House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 527: Murphy’s next home (1/4)


The news that Murphy is leaving Tianmei is actually kept within a very small range within Tianmei. Only Niu Meiling, Jian Chuo and Ju Jie know about it. Therefore, the media praised Tianmei’s tolerance to Murphy before. Due to some message asymmetry.

But paper can’t hold fire, not to mention, they’re dealing with reporters eager to reveal even better news.

A reporter, through some shady deals, got a Timmy agent to reveal that Murphy’s contract ended in July.

Of course, the agent didn’t know whether Murphy had renewed his contract with the company. After all, Niu Meiling didn’t reveal any news to them.

However, the reporter saw something strange from this point.

The termination of the contract may be said to be a secret family scandal, but the renewal of the contract should be considered a good thing. A normal brokerage company renews its contract with its own big-name artist, and can’t wait to announce it to the world in order to drive away the coveted attention of other companies.

However, neither internal nor external news of Tianmei has come out at all, which is very abnormal!

Seeing that Murphy’s contract only has more than a month left, and there is no news about the renewal, I am afraid there is only one possibility!

As a reporter, bold assumptions and decisive fabrications are their basic skills!

So, on the day of Yang Huan’s art test, the headline of an entertainment evening newspaper that night read: “Murphy has not renewed his contract with the original brokerage company Tianmei, and it is suspected that he has been forcibly poached by the top record company!”

Murphy’s singing skills have been generally recognized in the industry. Since this year, although Murphy has asked Mo Xiaojuan to ignore her, there have always been record companies and brokerage companies who want to contact Murphy and dig Tianmei’s corner.

Therefore, although this exposed news caused an uproar in the industry, they did not think the speculation was absurd. Instead, they all guessed which giant was the one who was wielding the hoe.

On the Internet, Murphy’s fans also excitedly analyzed Murphy’s next family.

Ordinary brokerage companies and record companies still can’t dig Murphy. After all, Tianmei’s strength in the industry is not bad, and a singer of Murphy’s level will not condescend to go to a small company, so he can only start from the top Guessing on record labels.

There are six major record companies in the mainland music scene, four of which have female singers who have their own pillars, but two of them are not as famous and singing skills as Murphy, such as the record company that Li Manman is in. , so a total of four record companies have strong potential demand for digging Murphy!

Which record label would do it well?

No matter which company it is, the reporter who first exposed the news has already earned enough attention, but he was weak in the follow-up and could not give more information. After all, he himself did not know which company it was.

What’s more disappointing is that Zhuo Zai, who has been busy on the gossip news recently, has not been able to give exact news. The next day, Lu Yue also posted a summary article in order to catch the hot spot, detailing the past of Murphy and Tianmei, but the whole content was about history, and there was no constructive judgment at all.

However, on the second day, two record companies have spoken out one after another, stating that they have no intention of recruiting Murphy in order to appease the emotions of their artists.

It seems that the range of guesswork has narrowed again!

Yang Yi and Murphy only learned the news when they came back from dinner in the evening. However, Murphy was not in a hurry to clarify or announce it, and she was also waiting for Tianmei’s response.

The next day, Niu Meiling called and wanted to ask Murphy to go back to discuss in detail, and if Yang Yi wanted to come, he could also come over to discuss.

After all, she didn’t have a good impression of Niu Meiling, so Yang Yi didn’t worry about Murphy, so she went to Tianmei with her.

However, the progress of this conversation surprised Yang Yi, and Niu Meiling gave in!

On the night they returned from Tianmei, the official microbroadcast of Tianmei Entertainment Agency released an announcement: “After friendly negotiation between the company and Murphy, the former Tianmei artist Murphy and Tianmei have been released from today. Midea’s brokerage contract, we deeply regret the departure of Murphy. Murphy is a conscientious artist who has devoted his passion to the music business for fifteen years, and has also created great value for Tianmei. Wealth. The green hills will not change, the green water will flow, Tianmei will maintain a friendly relationship with Murphy, and hope to have the opportunity to continue to cooperate in the future.”

As soon as this announcement came out, not only Tianmei Company, but the entire entertainment industry was shocked.

Murphy really left?

She really broke the contract with Tianmei?

The interior of Tianmei is good. A few days ago, Ju Jie tenaciously reached the top of the new song sales chart with “That Night”, which was scolded by music critics.

Although his ascent to the top is called a shame in the industry, after all, the achievements are here, and no one can ignore Ju Jie’s brilliance.

With a new signboard, Tianmei can’t be said to be exhausted even if it loses Murphy.

But there’s already a lot of noise in the entertainment industry!

Where did Murphy go? The announcement said that Tianmei and Murphy terminated the contract, but did not mention what Murphy’s next family was. Could it be that Murphy is going to retire again? How many years did you disappear from the music scene again after pregnancy?

Actually, when Murphy and Yang Yi returned home, they felt a little unreal.

Niu Meiling took the initiative to terminate the contract with Murphy and restore Murphy’s freedom. This move was something they never expected!

With Niu Meiling’s interest-oriented character, how could she be willing to terminate the contract in advance? You know, even if Murphy is no longer working, her brand image has been making money for Tianmei, up to several million a month!

Perhaps it was because of Ju Jie’s ascent to the top that Niu Meiling was greatly relieved and in a good mood?

Or maybe, she finally understands the power of the man behind Murphy, and decides that even if she abandons these millions of benefits, she still wants to show affection to Murphy so that she can maintain a good relationship with Yang Yi?

However, Murphy did not make the anxious fans wait too long. After discussing with Yang Yi all night, she also reposted Tianmei’s announcement on Weibo early the next morning, and briefly told the fans their own whereabouts.

“Thank you for your concern. Tianmei and I have terminated the contract amicably. I am very grateful to Tianmei for her 15 years of careful cultivation and sister Ling’s care. I hope to keep in touch in the future. It needs to be clarified that I do not want to join other records. The company, leaving Tianmei is just a matter of my own work philosophy. In the future, Yang Yi and I will create our own studio. The name has been chosen, and it will be called will continue to work hard to create more and more for everyone. Beautiful music, this is the wish of both of us, and it will not disappoint everyone.”

The whereabouts of Murphy surprised the industry, but it can’t be said to be an accident. After all, it is normal for a singer of Murphy’s level to create his own studio! It’s just that while Murphy’s fans were pleasantly surprised, there were also some minor concerns.

The star studio will face a shortage of resources. Although Murphy has a husband to write songs for her in terms of collecting songs, but in terms of album distribution, the studio she set up will probably do all the channels and publicity. Less than the level of record companies and brokerage companies.

Others are secretly rejoicing, fans are genuinely worried about Murphy, and they don’t want to see Murphy’s records not selling!

“No matter, anyway, no matter which store Murphy’s records are sold in in the future, we will go to buy and support!” Some fans called out in the comments.

Tianmei’s early termination means that Murphy can record his own new song?

I’m three months pregnant now, and my situation has basically stabilized. Even if I can’t go to any concerts, I can record songs in the studio without any problem!


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