House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 357: The name of the studio



“This person is the Lin Mu’an you said?” Murphy, wearing sunglasses, sat quietly beside Yang Yi, and also looked curiously at Lin Mu’an who was playing the piano.


Three days have passed since that night. Lin Mu’an also started working at Yang Yi’s coffee shop the next day as he had agreed with Yang Yi. Most of the time, in order not to disturb the guests, he played pure piano songs, interspersed with Cantonese songs. Or part of Chinese songs.


His girlfriend Ran Jin was very satisfied with Lin Mu’an’s new job. For the first time, she also accompanied Lin Mu’an to express her thanks to Yang Yi.


After all, even though Ran Jin has always silently supported Lin Mu’an’s music dream, the place in the bar was too chaotic, and the safety of her boyfriend was always in Ran Jin’s heart. Now it has been replaced by a corner coffee shop, the environment is simpler, and there is no need to reverse day and night, Ran Jin is relieved a lot.


“Yes.” Yang Yi nodded and smiled, “What do you think of him?”


“He should have studied music, just like Ah Guang in your story. He plays the piano very well and has a certain professional level. Although he is not as good as a real performer, ordinary performance is still enough. Yes.” Murphy affirmed.


It’s almost the end of the month, Murphy is getting busier and busier. Fortunately, today’s arrangements are concentrated in the morning, and it is also in Jiangcheng. It happens to be half-sky, so I go home and rest.


In the future, she will continue to run around the country, participating in some programs, announcements, or going to the record store to hold a signing meeting for her fans, making the final sprint.


In recent days, Murphy’s “First Dreams” album’s daily sales have finally stopped growing insanely, but even so, it hasn’t declined much and remains at a high number.


As of today, Murphy’s album has sold 18.62 million copies, which means that with only 138 records left, Murphy will be able to break through platinum sales !


No one is questioning whether this album will go platinum anymore, and no one thinks this album will not sell 20 million copies before the end of the first month, and now the media is speculating on which day Murphy will be Complete the top of the platinum record!


So, Murphy’s next sprint is no longer to prove anything, but to complete a self-challenge.


Yang Yi poured Murphy a cup of coffee from his own coffee pot and said with a smile: “He sings very well, he used to play and sing in bars with his guitar. By the way, his falsetto is very good. Set, I’ll let him sing “Coffee Candy” for you later.”


“Coffee and Sugar? Isn’t this a female vocal song? Oh, I remember, you said, he sang it for her girlfriend.” Murphy laughed and teased, “He sings or not. I don’t care, I’m just curious, why did you keep him? Are you trying to sign him as a singer in our studio?”


“No, I’m not interested in the entertainment industry. But Mo Xiaojuan may be more interested.” Yang Yi waved his hand and said, “Now I just think he is a talent. If he loses his job and gives up his music dream , It’s a pity! So I gave him a job, so that he can meet his food and clothing and continue to work hard.”


“It’s that simple?” Murphy took off his sunglasses, looked at Yang Yi with beautiful eyes, and dipped his mirrors playfully, “You admire him so much, I thought you had to make great efforts to nurture him. What!”


Fortunately, it’s just a man. If it’s a woman, Murphy can’t believe that Yang Yi has something wrong.


Yang Yi smiled and said: “I really want to help him, but it’s not training, it’s because of fate that I met, just try it out and see if I can help him find his own way of music. However, not yet, this kid has arrogance in his bones, and he has to polish his temperament.”


Murphy nodded, not interested in the subject, and changed the subject.


“By the way, I’m rarely free. I want to discuss it with you. What do you plan to name our studio?” Murphy happily took Yang Yi’s drawing paper, turned it over, and found it. A blank sheet of paper, and then holding a pen ready to take notes.


Having made up her mind to leave Tianmei when the contract ends, Murphy no longer hesitated as before. On the contrary, she is more dashing than anyone else, and often chats with Yang Yi about opening her own studio in the future, pestering Yang Yi to describe the future to her.


Now, she’s researching the name of the studio again. It seems that in front of this industry that really belongs to her and Yang Yi, Murphy can radiate her unprecedented energy!


Yang Yi was a little confused. He asked confusedly: “Ah? What else should we name? Wouldn’t it be enough to change it to Murphy’s studio in the future?”


Now the name of the studio was chosen by Mo Xiaojuan to hide people’s eyes and ears. Even a few days ago, Xiao Ai signed a music production contract for “Fairy Tale” on behalf of the studio and Jin Yingming didn’t even know that it was Murphy’s job. room.


So, after Murphy moved in, the studio needed to be renamed.


“How can it be so simple! I have to be with you, this is our studio!” Murphy said with some dissatisfaction.


Murphy also used the accent on the word “two”, which shows how much she attaches importance to this. She doesn’t want to fight alone, she wants to join hands with Yang Yi to face the ups and downs in the future.


“That’s Murphy and Yang Yi’s studio!” Yang Yi gave a bad idea again, and he explained the reason in a serious manner, “Look, those foreign companies don’t all use the founder’s name. Do the names fit together? Like Pokert & Ganbao, Ernst & Young…” (Note 1)


“I don’t want such an ugly name, it’s too simple!” Murphy laughed at Yang Yi’s anger, she raised her fist and hammered Yang Yi’s arm, and said angrily, “Change one, change another!”


“You’re so talented, but you can’t be lazy! I want a more literary name, just like the name you gave those dishes before, what’s the best way to fly…” Murphy couldn’t help but face when he mentioned this name. A blush floated up, “But don’t fly together, this is a bit too high-profile.”


“You want a more literary name, isn’t it easy?” Yang Yi said cheerfully, “It’s called ‘Fei Yi’s Thought Studio’, it’s incredible, the first two words are Fei in your name Combine it with Yi in my This is great!” Murphy wrote it down on the paper, thought about it carefully, and said with some joy, “Hey, why are you so flexible? I just mentioned it. , you thought of it?”


“Who made me smart, why are you stupid?” Yang Yi pinched Murphy’s nose fondly and said with a smile, “You can do the same, change the word Si to Xi, Xixi’s Xi word!” Fei Yisuoxi’, it sounds good too, it just happened to combine the names of the three of us.”


“You’re stupid!” Murphy said angrily, she crossed it out on the paper and re-written the new name that Yang Yi said, but frowned and said, “This one doesn’t look as good as the one just now. No, it’s still the same as the original, Fei Yi’s thoughts, Acacia thoughts, the meaning is very good!”


“Well, then use what Fei Yi thinks!” Yang Yi is as good as he is.


“I think so, you put Xixi’s name in, what if we have children in the future?” Murphy whispered in Yang Yi’s ear.


“You’re starting to think about having another child?” Yang Yi gently raised Murphy’s delicate chin, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and asked gently, “Then tell me, when are we going to have a second child? baby?”


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