House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 672: The theme song of “Extreme Challenge” (3/4)



At the time, her feet were only a centimeter from my throat…


Guo Ziyi was stunned, thinking that Yang Huan was going to put him on the ground just like when they first met.


Of course, with only one centimeter left, Yang Huan didn’t have such a good time. With this kick, she slowed down when she was far away from Guo Ziyi, and finally stopped firmly on Guo Ziyi’s shoulder. However, this lingering foot wind still swept the hair on Guo Ziyi’s erected hair.


“Oh!” Shan Hongkui and Xie Yuchen couldn’t help exclaiming.


Ju Jie also stared at Yang Huan’s sturdy figure and long thighs. Although this heroic Yang Huan has a unique charm, Ju Jie’s mind is only a fluke at the moment.


Fortunately, I didn’t provoke Yang Huan…


Before, he was just in awe of Yang Yi, and didn’t want to tease people because of Yang Huan’s tall and beautiful appearance, but now seeing Yang Huan’s heroic appearance, he couldn’t even think about it.


Rose is beautiful, but it has thorns!


Xie Yuchen waited for Yang Huan’s blushing to withdraw his legs, and then he clapped his hands and praised: “Amazing, awesome, big girl, you can beat our three old bones by yourself!”


“Don’t, don’t get involved with me, who are you old?” Shan Hongkui laughed.


“Teacher Xie, of course you won’t use these skills when recording the show.” Yang Huan said a little embarrassedly.


“No, I still have to show it occasionally, Yang Huan, the audience’s impression of you is relatively weak. If you want to play well in the show, you must determine your own position!” Yuan Yan said sharply, “The more you appear to be different from other women, dare to challenge us male hosts, dare to fight for victory with all your strength, so that you will leave a deep impression on the audience.”


Yang Huan was stunned for a moment. She understood and said gratefully, “Thank you, Teacher Yuan, for your guidance.”



After the gathering, everyone discussed and decided to let their assistants go to the hotel to clean up first, while Yuan Yan and the others followed the nanny car sent by Yang Yi to visit and record songs in Yang Yi’s studio.


On the way, these few people chatted without stopping. When Xie Yuchen wasn’t pretending to be cool, he spoke witty and humorous. Shan Hongkui could say anything. Under this kind of atmosphere, Guo Ziyi and the others gradually became less cautious, and opened the chat box one by one.


In a happy atmosphere, they soon arrived at Feiyisuosi Studio. Of course, there were two signs hanging at the entrance of the small building, Huayi Brothers Brokerage Company and Feiyisuosi Studio.


It’s not hard to see that it’s all from Yang Yikai.


As soon as they entered the door, they saw the hostess in casual clothes greeted them.


Murphy is also playing in the studio today. She is a person who can’t be idle. She is almost in good health, so she gradually begins to resume some of her work, such as recording songs and recording “Fairy Tale Town” that was not recorded before. , and although she won’t record it, she also wants to study the “Pig Song” full of childlike singing.


There is also a recording studio at home, but Murphy still wants to come to the studio with Yang Yi occasionally to change the environment, so as to maintain a happy mood.


Of course, Murphy brought his children to the studio. How can there be so many rules in his own studio? She doesn’t have to shy away from those media, not like Xixi in the past, everyone knows that she and Yang Yi have two children, and she takes the children to the studio to play, who can say anything?


Even when she was recording the song, she sang with earphones and listened to Xiaojiao lying on the shaker next to her. Isn’t this also a kind of musical edification? Look at the smiling face of the little guy when he listens to his mother singing, maybe he also has a very good musical talent!


Of course, when welcoming the guests, Murphy didn’t bring Xiao Jiao out, but let Mo Xiaojuan take care of him and stay in his recording studio.


“Hello Mr. Yuan, hello Mr. Shan, Mr. Xie, I have actually met Mr. Xie.” Murphy followed Yang Yi and said hello to Yuan Yan and the others, but at Xie Yuchen’s place, she turned to talk to him. Yang Yi laughed.


“Yes, I used to play “The Capital” which was the opening song sung by Murphy, and I met in the crew at that time.” Xie Yuchen thought about it, and said with joy, “Is this circle big? It’s not too small!”


At this moment, Yang Yi’s ears moved, he heard the movement, turned his head and saw that there was a small head and a big head at the corner of the stairs in the hall.


It’s Xixi and Xiaoai, the little girl is peeking!


Murphy won’t let her disturb Dad’s work, but how can Xixi stay in the recording studio? Xixi, who was curious about what her father and mother were doing, bypassed Mo Xiaojuan who was teasing Xiaojiao and sneaked out.


She met Aunt Xiao Ai in the corridor. Xiao Ai had no temper. She was pestered by Xixi for a while, so she had to take her down to take a sneak peek.


Xixi and her father’s eyes met, and the little girl cried out “Oops”, and hurriedly retracted her little head. However, she didn’t confirm whether her father noticed her little movements, just like she pretended to half-squint her eyes when she didn’t want to sleep at noon.


“Come here!” Yang Yi beckoned to his daughter amusingly.


Xixi smiled happily and ran to her father’s side.


“Hey, this little girl!” Shan Hongkui asked in surprise when he noticed it for the first time.


“My daughter, I don’t worry about her being at home alone today, so I brought her here.” Yang Yi smiled and explained to Shan Hongkui.


Facing so many strangers, Xixi squeezed into her father’s arms embarrassedly, but she still looked at these uncles and uncles with her big eyes.


“Is this Xixi? I’ve read “Xixi’s Bedtime Story” written to you by your father.” Yuan Yan also smiled kindly at Xixi, and then said to Yang Yi, “My daughter is also very Love your storybooks.”


“Really? Teacher Yuan can bring her over next time, and she can play with Xixi.” Yang Yi patted Xixi’s little head dotingly, and smiled at Yuan Yan.


“Uncle Yuan’s daughter is older than you, but you will be called elder sister in the future!” Yang Yi laughed when she saw her daughter looking over curiously.



After chatting for a while, it’s time to get to the point.


They came to Yang Yi’s studio in addition to the one shared by Yang Yi and Murphy, the second recording studio with top-level equipment. However, it is a pity that none of these six people know how to appreciate it, and even Ju Jie, who is a singer, can’t see the quality of the equipment.


“Yang Yi, you don’t often write songs for others! I’ve written songs for Chen Yijie, Murphy, and Guo Ziyi when I saw you, and the first one is rare. Those music companies outside must have broken their heads. I want to invite you to sing.” Yuan Yan said to Yang Yi.


He didn’t wait for Yang Yi’s response, he turned his head and followed Shan Hongkui and the others with a smile: “We made a lot of money this time, others can’t find a song for Yang Yi, so we still have Yang Yi write a song and invite us to come. Sing!”


Several people laughed.


Only Ju Jie’s face is a little weird, but there are some things that can’t be said…


Shan Hongkui said with a smile: “Mr. Yuan’s words make me feel itchy. I really want to hear this song right away!”


“What’s so difficult about this, I’ll show you the demo I recorded earlier.” Yang Yi sat in front of the console, turned on the device, and switched the audio output from the monitor headphones to the external speakers.


Soon, a prelude of an electric guitar reverberated on everyone’s eardrums.


“How many times have I fallen on the road… How many times have I broken my wings…” Yang Yi’s deep singing voice made several people in the room shudder.


Yang Huan was listening to this song for the first time, but she didn’t know why, but after listening to the first few sentences, she felt that her chest was full of blood, and there was a force condensing.


That’s right, what Yang Yi took out for “Extreme Challenge” was a masterpiece of half the Chinese music scene in his previous life, “Life in Full Bloom”.


This song should not be sung too much in Yang Yi’s previous life. Many people sang it in high school, many people sang it during military training, and many people sang it when they were brainwashed…


Although it is almost as bad as “Little Apple”, it is the first time in this world. When Yuan Yan, Shan Hongkui and others heard it, it was a good song that made their blood boil! Ju Jie is even more adored…


“I want a life in full bloom, like flying in the vast sky, like walking through the boundless wilderness, with the power to conquer the world! I want a life in full bloom, like standing on the top of the rainbow, like walking through In the bright galaxy, we have the power to challenge the limit!”


Of course, in order to echo the theme, Yang Yi modified the lyrics, changing “break away from everything” to “conquer the world”, and changed “beyond the ordinary” to “challenge the limit”, which does not affect the beauty of the singing.


Yang Yi’s high pitch, like the powerful context in the lyrics, immediately sublimated the theme of extreme challenges!


Like Luffy saying he wants to be a pirate, his dream is not to be a pirate, but to conquer the sea of ​​stars. Don’t even think about it, this song is like a battle song, just listening to it, everyone is full of energy, and can’t help but want to follow the show to challenge the limit!


“It’s so good! Lao Dan, Yuan Yan, I think we’re going to be hot when we sing this song!” After listening to this, Xie Yuchen exclaimed exaggeratedly.


Yang Huan asked curiously, “Is this song called “Extreme Challenge”?”


“No, it’s called “Life in Full Bloom”!” Yang Yi smiled, he didn’t plan to change the title of other people’s songs.


“That’s fine! Do you want your life to be liberated, and to climb to the top of the rainbow? Let’s challenge the limit!” Yuan Yan grabbed his hand and stared into the void, as if there was a camera Shoot him the same.


This made everyone laugh. I didn’t expect Yuan Yan, who is always serious, to be able to play such tricks.


“The question now is who will sing this high pitch? I like to sing the front and the back I think I can sing broken notes!” Xie Yuchen said.


“It’s very simple! Xiaojie came to sing, he can sing a song as high as “Impulsive Punishment”.” Shan Hongkui laughed.


“Yes!” Xie Yuchen patted his thigh.


“I don’t think this is good? It feels too domineering for me to sing so many pieces by myself.” Ju Jie said quickly.


“There is also Lao Dan, don’t forget, although Lao Dan is an actor, he has also practiced his singing skills. When he was down, he even went to a bar to be a resident singer!” Yuan Yan said.


“Then add more people and Yang Huan will come to sing.” Shan Hongkui looked at Yang Huan.


“Ah? I’m not very good at singing.” Yang Huan said embarrassedly.


“I can’t say no! How do you know if you don’t try? Xiao Guo also comes to try, try them all!” Shan Hongkui laughed and dragged everyone else into the water.


Lele alone is not as good as everyone!


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