House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 608: A different kind of drunk (1/4)


Li Manman’s singing is pretty good. The song “Dear, Miss You” is very affectionate, and Dou Zun suddenly appeared in the audience as if he was giving her a surprise, shaking Li Manman’s cheering card like an ordinary fan. , This scene was captured by the live camera, and then Li Manman’s surprised and moved look pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

Some fans couldn’t help but be moved to tears by their little interactions. I have to say that many people still yearn for a better life. Without knowing the truth, this kind of loving action has also been praised and praised sincerely by them. bless.

After Li Manman finished singing, she waved to the audience reluctantly before slowly walking back to the backstage.

Where the stage lights couldn’t shine, Li Manman restrained her innocent appearance, and walked through the corridor with her chest up proudly, just in time to walk with Ju Jie.

Of course, Li Manman didn’t say anything to Ju Jie, she still smiled slightly and nodded to Ju Jie.

But she didn’t say anything, Ju Jie is also a strong competitor to her tonight, and Li Manman doesn’t think Ju Jie has any value that she can cling to, just nods her head.

Ju Jie curled his lips and ignored him. He cleared his throat and asked Xiao Chai to tidy up his headset.

“Young Master Jie, come on!” Xiao Chai whispered.

Xiao Chai is still a rookie who has just graduated for more than a year, but she is quite beautiful. Ju Jie smiled and touched her head, then walked out.

“…Let’s applaud Ju Jie, who will bring us the first song of November’s most talked about new song “Punishment of Impulse”…” The prelude to Ju Jie’s performance.

The music ranking program is different from other variety shows. It does not have complicated interaction between hosts and singers. All singers have to conquer the audience with their strength, so there is nothing to say. One word, sing!

After the host went down, Ju Jie was left alone on the stage. Before the audience cheered again, the prelude to “Punishment of Impulse” sounded faintly like the melodious music from the empty valley of the Western Regions. .

“What kind of music is this? Listen well!” Just listening to the prelude, many in the audience couldn’t help but **** up their ears.

The melodious and clear strumming at the beginning gives people a refreshing feeling, while the somewhat sad melody immediately captures people’s hearts, as if every time the strings are plucked, they are buckled. People’s hearts are the same.

Ju Jie stood on the stage with a sad expression and looked up at the ceiling of the stage at a forty-five degree angle, as if it were a starry sky.

Finally, he raised the microphone and sang.

“I was drunk that night and took your hand…talking nonsense.”

This singing, with a slightly hoarse voice, immediately outlines the image of a sad man who is haggard!

To tell the truth, Ju Jie’s singing is not comparable to that of the legendary Dao Lang in Yang Yi’s previous life. Dao Lang’s unique voice has experienced the baptism of years and wind and frost, and it is so fascinating that the vicissitudes of life are hoarse and hoarse. It is ethereal, as if traveling through time and space!

And Ju Jie’s hoarseness was completely sung by himself. Of course, in order to sing this song well, Ju Jie consulted many teachers and practiced for several months before he could sing this hoarseness well. Many flaws.

Of course, no one in this world sings like this. After all, not all hoarse voices sound good. Many original hoarse voices are caused by smoking too much. Don’t talk about singing. uncomfortable.

Precisely because Ju Jie is unconventional, his hoarse singing also makes people feel amazing, and he gets the same feeling as listening to Daolang singing – in the absence of comparison.

However, in front of the TV, many Ju Jie fans couldn’t help but smile knowingly while they were excited.

It’s really Ju Jie!

Look at the lyrics he sings, he’s drunk again.

“That Night” is also a drunken mess. It can be seen that this guy didn’t drink less, and he didn’t cause trouble because of drinking!

Of course, someone who can write these feelings out is considered an infatuated man, right?

“Only caring about my own heart, repressed thoughts, expressing frantically…” However, after listening, everyone still heard the difference between this song and “That Night”.

Whether it’s arranging or writing lyrics, “Impulsive Punishment” is much better than “That Night”!

If “That Night” can still be criticized for its pale lyrics – too many tone particles and repetitive alignments, then “Impulsive Punishment” seems to have improved several levels, listening to it Although the lyrics are relatively straightforward sentences, they are often confronted with neat sentences and rhyming endings, which make people feel as beautiful as poetry.

Of course, a song is just a song, not a poem. What everyone is more concerned about is whether it sings well or not!

“My fascinated eyes can no longer see your expression, and I forgot how you would react at that time… I took your hand and put it in my palm, and I mistakenly felt that you were not angry… …so I thought, you would understand, my good intentions…”

Ju Jie really spent a lot of time practicing this song to be able to sing the first sub-line of each sentence in a high-pitched voice like he is now. You must know that at the beginning, he sang in the high-pitched position. It will be broken!

But what the audience is hearing now is a version that’s already sung very well.

Look at Ju Jie on the stage, holding the microphone in both hands, looking up at the sky, and singing affectionately with his eyes closed, as if every small high pitch is a cry of sadness.

The male fans listened with relish, and the female fans were fascinated, and the softness of their hearts was stabbed by Ju Jie.

After a period of “telling”, finally, this song ushered in its first climax/climax!

As if the painting style suddenly changed and entered the rhythm of a rock song all of a sudden, with the sound of a few drum cymbals, Ju Jie raised his voice and sang like a roar:

“If you didn’t know how many cups I drank that day, you wouldn’t understand how beautiful you are… I wouldn’t believe that the first time I saw you, I loved you so simply… “

Ju Jie sang very hard in this section, and there was nothing he could do. This is the hard part to sing. If he didn’t sing hard, he wouldn’t be able to sing that heart-wrenching feeling.

But the audience below the stage was already fascinated!

The lyrics here are so beautiful, especially the sentence “You won’t understand how beautiful you are”. The lyrics want to express that the protagonist confesses to his sweetheart after being drunk, but the lyrics do not directly describe the confession Instead, he used negative questions to show that the protagonist was anxious to express his admiration for the other party at that time, and he used words indiscriminately, just wanting to describe the other party as beautiful as a fairy.

This cute clumsiness is on full display!

“But I believe that the feeling in my heart, it comes so fast and so directly, even if my heart is wild and can’t put out the fire, I still believe that God made you and me meet…”

It’s still a high-pitched voice. Without Daolang’s level, Ju Jie can only hold on. Looking at the bulging blue veins on his neck, people are a little worried that he will suddenly break his voice.

Fortunately, this time Ju Jie sang very well and lasted to the end, and the appearance of struggling for love has aroused the compassion of many fans.

Who said this song is as vulgar as “That Night” and “Little Three”? Significantly improved several grades, okay?

Why don’t you vote for such a beautiful song, such a diligent singing, and such a touching melody and lyrics?

The fans at the scene were all swaying excitedly for Ju Jie, and many people in front of the TV couldn’t help but picked up their mobile phones and sent a text message to Ju Jie to vote and help him make the list.

Yes, before Ju Jie came on stage, many fans still thought that Li Manman’s “Dear, Miss You” was very good, but I have to say that sad love songs are more provocative than sweet ones. Touch other people’s emotions, resonate with others!

“If it’s not God, let fate play tricks on me, thinking of you, I won’t be so heartbroken, just forget you, you should be forgotten, this is the best punishment for impulse…”

To the end of the song, the lonely figure on the stage looks so pitiful.

But think about it, how many people in this world have not been hurt by love? As Ju Jie sang, it was God who let fate make fun of me… It’s also a poor man who was made fun of by God, how could he not vote for him?

Whether it’s in front of the TV or on the spot, “Punishment of Impulsivity” has deduced emotional incitement to the extreme.

After Ju Jie finished singing, the audience stood up to applaud him—there may be a lot of sympathy, and this scene, through the TV screen, fell into the eyes of Li Manman in the lounge.

Li Manman’s face has become gloomy. Facing this song, an absolutely high-quality good song, Li Manman’s original confidence has been shattered and can’t be found!

How is this possible?

Last year, she released a new album and encountered Murphy who was born out of nowhere. This year, she finally ushered in the opportunity to become a god. She sacrificed so much to perform a good show. To this nasty Ju Jie?

Mad, Tianmei, you’re cutting the way!

In a shopping mall in Jiangcheng, Yang Yi was standing in front of the TV store, just when Ju Jie won the Zhou champion of Beijing TV’s “New Song Elite List” with “Impulsive Punishment” and then picked up the trophy. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

It’s a good feeling, as if the development game has achieved a small achievement.

“Baba! We’re leaving soon!” There was strength in his hand, and Xixi’s voice made Yang Yi regain his senses.

Yang Yi lowered her head and saw the little girl pouting her lips.

He’s been standing for so long, Xixi can’t wait.

“Okay, let’s go, today’s task is to buy you a book, Dad didn’t forget!” Yang Yi picked up the little girl with a smile and strode forward.


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