House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 211: Small idea of ​​electronic media (1/4)



When Yang Yi and Murphy returned to the living room, Xixi also finished her homework, and the little girl ran over with a notebook like Xianbao for her father to check.


“I’ve finished writing, I’m super serious!” Xixi looked at her father expectantly, hoping to get her father’s praise.


Yang Yi took the workbook and “appreciated” with Murphy a page full of strokes written by her daughter. The little girl wrote really seriously, not only did she try hard to imitate the examples her father taught her, but there were really a few small grids that were written in a decent manner, not a perfunctory thing.


After all, it’s just a stroke, Murphy can’t appreciate it very much, but she was very happy with her daughter’s performance, she immediately bent down and hugged Xixi, kissed her daughter’s cheek, and said with a smile: “Yes, this kind of Seriously, Mama is very happy to see it!”


“It’s very well written. Dad will come later and draw you a picture, okay?” Yang Yi also kissed Xixi’s other cheek.


She was actually kissed by her parents on one side. Xixi held up her little cheeks that were kissed, feeling a little happy. The little girl laughed happily, how could she even care about painting?


Xixi hugged her mother’s neck, followed them downstairs, and asked curiously, “Where are we going?”


“Let’s go to the coffee shop!” Murphy said.


“Ah? I don’t want to go to a coffee shop, I don’t like coffee.” The little guy pouted. She actually wanted to watch TV. The little girl took a long time to do her homework!


“I didn’t let you drink coffee. Mama just wanted to see the sister Ding Xiang you mentioned.” Murphy laughed.


“Oh, then I want to play. Sister Ding Xiang is very nice. Last time, last time I took Xiaojiao down, and she helped me catch Xiaojiao.” Xixi giggled. .


Yang Yi guessed right. Ding Xiang was still doing sanitation. In order to save electricity, she also turned off the rows of headlights, leaving only dim yellow lights.


“Brother Yang, Xixi, this is…” Ding Xiang heard the movement at the door and walked out with a mop. When she saw Murphy, she was surprised, but she didn’t dare to put her own Guess to say, afraid of making an oolong.


“Sister Ding Xiang, this is my Mama!” Xixi introduced first.


“Well, yes, my love, Murphy.” Yang Yi also nodded neatly.


Murphy glanced at Yang Yi. She was a little uncomfortable with the name Yang Yi, but she did not defend herself, but nodded to Ding Xiang with a slight smile: “Hello, Ding Xiang, I heard from Yang Yi before. I have passed you many times.”


Sure enough, it was the proprietress. Ding Xiang hurriedly said hello to Murphy, and really cautiously called “the proprietress”.


It’s not that this girl doesn’t understand anything, she is also a little worried that she will be hostile to Murphy because she is a girl, and then lose this lucrative job!


However, she was still too worried. Murphy saw her thin and small appearance, and her slightly ordinary appearance, and she had completely let go of her low precautions.


“Your name is Yang Yi, Brother Yang, can you just call me the boss if you call me?” Based on the stories Yang Yi told before, Murphy had a good impression of Ding Xiang, she smiled slightly and said softly, “You too Call me Fei!”


“Well, hello Sister Fei!” Ding Xiang nodded and said.


She has yet to recognize Murphy, after all, she basically has no concept of entertainment stars.


Murphy put down the impatient Xixi and let her play by herself, then took Ding Xiang’s hand and said gently, “Ding Xiang, you have worked hard all day to give Yang Yi the mop. Take a break!”


Yang Yi didn’t care much. He used to have to clean up once a day. He took the mop that Ding Xiang refused to let go, and went to the toilet at the back to change the water.


“Baba, I’ll help you!” Xixi jumped and followed, her sweet voice echoing in the empty coffee shop.


“What can you do for Dad?”


“Hmm… help Baba get some water!”


“Carry the bucket? Well, then Dad will carry it with you.”



Murphy looked away from her daughter. She looked at Ding Xiang and asked curiously, “Ding Xiang, your name sounds like the Lilac of Lilac! If Yang Yi hadn’t told me you were Xiangxi I don’t even recognize it.”


“Yes, when many people heard my name for the first time, they thought it was the lilac of the lilac flower.” Ding Xiang smiled shyly, “and then someone asked me if I liked the lilac flower?”


“Then do you like lilacs?” Murphy asked with interest.


“How did I know how lilacs look like before? I know now, but I don’t like them very much. I think their colors are too bright.” Ding Xiang said.


“Actually, there are many kinds of lilacs. The brightly colored ones should be red and blue. As far as I know, lilacs in Beijing are very beautiful. The flowers are medicinal yellow, like gypsophila. There are also colorful clouds. The local lilac in the province is very beautiful with another white variety called bergamot lilac!” Murphy was really excited when he talked about the flowers.


The two stood by the piano holding hands and chatted for a while.


Ding Xiang had already cleaned the table diligently, and Yang Yi finished the rest of the floor with Xixi’s help after a while.


Asking Xixi to wash her hands, Yang Yicai led her out: “What are you talking about?”


“When talking about Ding Xiang’s major, their electronic media major is a bit interesting. Not only do they have to study media courses, but also programming, which is different from the content of the media majors recruited by our company.” Mo Fei said that electronic media, that is the future trend. “Yang Yi inadvertently leaked the secret, but Ding Xiang was ignorant, and Murphy was not interested.


“Oh, that’s right!” Yang Yi suddenly remembered that Murphy was going to open a studio to fly solo in the future, and an idea floated up, and asked, “Ding Xiang, do you have a relatively high level of programming in your major? , or a student who has done web design?”


“Should have? I haven’t learned much, but there should be some seniors who have mastered it better.” Ding Xiang said.


“What are you going to do?” Murphy asked curiously.


“There is just an idea. If there is such a talent, I want to invest some money in it and do a project.” Yang Yi said to Murphy with a slight smile.


Murphy lost interest immediately, and she didn’t interfere with Yang Yi’s idea of ​​spending money.


“Then I’ll help Big Brother Yang to ask you when I go back later. I have a senior sister who is in the student union. I know a lot of people, and I will definitely be able to help find the talents that Big Brother Yang wants.” Ding Xiang promised seriously.


“It doesn’t matter, you can do your best, the big deal, I’ll go to the magic capital to find a comprehensive university to put up a sign to recruit people.” Yang Yi waved his hand indifferently.


“Okay, we can’t continue talking. It’s not safe for Ding Xiang to go back if it’s too late. If you make it too late in the future, you’ll close the store. Yang Yi is not too bad for him.” Murphy was concerned. said to Ding Xiang.


“It doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t matter. In fact, the campus is quite safe.” Ding Xiang gratefully said to Murphy.


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