House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 692: Cow and somersault (three/four)



Gusu and Jiangcheng are next to each other, and it only takes two or three hours to drive, so Yang Yi doesn’t need to ask Xixi for leave in advance, and rushes over early on Friday during the day.


Yang Huan followed the people from the show team first. She is still a newcomer in the entertainment industry and can’t pose in front of seniors. Even if the two episodes of the show are recorded, the six people have become very good friends.


At about 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Yang Yi drove an RV near Chuntian Kindergarten. When it was time for school, he got off to pick up Xixi.


“Yang Xi’s father is here!” Teacher Mu greeted and asked Yang Yi to come to the class.


Starting this year, Springfield Kindergarten’s protection of children has been upgraded. In the past, parents were crowded in the yard and waited for their children to come down from the upstairs. Now parents have to be led in one by one by the head teacher and let them pick up their children. , There are also two teachers in the classroom to appease the restless children.


Although it is a bit cumbersome, it has to be said that it is safer and more orderly, preventing some bad people from getting in and taking the child away in the chaos.


“Baba!” Xixi found out that her father was the first to come in today. She was so happy that she immediately jumped up from her position and threw herself into her father’s arms.


Yang Yi smiled and picked up the little girl, kissed her cool little face, and said, “Are you ready? We’re going on a trip!”


“Hee hee! Hee hee!” The little girl was so happy that only laughter remained.


At this moment, Xixi’s little friends couldn’t hold back, and Chen Shiyun stood up and said, “Uncle Yang Yi, Xixi said you were going to drive a big car to travel, right?”


Yang Luoqi also stood up, pulled Yang Yi’s clothes, and whispered, “Xixi said, it’s as big as a house.”


Nan Zhaoyu and Lu Weisha looked at Yang Yi, their eyes full of curiosity, Lan Xin was also a little curious, but she may be more involved in the fun, and her family also has a large RV, which is much more luxurious than Yang Yi’s .


Looking at these curious eyes, Yang Yi pondered for a while, then smiled: “Are you coming to visit?”


After a while, Yang Yi took these little guys and their father and mother to the RV to visit. Murphy, who was taking care of the children in the car, was a little caught off guard when he saw this mighty battle.


“So beautiful!” Nan Zhaoyu exclaimed.


“It’s not so pretty, it’s super pretty!” Xixi proudly led her friends to visit.


In addition to visiting the bedroom with a double bed, she took Dad’s hand and asked him to show you how to push a button to automatically make a bed from two sofas in the dining/living room.


This magical scene caused the little guys to exclaim.


Fortunately, if it wasn’t for the parents, who laughed bitterly like Murphy, they finally persuaded the little ones to leave, they might still want to stay and travel with Xixi!


After sending off the little guests who came to visit, Yang Yi can finally drive the RV and set off with his family!


“Let’s go to dinner first, or do we drive first and then eat in Suzhou?” Yang Yi asked.


“Drive first, drive first!” Xixi is very excited when she sits in the RV. She doesn’t need to stay in the child safety seat and can run freely. This RV is really fun!


Murphy also smiled: “I’m not hungry yet, let’s go to Suzhou City to see what delicious restaurants there are! Since we are traveling, we must experience something different.”


“Okay! Distinguished madams and ladies, as you wish!” Yang Yi shouted humorously and drove towards the expressway.


Yang Yi was concentrating on driving. After all, it was a monster similar to a truck, and Murphy didn’t dare to disturb Yang Yi. She took Xixi and Xiaojiao to play on the big bed in the bedroom.


The performance of the RV is very good, even when driving, the bumps are not obvious, so Murphy also rested Xiaojiao on the bed in a prone position.


The little guy likes this too, because he can learn to prop himself up, turn his little head, and have a better view!


What’s more, there is also an older sister who likes to imitate his appearance, lying on her stomach and looking at him.


“Hee hee! My brother looks at my sister!” Xixi moved with her two elbows and moved closer to Xiao Jiao. Under Xiao Jiao’s curious gaze, she leaned over and bumped her head against Xiao Jiao. Not too hard, they pressed their foreheads together, and the sister and brother looked at each other with big eyes.


Xiao Jiao probably thought this was very funny, he laughed “ho-ho”, his eyes were crooked, and two small dimples appeared on the corners of his mouth.


“Hee hee, brother is so fun!” Seeing that she had amused her brother, Xixi laughed happily, and kissed Xiao Jiao on the forehead with great interest.


Xiao Jiao’s strength is not strong enough, and he will lie down and rest for a while, but the little guy is still a little unsatisfied, and stretches out his little hand to his sister.


“Yeah, ah!” The little guy made a milky cry.


“It’s my sister!” Xixi giggled.


Yang Yi and Murphy often teach Jiaojiao about father and mother. Of course, it will be several months before Xiaojiao will call him father and mother, but being a parent, even if you know that your child can’t learn it now Can talk, but who doesn’t like to repeat it over and over again?


Xixi also followed her parents and taught Xiaojiao how to call her sister.


After a while, Xiao Jiao stood up again. Maybe he inherited the excellent genes of the old Yang family. The little guy is very energetic.


It’s just that my sister won’t play bullfights with him this time!


“Brother, look at my sister!” Xixi crawled to the end of the bed with great interest.


Xiao 曈曈 is very interested in his sister now, so his eyes are chasing after him.


“Xixi, what are you doing?” Murphy looked after the two children and asked when she saw her daughter’s movements.


“I want to show my brother some somersaults!” Xixi has already bent her head, her long hair was like an ink bottle overturned, and a black “little lake” like satin was spilled on the bed .


“Then go a little to the right and don’t kick the scorpion.” Seeing this, Murphy quickly stretched out his hand to protect the little scorpion and said.


Fortunately, the bed is still very big. Xixi turned somersaults under the watchful eyes of her brother, and got up with her hair messy. The little girl couldn’t wait to look at her Xiao Jiajia was just curious. Looking at it, there was no response.


Murphy held the little guy in his arms so that he could watch it in a comfortable position, and imitated the child’s tone, saying, “Sister, can you do it again, brother, I haven’t seen it yet!”


Xixi looked at her mother and smiled happily: “Mama is not a brother!”


Of course, she continued to roll with enthusiasm, performing for her brother.


Xiao Jiahao also smiled for some reason, waving her little hand, as if she wanted to play with her sister.


Unfortunately, he is still too young!


Among the laughter and laughter, the RV drove into the beautiful Gusu City, which also has many beautiful gardens in this world. However, it was already night, and Yang Yi couldn’t care to browse the radiance after nightfall In the historic city, he had to take his family to dinner and settle down in the hotel early.


Xi Xi has already shouted that she is hungry!


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