House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 742: The Contrast of Showing Love (Three/Three)



Some people are happy and some are sad. Li Manman routinely went to southern Hunan today to record “High Energy Challenge”, but she was surrounded by reporters at the airport exit as soon as she got off the plane.


“Li Manman, Dou Zun was exposed in a nightclub kissing a certain woman, what do you think?”


“Is it true that the relationship between you and Dou Zun has broken down on the Internet? Is it true that the marriage exists in name only?”


“Zhuo Zai 818 once again summed up the real hammer that you and Dou Zun have emotional problems. For example, you rarely hold hands in the photos in the same frame. How do you plan to respond to Zhuo Zai?”


Reporters blocked Li Manman, and questions came one after another.


Li Manman took Hei Chao without a trace of expression, and was escorted by her agent Yi Qi and several airport security guards, and got into the nanny car. Of course, in order to appear friendly, Yi Qi stayed and answered a few questions in place of Li Manman.


“We have responded to this news on Weibo. The rumors that Dou Zun and Manman had relationship problems are not true. He went to the nightclub just for normal entertainment. The so-called kiss photos are just a misunderstanding caused by the shooting angle. .” Yi Qi said.


“Is Li Manman very angry after seeing the photo? Did she and Dou Zun quarrel again?” the reporter asked.


“A husband and wife need mutual trust to go a long way. Manman understands Dou Zun as a person and is willing to trust him, so their relationship has always been very good. Thank you for your concern!” Yi Qi maintained a formulaic attitude. He smiled, nodded to the reporters, and then got into the nanny car and left.


“It’s so annoying!” After the car left, Li Manman stomped her feet angrily, and the aloofness she had just maintained was gone, “That fool Dou Zun, I told him to pay attention to his personal image after marriage. Going out to play and being photographed!”


“Okay, Manman, don’t be angry, isn’t he that virtuous? The company also told him, just be careful in the future.” Yi Qi comforted.


“The most annoying thing is this Zhuo boy. Why is he targeting me every day? Being a paparazzi, it won’t help to put money in?” Li Manman was annoyed.


“What this person wants is fame, you see him appearing frequently in front of the stage, I’m afraid he is very ambitious as a paparazzi!” Yi Qi snorted, “He probably wants to use you to start a brush first, stand up Typical, so as to increase their popularity.”


Yi Qi inadvertently revealed the secret, but knowing Lu Yue’s purpose is useless, she said helplessly: “But the company has checked, this person relies on a new Internet media platform like Weibo, and he doesn’t know there is Which gold owner is supporting him, so his behavior is different from other paparazzi, and he would rather break the news than pay, and the company has no way to take him.”



“Good afternoon, Sister Manman!” Li Manman arrived at the filming location produced by Xing Yao, and many people greeted her along the way.


Li Manman was in a bad mood today, but as a star, she squeezed out a smile and nodded reluctantly.


But by the time she got to the lounge, some of the staff started gossiping.


“Do you really have to break the news with Zhuo Zai, Li Manman and Dou Zun are just husband and wife on paper? Li Manman recorded the show, but did not watch Dou Zun come to visit the class.”


“It’s possible! I think Zhuo Tsai’s revelations are more real!”


“But they often show their affection on Weibo! Li Manman also posted meals for Dou Zun.”


“Their show of affection is very fake. They always give people a feeling of showing affection for the sake of showing affection. You see, Yang Yi and Murphy are different! They don’t show much affection on Weibo, at most they share Some children’s daily fun, but they are often photographed together by the media!”


“Hey, have you watched the morning news? Yang Yi and Murphy were photographed by passers-by playing in Australia. Yang Yi sang an English song to Murphy. This video is still popular abroad.”


“They went to play again! You said that Murphy is not in a hurry to come back, so why do you play more shows every day?”


“I’m married to a good husband! If I had a man like Yang Yi, a versatile, considerate and gentle husband, I would be willing to die!”


“Think beautifully!”


The topic changed a bit, but listening to them chatting, an ordinary screenwriter in the planning department suddenly asked, “What did you say Yang Yi and Murphy went to Australia for?”


“Oh, you will search the news later, you will definitely see that they should go to Australia for a holiday during the Qingming Festival. During the tour…” The gossip companion was excitedly telling her about Yang Yi to Murphy Singing thing.


But the screenwriter’s eyes were dazed and he wasn’t listening.


Yang Yi is the program designer of “Extreme Challenge”, and a few days ago, Luo Jinting asked people from their planning department to study the “Extreme Challenge” program more, hoping to bring out the old and bring forth new ideas!


Everyone has been thinking about it for a long time and can’t get out of the framework of “Extreme Challenge”.


But now, a few key words suddenly formed a line in this little screenwriter’s mind: “travel, challenge, star…”


It seems like a new show idea is on the horizon, but she still needs time to think it through.



Yang Yi and the others returned to Jiangcheng in the afternoon. In the evening, Lan Xin, who had returned from kindergarten, came to visit.


“Uncle Yang, is Xixi at home?” The little girl was still very polite and greeted Yang Yi sweetly at the gate of the yard.


“Yes! We just came back from Australia and bought some delicious food. We’ll bring you home later.” Yang Yi was watering the flowers in the garden, and he opened the courtyard door while smiling. .


“Really? Is there something delicious?” After hearing Yang Yi’s words, Lan Xin suddenly got up and said excitedly.


“Xin’er!” Xixi, who was playing on the balcony on the second floor, heard Lan Xin’s voice. She looked down at the railing and shouted happily.


“Xi Xi!” Lan Xin raised her head and shouted happily, “Xi Xi, you didn’t even go to kindergarten today! Qiqi and I miss you very much!”


“Hee hee, I miss you too.” Xixi responded happily on it.


“Lu Weisha didn’t come to kindergarten either!” Lan Xin said, “Neither you nor Lu Weisha came.”


“Why didn’t Lu Weisha come?”


“I don’t know.” Lan Xin shook her head in confusion. The two little girls never thought that it would be so difficult to speak up and down, so they started chatting so loudly.


After a while, Lan Xin remembered that Uncle Yang wanted to bring her snacks, and she couldn’t wait to run to the living room.


There are still quite a lot of snacks bought from Australia, because when the time comes, I will bring some snacks to Xixi to share with the children in the Now Lan Xin is the first to get the month, she can’t wait to tear open a bag The jerky, the long jerky, was full of saliva by her bite. Seeing her smacking her lips, she felt very tasty.


“Xin Er, I sent you a letter! I sent letters to you, Lu Weisha, Qiqi, Chen Shiyun, and Zhaoyu!” Xixi came downstairs and couldn’t wait to tell her friends.


In front of the food, everything is a cloud, Lan Xin nibbled another piece and chewed it in her mouth before slowly saying, “I didn’t see your letter!”


“I sent it yesterday, but I said it would take many days to send it.” Xixi counted with her little fingers for a while before giggling, “Oh, I don’t know when it will arrive!”


“Xixi, is it fun for you and your parents to go to Australia to play?” Lan Xin asked curiously.


“It’s fun!” Xixi happily introduced it to her friends, “Baba and Mama have seen a lot of fun things, there are big and big giraffes, but I said we can’t buy them back…”


Xixi was talking excitedly, while Lan Xin was eating excitedly, only occasionally raising her head to look at Xixi. Listen to the story? It was just a spice to her.


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