House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 301: Xixi’s performance (2/4)



While Yang Yi and Lanzhou Kai were drinking tea and chatting, Xixi in the kindergarten encountered a big problem. The little girl was frustrated to find that the story she told had no market!


Xi Xi actually likes to tell stories to her friends, and enjoys the adoring eyes of her friends. This feel is very cool!


To this end, she often made a lot of preparations by herself, such as trying hard to recall the stories her father told her, such as asking her mother to read to her stories that she had actually heard.


But recently Yang Yi gave the book to those parents, and Xixi’s friends can hear the full version of the story from her parents. Naturally, Xixi’s “repetition” is no longer as popular as before. .


This is the case today. When Xixi wanted to tell the story of Pinocchio to her friends, Chen Shiyun shouted: “I have heard this, and my mother read this story to me yesterday!”


Lan Xin, who has always been against Chen Shiyun, also nodded in agreement: “I also remember that if it lies, its nose will grow longer!”


The chubby girl giggled and stroked her nose with a hand.


“Xixi, I want to hear a new story.” Yang Luoqi took Xixi’s hand and whispered.


But where is Xixi’s new story? Journey to the West is so long that she can’t remember it.


“Let’s wait for Xixi’s father to tell us a story! Xixi’s father is coming soon!” Nan Zhaoyu suggested.


“I like Xixi’s father! I want to bring him my favorite chocolate, which my father bought for me abroad.” Lan Xin said happily.


“I can dance, can I dance for Xixi’s father?” Yang Luoqi asked in a low voice.


“Okay, you all like my Baba, but you don’t like me anymore.” Xixi pouted unhappily.


“No, Xixi, and I like you!” Nan Zhaoyu patted Xixi on the shoulder to comfort his good friend.


However, Xixi deftly avoided it, she giggled and said, “Zhaoyu, you can’t touch girls!”


“Ah?” Nan Zhaoyu looked confused.


“My little aunt just like this, defeated Guo Shushu!” Xixi told the story of that day with great interest.


In her vivid description, Guo Ziyi is like the villain, the devil, who was thrown to the ground by Yang Huan, and then punched with left hooks and right hooks. pregnancy.


“Wow! Xixi, is your little aunt so powerful?” Even Nan Zhaoyu, who was a little wronged just now, was stunned.


Chen Shiyun looked adored: “Xixi, I want to learn to fight with your little aunt, my father is not so good.”


I don’t know how she made such a judgment, but the heroine is a woman after all, and Chen Shiyun also wants to be such a powerful character.


“I can’t fight, my mother said I can’t fight.” Yang Luoqi persuaded anxiously.


“Well, my little aunt also said we can’t fight! But girls must protect themselves!” Xixi remembered it very well.


Aunt Xixi’s story is more exciting than a fairy tale. Lan Xin was fascinated just now, and now she nods her head quickly.


However, she just nodded, Nan Zhaoyu was also nodding ignorantly.



In order to welcome the next New Year’s Day party, the afternoon class was replaced by Mr. Mu and Mr. Shen to organize the children to rehearse the stage play “The Ugly Duckling”.


After several days of trying and changing people, each child finally has a fixed role.


Because of her good memory, Xixi was finally elected as the ugly duckling in the early stage. Yang Luoqi was beautiful and was selected as the white swan that the ugly duckling turned into in the later stage!


These are nothing, but Chen Shiyun is more interesting. She was elected as the hunter role she wanted. Although she has no lines, she looks cool with a plastic fake gun.


Rehearsal is a very frustrating thing, especially communicating with these four-year-old children, teaching them how to perform and how to move.


It’s not a big challenge for them to memorize these. The big challenge is that every time they rehearse, the children sitting around who have no role for a while will laugh and wriggle, and their laughter will make The children who are participating in the rehearsal feel embarrassed and don’t know how to perform!


“Hey, I’m so tired. I want to rest here first.” Xixi rehearsed very seriously. She was the least affected by the sidelines among these children. Next to a child holding a green grass sign, he squatted while reading his lines.


Although the little girl can’t put on a very professional expression, her seriousness has made her the best performer among the children!


At this time, Nan Zhaoyu and another boy who played the role of a wild duck ran over, but their swaying posture caused laughter from the children next to them, which made Nan Zhaoyu and the others suddenly forget their lines .


“You two want to ask Ugly Duckling who he is?” Teacher Shen had to remind him aloud.


“Ugly duckling, who are you?” Nan Zhaoyu said quickly.


Mr. Shen interrupted again, dumbfounded, and said, “It’s not the ugly duckling who you are! You don’t even know who the ugly duckling is! You have to ask ‘who are you’…”


“Okay then!” Nan Zhaoyu nodded obediently. He held hands with another little boy and spoke his lines in front of Xixi.


Xixi put her hands beside her like a little duck, but just like lifting the skirt, she turned her legs and bowed respectfully to the two “wild ducks” in a ladylike salute.


“I’m the ugly duckling!” Xixi whispered according to the teacher’s instructions.


Here Xixi should appear timid, but let’s not say that Xixi doesn’t understand the word. Even if she can understand, it is difficult to show these rich expressions with her little face that is tensed to memorize the lines. .


Nan Zhaoyu and another boy behaved more naturally, they said with a smile: “Oh, you are an ugly duckling!”


However, the lines were wrong, and Teacher Shen had to come up again and correct them: “You should say: wow, it really is an ugly duckling, you are really ugly!”


Really, these little guys, remember the last sentence and forget the next one. If you have Xixi’s memory, teachers don’t have to worry!


There is still more than half a month until the end of The stage play is still messy and needs to continue to work hard!



After school, Yang Yi picked up Xixi at the gate of the kindergarten.


The little girl excitedly took her father’s hand and said, “Baba, next time, can you ask my little aunt to pick me up too?”


“Huh? Why?” Yang Yi was a little strange. He knew that his daughter liked to play with Yang Huan, who was lively and laughing, but he didn’t expect it to be so sticky.


“Because my friends all want to see my little aunt!” The little girl counted, “Xin Er, Qi Qi… and Chen Shiyun, she wants to practice kung fu with my little aunt.”


Yang Yi rubbed Xixi’s little head with a bit of tears and laughter: “Did you tell me how your little aunt is doing in kindergarten again, how amazing is it?”


Xi Xi giggled.


At this moment, Yang Luoqi was led by her mother Wu Yue. Wu Yue held back a smile and said, “Yang Yi, Qiqi has something to tell you.”89


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