Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1947: A financial path worth 80 million


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“I wonder if Brother Lu is interested in a road of wealth worth 80 million Shura Seal?” Ablo lowered his voice, looking sneaky.

“Eighty million!” Lu Ye looked shocked.

His current Shura Seal is not small, but it is only more than 14 million, which is far away from 80 million.

Although he knew that something that would make both Apollo and Gu Sheng care so much was definitely not a small matter, Lu Ye never expected that it would be so big!

If he can really raise 80 million Shura Seal in a short period of time, even if three people share it equally, he will be able to share more than 20 million. Plus what he already has, even if it is not enough to polish the source of the law, maybe he can Not far off.

It’s just this number…

Lu Ye’s heart moved, and he quickly picked up his Shura Token and used it to check the bounty list. When he saw the bounty of the number one bounty, he realized that he had indeed remembered it correctly.

He looked at Ablo and then at Gu Sheng: “Could it be that the money brother Luo mentioned is…” He raised his finger and pointed to the sky as he spoke.

Ablo nodded solemnly and slowly: “Brother Lu is really smart and it’s clear that he is exactly what you think.”

The number one task on the bounty list is to provide any concrete information about the specific location of the Shura field, with a reward of 80 million Shura seals!

Lu Ye saw this mission when he first came to the Bounty Hall. This was undoubtedly a mission issued by a senior Rizhao, and it must represent an extremely large force behind it.

Throughout the ages, countless powerful people have come to Shura Field to look for traces of this starry sky treasure. I am afraid this bounty has been hanging for countless years. No one has completed it so far, which shows how difficult it is.

Lu Ye was suddenly confused: “Do you have any clues about this?”

Ablo turned to look at Gu Sheng: “This kid has it!”

Lu Ye was even more puzzled: “In that case, just accept the reward directly.” After saying that, Lu Ye was surprised: “You two are not tempted by that treasure, are you?”

That is the treasure of the starry sky, how can Yue Yao get her hands on it? In the entire Shura field, countless Rizhao are trying to find him. Even if he is really caught by Yue Yao, his life will be taken in vain.

Gu Sheng shook his head and said: “I am indeed tempted, but that’s all, and…” He seemed unable to explain much, so he could only say: “The reward requires providing practical information in order to get the reward. , so just a few clues are useless. And what we have to do is to dig out this practical information!”

Lu Ye thought about it and asked, “Brother Gu was born in the Huanglong Realm. There should be powerful people from Rizhao in the Shura Field. Why didn’t you inform them of the situation?”

Gu Sheng replied: “Because it is a training scene that only Yueyao can enter, and Rizhao cannot enter!”

Lu Ye understood that, in this case, even if Gu Sheng told those Rizhao about the situation, they would be unable to do anything.

“So what do you need me to do?”

Gu Sheng has already joined forces with Ablo. These two were the first and second in the former Yueyao rankings. With the two of them joining forces, Yueyao should be unbeatable. But now they are trying to pull him together. This is dangerous. ……

“I have experienced that scene alone before, and the previous injuries were caused by it. I will not mention the details for the time being, but only the last one. There is an extremely ancient and powerful Yanjia there. I can’t defeat it alone, even if I add Carrot Head. Probably not!”

Carrot head… Lu Ye glanced at Abloh and immediately saw a look of disgust on his face.

“But if Brother Lu joins forces, we should be able to win with the combined strength of the three of us!”

If Lu Ye hadn’t suddenly emerged, he would have had no choice but to join forces with Abloh to try. However, because Lu Ye appeared in the Shura Field, Gu Sheng saw new possibilities.

The three of them join forces, one is a physical cultivator, one is a Dharma cultivator, and one is a military cultivator with weapons in his hand. No matter how strong Yan Jia is, he cannot be their opponent as long as he is not at the Rizhao level!

As long as Yan is solved, he can explore the final secret. According to the information he obtained, it is definitely related to the Shura Field.

At that time, not only can you complete the tasks on the bounty list and obtain a large number of Shura seals, but you can even report the information to Rizhao in this world.

After listening to Gu Sheng’s story, Lu Ye was silent.

It can be felt that Apollo and Gu Sheng have no ill intentions towards him, so there is no problem in joining forces, but he still has to ask some things.

“The scene that Brother Gu entered can be entered repeatedly?”

Some of the training scenes in Shura Field can only be entered once, and only a few can be entered repeatedly. Lu Ye knew this, so he asked this question.

“It doesn’t count, I can enter twice!” Gu Sheng replied, “And I brought something out from inside. With this object, I can bring up to two companions in together.”

Lu Ye understands that there are limits on the number of times and people who can enter. No wonder Gu Sheng would come to find him. If there were no such restrictions, it would be impossible for him to find outsiders to cooperate with the background of Huanglong Realm.

“Then if it happens, how to divide the Shura Seal?” Lu Ye asked again. Since it is a cooperation, it is natural to discuss all the details in advance, although Lu Ye’s impressions from Apollo and Gu Sheng are still Yes, but in this world, you know people, faces but not hearts, so it’s better to be careful.

“I will keep 50%, and the two of you will share the remaining 50% equally!” Gu Sheng said.

Lu Ye nodded: “It makes sense!”

The training scene was discovered by Gu Sheng. He and Ablo also needed Gu Sheng to take them in together. All they had to do was to join forces to fight against the powerful Yan Jia, so there was no problem in sharing the profits.

Half of 50%, that’s two

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