House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1284: Friends’ concern (1/3)



When the uproar in the domestic media had just begun, Yang Yi had already begun to accept the transcripts of two routine police interrogations in the hospital restaurant. Because the other party’s attitude was not too bad because he was a yellow race, and he also allowed the weak Murphy and the children to rest on the other side, Yang Yi did not forcefully ask for a lawyer to be present.


“We boarded the train from Leipzig, Germany last night, and arrived in Paris at 6:10 in the morning.” Yang Yi replied in fluent French, which made the communication smoother than English, and left a message for the other party. good impression.


“I came to Paris for tourism and shopping, my wife and I were in the music industry in China.”


“At the time of the incident, we happened to be using the toilet in the bathroom in this area. I heard gunshots and told my family to hide inside.” Yang Yi asked the other party to take out the map of the train station and pointed to the location of the bathroom where they were hiding. , said frankly.


“I don’t know why they didn’t search our toilet. Fortunately, we were not found by the KBFZ. I was already nervous when I heard the gunshots coming from outside.” Yang Yitan He spread his hands, showing a hint of fear, “But I didn’t tell the children what happened, just told them that we were playing a game of hide and seek.”


However, I have to say that in such a big matter, the French police have raised their attention to a very high level. Even an inconspicuous passenger like Yang Yi has already investigated his passport status. A lot of information.


A police officer took out a piece of paper and asked solemnly: “We found out that you originally booked a train ticket from Sweden to Paris on the 12th, but you should have arrived in Paris yesterday, why did you change trains later? Is the train arriving today?”


“Because Leipzig is so attractive, as I said just now, my wife and I are both engaged in the music industry in China, so when we passed through Leipzig, we made a temporary intention to visit Leipzig.” Yang Yi replied calmly, “So, we changed the number of trains.”


The police officer wrote down the transcript, then picked up the piece of paper about Yang Yi’s investigation information, and nodded while looking at it. Obviously, Yang Yi’s words were similar to the answers he expected.


At this time, at the door of the restaurant, a group of people filed in, including Chinese in suits and leather shoes, and a few people in police uniforms with high police rank.


“I’m Gao Yu, Minister of the Chinese Embassy in France. Are you Mr. Yang Yi?” The middle-aged man who was not tall but with a very serious image at the beginning extended his hand to Yang Yi.



There is no need to elaborate on the greetings and some empty words. With the help of the embassy, ​​the Yang Yi family can finally leave the hospital, take the car from the embassy, ​​and return to the headquarters of the Chinese embassy in France in the seventh district. .


Secretary Gao Yu is the second person in the embassy. However, he is also very busy right now and has no time to talk to Yang Yi. After he sent Yang Yi to the embassy, ​​he received a notice that there are currently Chinese citizens here. In the case of casualties in the second catastrophe, he pleaded guilty and hurriedly took the others to visit the hospital.


Yang Yi, Murphy, and the children sat in the conference room inside the embassy, ​​and a staff member helped them entertain them.


“It’s finally safe, at least what I heard is the Mandarin that we are familiar with.” Yang Yi patted Murphy, who was still a little nervous, stretched and smiled.


He wanted to use positive emotions to make Murphy get out of the fearful mood earlier, and the effect was not bad. Seeing Yang Yi smiling so relaxed, Murphy felt a lot more at ease. She smiled gently with Yang Yi. , took a sip of hot water, and whispered thank you to the girl.


The appearance of Yang Yi and Murphy caused quite a stir in the embassy. After all, these two people are famous. Even though many diplomats rarely care about the domestic entertainment industry, Yang Yi and Murphy rely on The advantages of making a big splash in the United States and singing a lot of English songs are still remembered by many diplomats.


Some young staff from the Business Office or the Science and Technology Office, who were not so busy, could not hold back their curiosity. They excused themselves to go to the toilet and came to the conference room to see Yang Yi and the others. Make a small book and let Yang Yi and Murphy sign it.


Even some girls like Xixi very much. Seeing the little girl with pink and jade carving sitting so obediently taking care of her brother, they couldn’t help asking to take a photo with Xixi.


“Hehe, no.” The little girl turned her head mischievously and jumped off the chair.


It’s not that Xixi is shy, nor is she being petty. The little girl ran to her father’s side, put both hands on her father’s thigh, and jumped lively, and then looked back. The big sister smiled shyly and said, “Hee hee, you have to let Baba tie her hair before she can take pictures!”


Oh, the little guy is getting more and more stinky!


But it is also, because she climbed the pipe, Xixi’s hair is messy, but she has not had a chance to take a shower. When Yang Yi wiped the little girl’s face before, he also wiped Xixi’s hair with a warm towel. So I untied Xixi’s hair rope. Later, Yang Yi didn’t bother to tie Xixi’s hair.


The laughter and laughter in the conference room relieved some of the sadness and tension. Murphy also seemed to be a lot calmer. He also sat beside Yang Yi, reached out and touched Xixi’s head, and smiled softly .



Inside the embassy, ​​especially in the back office area, signal control is actually implemented. Sitting in the office, Yang Yi did not know that his mobile phone signal was blocked.


Until Lanzhou Kai couldn’t wait, he directly called the embassy to inquire about Yang Yi’s news. The staff transferred the signal through the landline, and Yang Yi and Lanzhou Kai got on the phone.


“Is it really all right? Just go back to the embassy and be unharmed? That’s God’s blessing! When we saw the news, we were all scared to death!” Lanzhou Kai said with emotion, “Xin Er Her mother was crying, even though Xiao Guo said you were all right, we were all worried.”


Yang Yi’s heart warmed when he heard it, and when he was about to say something, a loud voice interrupted.


“I’m worried too! Dad Yang, you guys, you’ve been playing for so long, why haven’t you come back?” Lan Xin shouted, “I’ve already returned from my grandfather!”


Yang Yi was stunned for a couldn’t help but smile, this little fat girl doesn’t seem to realize the seriousness of the matter. However, the little girl’s concern still makes Yang Yi very pleased – when I go back, I want to add chicken legs to this little girl!


“It’s okay, Xiner, we’ll be back soon, don’t worry.” Yang Yi said softly.


“Xin’er?” Xixi next to her heard her father’s name on the phone, and was immediately excited. She ran over quickly and asked, “Baba, is this Xiner? I want to talk to Xiner.”


So, the phone was occupied by these two little girls!


After leaving Sweden, Xixi, who had never spoken to Lan Xin, excitedly had a phone call with Lan Xin.


“Xin Er, let me tell you, we are very strange today. My brother and I and Mama have all gone to the sky! Not in the sky, but in the building…”


“Well, then I played the piano yesterday, and a lot of people looked at me!”


“It’s fine here, but I ate delicious bread in the morning, and I haven’t taken a picture yet! I forgot to take a picture…”


Yang Yi asked the technical staff of the embassy to help lift the signal restrictions on his mobile phone. Suddenly, a lot of missed calls and text messages flooded in.


“So many?” Yang Yi was a little surprised, and moved to look at the familiar names in the missed calls and text messages, as well as the worried greetings.


Ding Xiang, Guo Ziyi, Mo Xiaojuan, Lu Xiaoshu, Miao Chuan, Du Yuanlei, Ju Jie, Lu Benjie, Fu Jun, Mao Peifu, Chen Fengchen, etc., and even the old man Hu Songnan, Lin Muan, Chen Yijie from Hong Kong City , as well as those star friends who have co-recorded programs and made movies…


It turns out that there are so many people who care about them, and Yang Yi, who is still a little withdrawn in character, is a little moved!


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