House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 442: Father-in-law of the famous detective (three/four)



The United States, the vast Greater Texas, a tall man with a pipe and a wide-brimmed high-top felt hat, dressed like a cowboy in the movie, followed slowly and leisurely on a horse.


And in front, six real cowboys with dark skin and white skin are riding horses and helping him drive the hundreds of Angus cattle raised on the farm to graze on the pastures that are growing in spring.


“Mo, go back and leave it to us!” An old white cowboy who was in his fifties or sixties but in good spirits rode his horse over, took off his hat and wiped his sweat, said .


The afternoon sun is too hot, the boss is not as strong as their native cowboys, and the old cowboy is worried that the boss will be overwhelmed!


“Ford, look after these boys for me!” Mo Henian pointed to the dark-skinned Angus cows with no horns on their heads, and nodded at the old cowboy. After he finished speaking, he pulled the reins of the puller, turned around and walked towards the house of the farm.


Mo Henian has been buying this farm for nearly 20 years. It was originally a wasteland. After nearly 20 years of operation, it has changed a lot now.


Looking along the way, there is a fertile grassland. Although it was originally a grassland, it has been transformed for many years. Weeds have been removed and high-quality pasture has been planted. Whether it is grazing, or harvesting and storing for winter, it is good choice,


Of course, the sun is a bit hot today, so Mo Henian chose to go around to the nearby woods to avoid the heat by taking advantage of the shade.


These original forests were left by Mo Henian. They not only provide shade for people and cattle, but also maintain the ecological balance of the land.


Near the residential area, there are dozens of acres of land here, planted with cotton and sorghum, and of course still lush early seedlings.


Dozens of acres of land are all planted mechanized. In Mo Henian’s warehouse, all kinds of machines are parked, such as tractors, seeders, combine harvesters, hay balers, etc.


A few years ago, Mo Henian was not to be outdone, driving a tractor to work in the fields with the cowboys he hired, but now, he can only be a supervisor, and most of the practical work is handed over to the farm Hire professional cowboys.


“Uncle_Mo!” A half-sized black boy, shirtless, was emerging from the pond next to him, and when he saw Mo Henian, he quickly lowered his head honestly, as if he had done something wrong.


“Greg, you secretly go swimming again, tell your father later, let him beat you to death!” Mo Henian shouted with a beard.


“I’m sorry, Uncle_Mo, I was wrong! I’ll go back to work now!” The black guy cried and ran away.


Greg is the son of a cowboy on Mo Henian’s farm. Although he is black, he is considered to have grown up with Mo Henian. Mo Henian treats him as his own nephew.


So, although Mo Henian deliberately gave him a stern face just now, the old man didn’t plan to sue him at all. However, Mo Henian was usually short-tempered, and Greg was so frightened that he was attacked.


Mo Henian, who had successfully played a prank, was in a good mood, laughed, and continued to ride back to his house.


Mo Henian’s house was built later. It was originally a wooden building with a western style, but later Mo Henian thought it was uncomfortable to live in, so he converted it into a modern Chinese style house.


Don’t underestimate Mo Henian. In his early years, Mo Henian was an architectural designer. Otherwise, how could he have money to immigrate and buy a big farm? Although he has now become a farmer, Mo Henian has designed a house for himself, which is not a problem at all!


From the outside, the unique courtyard has the feeling of an ancient garden, with flowing water, small bridges, stone carvings and window carvings. Of course, in order to be compatible with Western culture, this courtyard is not closed, but a large one. Open and close, without the sense of restraint brought by the wall.


The house is also made of pink walls and black tiles. The weather in Texas is hot. The shape of the sloping roof house is ventilated and ventilated, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. The design of the cornices also greatly restores the unique spirituality of ancient buildings.


Of course, the interior of the house is relatively modern, with ceramic tiles, glass curtain walls, brilliant and translucent lighting, etc. Mo Henian is not a pedantic architect, he can integrate ancient elements with modern comfortable living environment in Together.


Don’t think that a Chinese-style building appears on a large farm, it will be more abrupt and strange, and it will be despised by others.


The farmers from the same town in the surrounding area came here as guests and saw the mansion of Mo Henian’s family. They were all eager to invite Mo Henian to design a house for them!


A bit farther, Mo Henian returned home and found that his wife was not there.


“Where’s Madam?” Mo Henian asked the nanny at home.


“I don’t know, she answered a phone call and went out in a hurry.” The nanny shook her head, “But there are some sticky notes next to the phone, I don’t know if the lady is still useful, so I didn’t clean it up. drop.”


Mo Henian also asked casually, but the nanny made him a little curious, so he took a look at the post-it note.


On the note paper, the first page is still Mo Henian’s own handwriting, and Zhou Mengyu’s handwriting, several of which are trivial matters, Mo Henian turned over and turned to the end of the note paper with handwriting A page, on which Zhou Mengyu wrote a name and a line of words on a sticky note.


“Yang Yi”, but the word “Yi” was later crossed out and a word “Yi” was added next to it.


I don’t know why, Mo Henian felt vaguely unhappy when he saw the name. Maybe it’s because Xixi’s surname is Yang instead of Mo? Mo Henian has been very unfamiliar with this surname all these years!


And the following jargon made Mo Henian feel a little baffled: “The domestic media broke the news that the domain news was reprinted…”


What does it mean?


Mo Henian frowned. Domestic media, referring to China? Could it be that something happened to your daughter in the country?


He still knows about domain news, a news channel of a domestic portal website. Sometimes, if he wants to know domestic news, Mo Henian will go up and take a look.


The old man’s curiosity became more and more intense. He simply took this sticky note, went to the study, turned on the computer, and logged on to the website of the domain news, and read it.


However, the old man could not find any Yang Yi on the first page for a while.


Mo Henian didn’t have a lot of patience to search slowly, he directly found the search function of this domain, the typing method of one finger Zen, and very difficultly typed the two words Yang Yi into the computer.

还好这是他们家的电脑,不然还真的没有中文输入法。 This is their home computer, otherwise there is really no Chinese input method.


After a while, several news articles jumped out.


The title of the first article reads: “Yang Yi is Mu Ziang? Murphy has been secretly married to him for six years?”


Mo Henian’s eyes were about to pop out.


The following news is fanning the flames.


“Boom! Murphy’s husband is not a nobody, Yang Yi turns out to be a best-selling author!”


“It’s hard to beat, and the photos of Murphy’s marriage certificate have also been exposed!”


“The super-popular singer Murphy is married and has children. What is the origin of this lucky man, Yang Yi?”


“Appearing at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau with a strange man, Murphy has already stepped into the marriage hall!”


Mo Henian’s face became gloomy. He opened the news one by one, and finally saw the report that Mo Fei admitted that Yang Yi was Yang Xi’s biological father.


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