House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 616: The old man who was forced to play together



The attitude of Yang Chonggui and Yang Yi towards Xixi is still a little different. The old man is doting on his granddaughter! I used to play house upstairs, but Xixi said that she wanted to go to the living room, a bigger place to play. The old man didn’t say a word, and came down with a big box containing Xixi’s dolls and other toys.


Then, Yang Chonggui sat on the sofa beside him, smiling and watching the two little girls lining up.


“This is Mama, this is Baba…” Xixi took out the doll from the box.


“I want to be a mother.” Lan Xin leaned forward and threw herself on top of the doll wearing a skirt, shouting.


“Why?” Xixi was a little unhappy, she also liked that doll very much.


“Because, because you were a mother last time. It’s my turn to be a mother!” Lan Xin said.


Xixi thought for a while and reluctantly accepted this reason: “Okay, then I will be Baba, I can cook. But I want to be my sister, you are my brother.”


Yang Chonggui actually didn’t know what the two of them were discussing. Anyway, watching the two little girls play was a very interesting thing.


“The big bear is good, it doesn’t do bad things, and then this big bad wolf is bad…”


Finally, after being busy for a while, Xixi finally completed the arrangement of the house. The little girl was quite satisfied. She put the panda doll next to her, which made her feel very secure.


A dozen dolls have their own characters, and Lan Xin is busy helping out with names, but they are all based on the colors of the dolls.


“The big bad wolf is called Da Hui.” Lan Xin pointed to the husky pillow that was recognized as the big bad wolf. The “big bad wolf” was leaning on the legs of the coffee table, and there was a terrible virgin forest on the other side of the coffee table.


“Giggle, Dahui, I thought Xiaohui was a little gray wolf.” Xixi was full of associative powers, and suddenly burst out laughing.


Perhaps hearing his name, Xiao Hui, who was lying comfortably on the carpet in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, basking in the sun, turned his head and looked at the little master suspiciously.


Are you going to eat?


However, Xiao Hui just let out a “meow” and swayed his tail lazily to the other side, with no intention of coming over.


Hmph, I won’t be fooled if I can’t see the dried fish.


However, Xiao Hui’s movement made Lan Xin look over, her eyes lit up, and she said, “Xixi, can we let Xiao Hui play too? It can be a big tiger, and a big tiger is also a badass. , worse than the big bad wolf, I’ve seen it on TV, it’s super powerful!”


Xixi was a little moved by Lan Xin, and Lan Xin’s words also aroused her memory, and the little girl followed suit with brows: “I know the big tiger, I saw Baba in the zoo, I have big brother Yanbo, but big brother Yanbo doesn’t play with me.”


This time Xixi didn’t stray too far from the topic. She also agreed to join a villain. The big bad wolf is always a little tired of playing.


But Xiao Hui ignored Xixi, who gallantly invited it to join, and the two little girls had to get up and go to pull Xiao Hui. However, seeing Lan Xin, the big devil walking towards him, Xiao Hui, who had a psychological shadow, shuddered, and hurriedly got up and slipped onto his cat climbing frame.


“Well, Xiao Hui doesn’t want to play with us anymore.” Xixi looked at Xiao Hui’s big round face that was above zero, pouted her small mouth, and said a little sadly.


Yang Chonggui, who was watching the lively beside him, was not happy when he saw his granddaughter’s grievance.


Wow! A domestic foreign cat, how dare to dump my granddaughter’s face?


The old man stood up from the sofa, and he said arrogantly: “Little Yang Xi, look at grandpa, grandpa will help you catch it down and play with you.”


The appearance of Yang Chonggui immediately made Xiao Hui smell a sense of crisis. It stared at Yang Chonggui tightly, seeing him step by step, it felt more and more bad, and jumped in a hurry, wanting to slip away .


This is the cat’s territory – at least it looks like this to Xiao Hui, Shao Hui and Shao Xiao are no less here, and they have teased the clumsy big dog bun with their vigorous skills.


However, Xiao Hui is doomed to tragedy today.


Yang Chonggui is old and strong, his eyes are fast and his hands are fast. When Xiao Hui jumped up, he suddenly stretched out his hands and grabbed Xiao Hui in midair.


“Grandpa is amazing!” Xixi looked at Grandpa’s “brave” performance and couldn’t help holding her little hand, her big eyes staring at Grandpa.


“It’s amazing!” Lan Xin was also adored.


Yang Chonggui is admired by his granddaughter. He felt like he was hitting a big tiger when he grabbed Xiao Hui who was screaming. The old man and the young man frantically shook his eyebrows at Xixi.


At the door, the steamed buns happily came back from the grass that was turning the soil, and happened to see the scene of Xiao Hui screaming.


Anyone can defeat the big devil Xiao Hui? In Baozi’s heart, Xiao Hui is very fierce!


Looking blankly at Xiao Hui being pressed on the carpet, Baozi’s dog eyes showed a hint of fear, not sure if he was afraid that he would also be beaten by the old man, Baozi lowered his head and ran with his tail between his tail. .


“You want to play with the children, you know?” Yang Chonggui taught Xiao Hui, although he let go, but Xiao Hui wanted to run, and was immediately caught back. After a few tossing, Xiao Hui was also downcast. Confessed.


“Xixi, I think grandpa can be a hunter.” Lan Xin looked at all this, her eyes suddenly lit up and said.


“Hmmm! Grandpa is a hunter and will protect us.” Xixi also thought this proposal was a good idea. She grabbed a plastic doll with a sword and a cartoon image of a pirate and walked towards Yang Chonggui.


“No need for Grandpa, Grandpa can just watch you play!” Yang Chonggui waved his hands hastily. After all, he used to be a heroic figure in the world. How could he play with children, especially little girls?


“Grandpa, why don’t you play with us!” Xixi picked up Yang Chonggui’s hand, pouted, and shook her head.


Yang Chonggui couldn’t stand her granddaughter’s soft and cute voice.


“Okay, okay, grandpa will play with you.” Yang Chonggui had no choice but to take the pirate doll and accepted Xixi’s arrangement with laughter.


I don’t know how long it took, but Yang Yi came back. The recording was good this morning, so he came back a little earlier at noon. Passing through the grass that had been turned into dirt, Yang Yi saw Murphy, who couldn’t do heavy work, handing Yang Qing and Zheng Shuyi the orange juice.


“Where’s Dad and Xixi? They went out for a walk by the lake again?” Yang Yi greeted Yang Qing before saying to Murphy with a smile. By the way, he also took the plate from his wife.


“No, Xiner is here to Dad is watching over them in the living room, and Mom is going to make lunch.” Murphy had something to do and was in a good mood.


“Then I’ll go see them.” Yang Yi helped Murphy to a chair and sat down.


As soon as she walked in the door, Yang Yi heard Xixi and Lan Xin shouting: “Grandpa, grandpa hunter, Mama was captured by a big tiger, save her quickly.”


“Grandpa Hunter, save me quickly.” I saw Lan Xin grabbed a doll and pressed it on Xiao Hui’s head, and she was pressing Xiao Hui from behind.


Although Xiao Hui is also very fat… But at the moment, Xiao Hui’s big cake face is really gray-blue, gray-blue, the kind that can’t be loved.


What surprised Yang Yi was the old man who couldn’t let go of his “idol burden”. The white-haired old man grabbed the pirate doll and shouted solemnly, “Ha, tiger, come here!”


The pirate doll’s movable arm grasps the sword and is moved by the old man, as if he is wielding a sharp blade.


“Giggle, giggle…” Xixi was amused by Grandpa’s shout, and laughed so hard that she was lying on the panda, forgetting to continue making up the following story.


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