Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1191: The Road to Shangjing



In Haotian City Square, under the attention of all the people, Lu Ye said: “As for the matters of the upper realm, the younger generation actually doesn’t know too much, I can only talk about some of the things I know so far.


After a little deliberation on his wording, he continued: “The practice of our monks, in summary, should be divided into two steps, one step is inside the boundary, and the other is outside the boundary. There is no need to go into details about the practice in the boundary. If you come here, you will naturally know that what we Kyushu monks have to face now is the practice outside the boundary.”


“But the monk’s practice is not related to the realm of birth


It is closely related, the background of the realm is not enough, the level is not enough, it is impossible for the group of monks to step out of the realm and step into the starry sky. This is not only a kind of restraint, but also the protection of the realm for monks. Impermanence puzzled: “How to say?


It is understandable to restrain him, because so far, no matter how much the monks of the Divine Sea Realm fly, they cannot escape from the world of Kyushu, and they often cannot fly higher when they fly to a limit altitude.


As for protection, I have never felt it before.


“Because the starry sky is filled with countless invisible and extremely dangerous energies. These energies are everywhere and cannot be resisted by the monks of the Divine Sea Realm. It won’t take a moment to die suddenly.”


Everyone’s expressions were terrified when they heard the words, and some monks who had tried to fly out of Kyushu were secretly glad that their attempt was unsuccessful that day, otherwise, if they really rushed out of Kyushu and rushed into the starry sky, wouldn’t it be too early? Just die.


If this is the case, from this point of view, the inability of the Divine Sea Realm to leave the realm is really a kind of protection for the realm. Therefore, if a monk in the Divine Sea Realm wants to go further, he must first obtain the power to connect with the starry sky. In this way, he can freely travel in the starry sky after being promoted to the next level. During this period of time, the world background of Kyushu is improving. The young seniors feel that the bottleneck that has been shackles for many years is beginning to loosen. Maybe some seniors are already trying to break through, but I want to remind you that the breakthrough will not be successful right now, and it is not the best time. The power to connect the starry sky can truly make a breakthrough, and then have the ability to travel the starry sky. “


When even someone asked: “How can I get the power to connect with the stars?”


Lu Yedao: “I don’t know exactly how to get it, but at this time, most of it should be on our boundary. To make a digression, the boundary, like our monks, can grow, but The growth of a monk is through various methods of practice, while the growth of a realm is through absorbing the invisible power that is ubiquitous in the starry sky, so basically, every intact realm is in a state of growth, Of course, devouring the foundations of other realms is also a way, and it grows faster, as is the case in our Kyushu right now. When the accumulation of the foundations of the realms reaches a certain level, there will probably be a secret, and at that time, seniors Naturally, you will know what to do.”


Wanchang who was sitting in front of Lu Ye looked at him leisurely, not sure if Lu Ye really didn’t know, or if he knew but couldn’t say it clearly.


But the answer I got now is clear enough, so I don’t need to get to the bottom of it.


“Let’s talk about the realm above the Divine Sea.” Lu Ye paused for a while, and then said again, “Just now the boy said that the practice of our monks is summed up in two steps. The first step is within the realm, and the second The step is outside the boundary, within the boundary, the four realms of Lingxi, Yunhe, Zhenhu, and Shenhai are the lower four realms, and outside the realm, as far as the younger generation knows, there are three realms, namely Xingxiu, Yueyao, and Rizhao, which are the upper realms. The three realms, in ancient times, these seven realms were collectively referred to as the lower four upper three.”


Everyone listened intently and no one asked how Lu Ye knew the division of realms in ancient times,


As Wuchang said, the secrets of the heavens often give Lu Ye a small lesson. It seems normal for him to know some things that the world does not know? It is also until now that the new door of the road of practice is in front of the monks of Kyushu. Slowly opened, it makes people’s heart beat and blood boil.


“A monk’s practice is ultimately based on himself. The practice of the lower four realms lies in the development of the monk’s spirit and spirit. It is still the same in the upper three realms. The three realms of the upper three realms correspond to the human spirit. Qi and spirit, like the starry sky, correspond to the human essence, and the essence of essence is qi and blood, strong qi and blood, and strong physique. Eligible to communicate in the starry sky. It is said, um, it is just said that even if the monks in the star realm lack arms and short legs, they can grow them again.”


As soon as he said that, the audience was in an uproar.


The fact of rebirth from a broken limb is too vague, at least the current monks in the Shenhai realm absolutely do not have this ability, and the Kyushu realm does not have such powerful treasures.


When a monk fights with others, he is often hesitant to cause any irreversible damage to himself, but if he can regenerate his limbs, he can ignore many constraints, and the fight will inevitably be more dangerous.


This news is really exciting and fascinating, especially for the monks who have suffered defects in the battle, they can’t help but feel longing. If they can be promoted to the star realm, wouldn’t they be able to make up for their own defects?


Yueji’s leisurely voice floated from a certain direction: “As you said, the Xingxiu state corresponds to the human essence, then the Yueyao state corresponds to the human spirit, and the sunshine state corresponds to the human spirit.” ?”


“Exactly! If the lower four realms are the opening up of the monk’s spirit, then the upper three realms are the expansion and extension of the spirit and spirit. A monk’s practice is to cultivate himself to the extreme after all.


Everyone nodded silently, which is also in line with the purpose of monks’ practice, which is to put people first, so in the major streams


Among the schools, schools such as Beast Control and Yanshi are doomed to fail to flourish because they pay too much attention to external forces. The whole faction.


“Then in the Star Realm, isn’t everyone a physical cultivator?” Someone asked again.


If according to what Lu Ye said, the star realm is the expansion and extension of the human essence, then what is the meaning of the existence of other factions?


“Of course it won’t be so simple, but what is the mystery in it, what kind of impact the major factions will have on their own ideas in the process of ascending to the realm, this is not what the younger generation can know, wait for the seniors to go up After the environment, you will naturally understand. However, there is one thing that the juniors know. Don’t lie to me if you have less physical training!”


“Of course I won’t lie to the city lord about this kind of thing.”


History seems to be repeating itself.


The celebration banquet after the insect disaster last time ended without a problem with the important news thrown by Lu Ye, and this time there is such a trend again.


The difference is that the last celebration banquet turned into a pre-war mobilization in Kyushu in the end, but this time it looks like a ceremony.


A puja with Lu Ye as the main focus.


The people present at the Divine Sea Realm, regardless of their seniority, strength of cultivation, or where they came from, had all kinds of questions about matters related to the Upper Realm. In the next period of time, people kept asking.


Lu Ye can only answer as much as he can. Although he knew many things that ordinary people don’t know when chatting with Xiao Jiu, his knowledge is limited, and there are many things he can’t answer.


But no one thinks that there is something wrong, the celebration banquet or something, just die without a problem, right Xiu


For scholars, nothing is more important than the upper realm.


Now that the foundation of Kyushu is increasing, the cultivation of the Divine Sea Realm will become easier and easier. Who doesn’t desire to make further progress.


It wasn’t until half a day later that there was nothing to ask, and everyone in the Divine Sea Realm let Lu Ye go, probably because they could see that everything Lu Ye knew had been wiped out.


Lu Ye finally got some leisure, but the Shenhai Realm people were not idle, they were still discussing many possibilities in the future in small groups.


Everyone is particularly keen on how monks can obtain the power to connect with the starry sky, because Lu Ye did not give a clear answer to this matter.


The celebration banquet lasted for three days and three nights, and the curtain came to an end amidst excitement and anticipation.


Many monks scattered away, and Lu Ye returned to the main sect of the Jade Blood Sect with the head teacher, accompanied by Wuchang.


Lu Ye was speechless: “Senior, you can’t bear it


Yi Cai returned to Kyushu, instead of visiting his old friends, what would he do with the younger generation?”


Impermanence smiled and said: “I am so old, how can I have any old friends? It’s just those old guys in Jade Blood Holy Land. The old man is a casual cultivator. Why don’t you take a look at the Jade Blood Sect? You are not welcome?


“Welcome, welcome, how can you not welcome?”


Lu Ye probably knew what he was thinking. He felt that he might be able to know more information by following him. As he said, in Kyushu, he was home wherever he went. There were no relatives and friends to visit. Wandering around, it is better to follow Lu Ye.


So Jade Blood Sect has an extra guest.


It is a good thing for the Jade Blood Sect, because it can arrange many disciples who intend to follow the path of ghost cultivation to practice impermanence.


There has always been one embarrassing place in the practice of Jade Blood Sect disciples, that is, there is no teaching


This is not like other major sects. When disciples get started, there are often teachers from various factions to guide and teach them. However, although the Jade Blood Sect has developed well in the past few years, it has never had a suitable teacher.


This is also a common disadvantage of many developing sects. It does not mean that self-cultivation is impossible, but it is always more convenient to have someone teach you on the road of practice.






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