House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 916: Yang Yi’s explanation (3/4)



Actually, Yang Yi had already considered Xixi’s feelings, and even, in order not to make Xixi suspicious, he didn’t say anything about it yesterday. But he didn’t expect that his daughter was extraordinary and her IQ was too high, and she linked the two things together at once.


Seeing the little guy’s aggrieved appearance, Yang Yi hurried over and hugged her in his arms to comfort her.


“Woo, I don’t like Teacher Li anymore.” Xixi hugged her father’s neck with one hand and wiped her tears with the other, saying aggrieved.


I was so kind and invited Teacher Li to come play at home, how could she sue? The students who complained are not welcome in the class!


Yang Yi quickly coaxed: “How could it be? When did Mr. Li file a complaint? Mr. Li came over and praised you with Dad! Dad, for example, remember your third unit test? , went to ask Mr. Li a question, and also took the initiative to say that he wanted to help Mr. Li take the test paper back…”


It’s not that Yang Yi is fooling Xixi. Xixi hasn’t told Yang Yi about this before – maybe she forgot, or maybe she thinks it’s very sparse and usually doesn’t say it. This was really what Li Ruolan told Yang Yi and Murphy yesterday.


Although Xixi felt that Teacher Li was bad just now, she was still willing to believe in beauty. After hearing what her father said, the little girl didn’t know when she stopped crying, she just rubbed her eyes and sobbed and said: ” Because, because the teacher still has a lot of homework, I can’t get it, so I have to help her…”


Xixi’s memory is still very good. Teacher Li corrects the homework during the invigilation test. She can’t take the homework back, but she remembers it clearly. However, the little girl has not completely calmed down, and the last sentence is still a little resentful.


Yang Yi smiled and said, “That’s right! Think about it, why did Teacher Li visit Xiner’s house but didn’t come to our house? It must be because you did well in school and the teacher likes you! Besides, Don’t you rank first in the class? How can there be a reason for the teacher to visit the home of the first classmate?”


Dad’s compliment made Xixi a little happy, but the little girl hadn’t completely let go. She pouted and said to her father: “But the teacher still came to our house.”


Yang Yi smiled and rubbed Xixi’s little head, and said, “I just said that you invited the teacher to come to play at home! No, the teacher is still here, and she praised you. By the way, there are also One thing, Mr. Li also said, in music class, didn’t the teacher ask you to sing with your classmates? Later, the music teacher praised you for your good singing, told Mr. Li, and then Mr. Li told Dad! “


Li Ruolan really praised Xixi a lot, and Yang Yi can give a lot of examples, trying to create the illusion that Teacher Li only praised Xixi, and to eliminate the bad impression that Xixi had just created.


At this moment, Xixi finally believes that Teacher Li is here to praise her. The little girl remembered the misunderstanding of Teacher Li just now, and suddenly felt a little embarrassed. She saw that she was holding her father’s neck with both hands and covering her face. When he reached his father’s arms, he was embarrassed to raise his head.


“Are you still angry with Teacher Li?” Yang Yi smiled and reached out and scratched Xixi’s little face.


“I’m not angry, I’ll ask Teacher Li to come play at home next time!” Xixi felt that her father was exposing her own shortcomings, so she twisted in her father’s arms and said with a small mouth, “But, but Why won’t Baba not let me watch TV?”


“Where are you not allowed to watch TV?” Yang Yi said quickly, “Look, if you do your homework before dinner seriously every day, you can get a gold coin as a reward, and a gold coin can be applied for your parents. Watch TV for an hour. Is this different from usual? Don’t you usually have to do your homework before eating, and then when we come back from a walk, you can watch cartoons, from 7:30 to 8:30, and then you have to take a shower… “


“Then Baba told me a story, then read a book together, and then went to bed.” Xixi snapped her little finger and took it by herself.


The little girl’s pink and tender face still has tears hanging on it, and the pear blossoms are raining, which makes people look pitiful. But she doesn’t feel wronged now, she just feels puzzled.


“Yeah, at 7:30, until 8:30, do you watch TV for an hour? If you don’t finish your homework, you’ll have to do your homework and stop watching TV when you come back from a walk. Isn’t it the same?” Yang Yi wiped Xixi’s tears and explained.


“Then, why do you want to change it?” Xixi was really smart, and still pointed out the key issues.


“Then look down!” Yang Yi smiled, pointed at the whiteboard, and said to Xixi, “Look, there are other ways to earn gold coins below, for example, you help Dad sweep the floor , you can get a gold coin by cleaning the first floor, or you can get a gold coin if you help your father dry clothes, and you can also get a gold coin after drying a bucket of clothes. If you help your father and mother take care of your younger brother, according to the time, two You can get one gold coin every hour, just like last time, you can get four to six gold coins for helping your parents take care of your brother in the morning and afternoon!”


Xixi’s eyes lit up, and her interest came up: “Then, can I watch a lot of TV?”


“Of course not. Watching too much TV is not good for your eyes.” Yang Yi didn’t give a **** this time, and said without waiting for Xixi to worry, “But gold coins have other uses! For example, you can spend three Gold coins, tell Dad, which doll I want, buy it for me, Dad! Very good, with these three gold coins, Dad will buy it for you immediately without saying a word!”


This is great!


Suddenly poked Xixi’s itch, she clenched her fists excitedly and asked her father, “Really? Can I really buy dolls?”


Yang Yi smiled and said: “Yes, not only can you buy dolls, you can also do other things with these gold coins, for example, if you want to go to the playground, ten gold coins are the exchange coupons for going to the playground! For another example, when we go out on vacation, you can spend fifty gold coins and tell Dad where you want to go, and Dad will get ready and take you to play!”


Xixi’s eyes became sparkling with She twisted restlessly in her father’s arms again: “Well, then I can buy many, many dolls and go to many, many playgrounds Play, you can also go to Lu Weisha’s house to play!”


At this moment, the little girl’s head is full of dolls. Just imagining it makes her so happy that she is about to faint.


“It’s okay, as long as you study hard, or on weekends, be diligent and help your father and mother with housework within your ability, you can make your request with your father, because it is your hard work and labor in exchange for Reward!” Yang Yi laughed, “This is a little advice from Teacher Li to Dad, to reward your efforts, use visible ways to stimulate your enthusiasm, and become more liked by teachers, parents and mothers. Children!”


Xixi’s mind is not on this at the moment. The little girl is in high spirits. She pulls her father’s clothes and lets him listen to her words: “Baba, can I have more gold coins? I got a perfect score in the exam, Is there a reward too? I want to buy a lot of dolls!”


Only this amount of gold coins is not enough. The little girl feels that she needs more gold coins to realize her “dream”.


Listening to her, the corners of Yang Yi’s mouth twitched slightly.


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