House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1298: Don’t want to leave? Play at night! (Three/Three…



In fact, in the Snow Kingdom theme park, in addition to the ice and snow castle, there are many other projects for tourists to play, such as the adventure roller coaster themed by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, water sports such as boating to the pirate ship to explore the secrets, etc. , These are all very fun, just because today is very hot, and it is too exciting and dangerous, Yang Yi did not arrange for the children to play.


It can be regarded as a little “regret”, anyway, it’s not just one time, there is still a chance to play a second and third time in the future!


But Xixi and her friends had a lot of fun today, because in the Snow Castle, there are not only the mirror house, the Bobo ball pool and other rooms for them to explore, but also the corresponding rooms. The Frozen skit performance hall, where the little ones have fun and feast their eyes!


It’s just that there is no end to the play. After coming down from the ice and snow castle, watching the gradually darkening sky, the little guys were all reluctant to give up.


“I don’t want to go back yet, it’s so much fun.” Chen Shiyun shouted, expressing the thoughts of all the children.


Several children crowded around Xixi. They looked at Yang Yi pitifully, wondering what the “tour guide” Uncle Yang would decide.


“I also want to play.” Xixi whispered, she was worried and looked at her father expectantly.


I saw Yang Yi’s mouth twitched, he waved his big hand, and smiled hehely: “Of course I won’t go back so early, there are more fun things to do in our amusement park at night, how can we miss it? Let’s go have something to eat , and then play another night!”


Suddenly, a look of surprise flooded every little child’s face, which was reddened by the setting sun.


“Wow! I knew it, Uncle Yang is great!” Chen Shiyun was overjoyed, and she danced like a lady.


“I like Uncle Yang very much!” Lu Xiaoyu clapped her little hands and laughed.


“I like it very much too!” Nan Zhaoyu was so happy that the corners of his mouth almost reached his ears.


“No, because I said I liked it first!” Lu Xiaoyu said.


“What should I do then?” Nan Zhaoyu scratched his head, the little Buddhist boy had no thoughts of arguing.


Lu Xiaoyu said to him seriously: “You can’t say that you like it very much, but you can say that you like it very much!”



Dinner is also eaten in the park, but compared to the solemn and formality of the western restaurant in the castle, it is much more “interesting” to eat at night!


A Frozen-themed egg meal, a yellow steamed egg with egg whites decorated with snowflakes, and what looks like an ice cream on the plate is actually a snow treasure made of eggs and quail eggs. Also sprinkled some pork floss for garnish.


There is also a bunny-themed bento, with ear cores made of two carrots, making this bunny look even more pink and cute!


Of course, Lan Xin wants to eat meat, and in the beef short ribs ordered for her, in addition to lettuce and tomatoes, there is also an egg fried in the shape of Mickey Mouse!


Not to mention the taste, looking at these cute images of meals, the little guys like it very much, I don’t know if they are hungry, or they are stimulated by these vivid images, little guys. They all ate hard.


But I have to say, being able to stop for a meal and rest, the adults secretly took a breath.


“Suddenly I feel old.” Wu Yue and Murphy said with a wry smile, “There are no children who can persevere, so tired after walking all day!”


Isn’t it?


Except for Chen Guoqiang and Yang Yi, who are boxing fitness trainers themselves, who are still full of energy, none of the other parents rubbed their calves helplessly without frowning.


At this moment, the children can still be noisy, and even Xixi and Chen Shiyun can’t sit still.


Xiao Jiajia also had a good time and didn’t feel tired at all. Murphy fed him two mouthfuls of food, and the little guy twisted and ran to the middle of the sisters to see the sisters What to eat, he chewed the rice in his mouth, and let out a vague “hee hee” laughter.


Fortunately, the night-time activities do not need to travel long distances and climb up and down as in the daytime. No, Yang Yi took everyone to a place where not only the children screamed in surprise, but even adults They are all showing their joy in front of the game project!




No, in the Snow Kingdom theme park, it has a new change, it is no longer called the merry-go-round, it should be called the spinning reindeer!


Because it’s the main character in “Frozen” who often pulls a sleigh and leads everyone over the mountains, the reindeer!


And in this rotating reindeer play area, there are not only reindeer with white to gray gradient hair like Sven, but also the exclusive reindeer with brown and red nose for Christmas sleigh, all kinds of reindeer, in bright and bright Under the light, it looks lifelike and beautiful!


Looking at the dream-like carousel in the night (or called the carousel for convenience), Murphy couldn’t help but look a little confused.


“Wow…” Murphy couldn’t help but stretched out both hands, grabbed Yang Yi’s arm gently, and looked at Yang Yi in surprise.


But it’s a pity, because the children want to play more, and it’s not safe for them to ride the merry-go-round alone, so Yang Yi and Murphy can only take care of one, Yang Yi takes Xixi, Murphy takes Sitting up with Xiao Jiao.


Although this merry-go-round in the park is more than one level in size and beauty compared to the merry-go-rounds in other small playgrounds, in the huge space, the children still pull their parents and ask for Sitting close to one side, in a small space for a while, everyone’s laughter and hilarity were crowded together, like boiling hot water, so lively!


Yang Yi can only ask loudly, “Are you all seated?”


All the children’s childish laughter answered: “Giggle, sit down!”


“I haven’t sat down yet, wait for me.” Lan Xin shouted in a penetrating voice.


“Hahaha!” In the laughter of the children Everyone waited for Lan Xin for a while, and Yang Yicai waved to the staff to turn on the phone.


“Thesnowglowswhiteonthemountaintonight…” When the merry-go-round turned, the children’s laughter suddenly burst into the middle of a light song.


Huh? And songs?


Sure, it’s a music carousel!


Xixi reacted the fastest, she turned her head in surprise, looked at her father, and said crisply: “Letitgo?”


“Yes!” Yang Yi smiled slightly at the little girl.


With the rotation of the merry-go-round, the singing is also flowing slowly. When the climax sounded, Xixi couldn’t help humming softly: “letitgo, letitgo, can’tholditbackanymore…”


When Xixi started humming, she turned her head in surprise, and next to her sister Yu Xiaowei was humming just like her. The two little girls looked at each other and smiled, both giggling.


Then they both looked at each other, shook their heads slightly, raised the volume a bit, and continued to hum along together.


This is a bit of a driving force. After hearing Xixi and Yu Xiaowei humming, Lu Weisha, Lu Xiaoyu and other children also joined in the fun. After all, this song was already well known to them during the summer vacation last year, and it was even popular among children all over the country for a while!


“letitgo…” ended up being a chorus of all the children.


Little 囈曈 leaned against his mother’s arms, he didn’t want to be left out in the cold, I saw that the little guy was also excited, a little hand danced, and sang along with chirps: “Pull the dog, pull the hook, pull the dog …”


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