanding, and they have a lot of complications caused by gigantism. Symptoms and Distortions.


And Hong Yan, who is suspected to be the protagonist of the “Giant” plot, surprised Xia Xu.


I thought that this physical feature and its obvious target should be easy to find when combined with official identity information and intelligence capabilities.


But the fact is that this Hong Yan has never been seen, so a giant two or three meters in size seems to have disappeared out of thin air.


Of course, from a certain perspective, this seems to be in line with an alternative logic.


Hong Yan is the protagonist of the “Giant” plot, and the “Giant” plot starts with escaping from the laboratory, so there will be an absconding plot whether it is omitted or detailed.


In this case, it is reasonable for him to disappear from the plot, and logically he should also have this ability.


It’s just that the special department on the Magic Capital side has already taken over this matter, and Xia Xu has no intention to participate without that position and power, so he has not paid attention to it for the time being.


It stands to reason that he, the reporter of the case, naturally has to cooperate with some investigations, but he conveyed it through Uncle Luo, so it was not too troublesome. Uncle Luo simply did not mention this issue at all.


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【I can view character attributes】【】


At this moment, he has brought Cui Xinghua to the Xinghai Biological Headquarters in Decheng.


Sitting in the elevator of Xinyuan Building all the way down to the hidden laboratory floor, this familiar building structure made Cui Xinghua look a little subtle.


I just came out of such a laboratory the day before yesterday, and I never thought that I would take the initiative to enter it again a day later.


“Here is what I and the special department encircled and suppressed an illegal organization similar to Gardner, and then bought it from the special department.”


Xia Xu saw Cui Xinghua’s subtle expression, and explained casually with a smile.


“What kind of illegal organization?”


Cui Xinghua showed a little curiosity.


“They have researched and created a monster that fuses human and bat genes. Well, to be honest, they and Gardner’s people may both belong to the same force. I will tell you about this later… “


After a brief chat with Cui Xinghua, Xia Xu arrived at Gu Haiming’s laboratory with the nods of the researchers.


The layout of Xinghai Biological’s Xinyuan Building is not much different from the original Xinyuan Medicine. The underground is a pure biological laboratory, currently under the sole responsibility of Gu Haiming, and the ground is used for office and medical research. Feng Wenbin and Jiang Hai and they all have their own project teams.


“Boss, I finally see you again, what I want…”


As soon as Gu Haiming, who was explaining something to the other researchers, saw Xia Xu, he hurriedly greeted him.




Xia Xu hurriedly interrupted and pushed Cui Xinghua forward: “I have already found the chief surgeon you want. Here, if there is anything you need to communicate with the two of you.”


“Really? Hello, hello, dare to ask your surname?”


Hearing this, Gu Haiming became extremely enthusiastic towards Cui Xinghua.


After such a long time, he has been regarded as an old man by Xia Xu’s side. Naturally, he has no doubts about his boss’s vision, not to mention that this is still a candidate chosen by thousands of top doctors after rejecting so many top doctors.


The two simply put the boss Xia Xu aside. At first, Gu Haiming warmly introduced and explained, but soon Cui Xinghua joined in and began to exchange ideas.


The second heart, the K protein, and the mechanical centipede pillars and the super-brain medicine that were distributed to him later, all kinds of mysterious things that he had never heard of completely opened the door to a new world for him.


Gu Haiming’s second heart technology has been researched for a long time, and even Xia Xu’s second heart has been cultivated.


The only thing missing from the second heart technology is a set of surgical plans and specific performers to reconstruct the blood circulation and integrate the second heart into the human circulatory system.


And Cui Xinghua is obviously the best person to carry out all this. The talent of five-star surgery cannot lack theoretical foundation. I believe it will not take long to come up with a transformation plan.


As for the execution of the surgery, with the help of the mechanical centipede ridges to perfectly control his own muscles, his surgical ability has even improved to a higher level. In his words, this is a minor surgery that is simpler than taking a controller.


Seeing that the two had a hot exchange, Xia Xu didn’t stay in the biological laboratory, but went upstairs to see Feng Wenbin, Guo Feilong and others.


Feng Wenbin is still researching the dopamine receptor sensitizer from Carroll Medicine. Due to the short period of time, there has not been any breakthrough progress, so he just had a simple chat~IndoMTL.com~ to catch up with the past .


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【I can view character attributes】【】


“Five Dynasties, Rivers, Mountains, Wind and Moon”


As for Guo Feilong, the head of the security department gave him an amazing answer.


It can only be said that it is worthy of being a top-level elite with four stars in security and weapon fighting. After more than half a month of training, the members of the entire security team have a feeling of being reborn, and the security work of the whole company has also been arranged. well organized.


Moreover, it is said that Guo Feilong has already made a name for himself in some gray areas, the so-called “Dao Shang” in the past two weeks.


In terms of combat experience, Guo Feilong is likely to be a mercenary or something. In addition to security capabilities, he also has four-star combat and three-star hot weapons. His basic strength is astonishing.


There are also mechanical centipede pillars and standard early warning combat suits distributed by Xia Xu. His personal combat power is absolutely crushing under normal circumstances. It can be said that it is second only to Cole, who was on a par with Uncle Luo. Clough, the ordinary werewolf batman can’t make a few moves under his hands.


In the past half a month, those forces that are not dead to the Xinghai creatures have not dared to end easily, but from time to time they have also found some disgusting people.


However, these people were properly dispatched by Guo Feilong alone, causing him to become famous on the gray level around him, and even the security department of Xinghai Creatures also made a name for himself.


It is said that the prestige of the Xinghai Biological Security Department is more practical in some gray areas around it than gangs and the like, especially those who make trouble. When they hear that the target is Xinghai creatures, they must be weighed.


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