House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1249: Half of my marshmallows and 1 of yours (…



Because of the advantage of VIP seats, Zhong Zhenzhen and Chu Fangfang came very early. After they checked the tickets and entered the venue, they couldn’t wait to come to their seats.


“Wow, it’s so forward!” Zhong Zhenzhen was excited, grabbed Chu Fangfang’s arm and jumped excitedly when there was no one there, “It’s really the front row, it’s the first row. Yes! It’s exactly the same as what I found online!”


Although Chu Fangfang has always been very calm, at this time her face also revealed a faint expression of surprise, and said with a smile: “Yeah, thanks to you, I have the opportunity to enjoy the VIP treatment once. Buying from a scalper is estimated to cost tens of thousands of dollars!”


“What money is not rich, tacky!” Zhong Zhenzhen waved his hand in a dashing manner and said with a smile, “Let’s take a selfie, don’t post a microbroadcast, it’s too high-profile, just post it in the circle of friends, let me Those guys are envious!”


Just as the two girls were busy taking selfies, the reporters outside the venue were in a commotion, because a vice mayor in charge of cultural education in the city, as a representative of the leadership, appeared outside the venue, and Yang Yi also Come out to meet.


This is a bit of a show, but after all, today Murphy will sing a Jiangcheng promotional song, and there will also be a Jiangcheng tourism promotional video in the venue, so it is normal for city leaders to come and see .


Let’s not talk about these people, after a quarter of an hour, the venue was already lively, sitting on the VIP table, from time to time, Zhong Zhenzhen and Chu Fangfang, who looked sideways at the officials, were a little nervous, but soon, Zhong Zhen Really found something, and excitedly reached out and patted Chu Fangfang’s arm.


“Look, look, is that Xin’er?” Zhong Zhenzhen pointed to a little girl in the middle of a group of people surrounded by the crowd, and whispered to Chu Fangfang, “It should be her, holding her It’s her father, Lanzhou Kai, and Yang Yi’s business partner.”


Chu Fangfang looked over curiously.


Indeed, Lanzhou Kaizheng and Wu Jingjing took Lan Xin out of the aisle outside the venue and came to the VIP table. Yang Yi also went to pick them up. However, Lan Xin was the most eye-catching, because she held With a large group of “flowers”.


Accurately speaking, it’s a marshmallow that looks like a flower!


There are sales outside the venue. Whenever there is a concert or any event with a lot of traffic, many small businessmen quietly push their carts out. Lan Xin probably saw it too, pestering Lanzhou Kai. Bought her a handful.


It is quite interesting to eat marshmallows in winter, because the shredded candy after quick cold cutting is easier to shape, more crystal clear, tear off a little, bite down, fluffy and delicious, cold and sweet, but don’t enjoy it too much!


Lan Xin even forgot to walk when she was eating and eating. If Lanzhou Kai was not holding her wrist, the little guy would stop and tear the marshmallows by himself if he didn’t know where he was, and stayed there to eat for a long time!


“So cute!” Zhong Zhenzhen held her face that was a little red from the cold, looked at Lan Xin, who was trying to eat marshmallows with her head up, and said to her companion, “I like Xixi, too. I like Xiner, because Yang Yi’s micro-broadcast often writes some stories about Xiner, she and Xixi are good sisters without guessing!”


“The word “liang Xiao Wu Gues” is used to describe the childhood sweethearts of boys and girls, right?” Chu Fangfang is a very rigorous academic talent, very strict, she corrected with a smile.


“Cut!” Zhong Zhenzhen pouted.


Lanzhou Kai wanted to help Yang Yi to speak with the deputy mayor. When they passed the seats of Zhong Zhenzhen and Chu Fangfang and walked to the reserved seats, Zhong Zhenzhen couldn’t help it.


“Hello, hello! Can we take a photo with Xiner? I really like her!” Zhong Zhenzhen even had some rashness, leaned forward with a blushing face, and asked in a low voice.


Lanzhou Kai and a few people haven’t reacted yet, only Yang Yi noticed when Zhong Zhenzhen appeared, but the backlight just didn’t notice who these two girls were sitting in the VIP seat, and now seeing Zhong Zhen Really, he also reacted.


“It’s you!” Yang Yi said with a smile, “Are you and your friends here?”


Before Zhong Zhenzhen could answer, Yang Yi introduced the identities of the two girls to Lanzhou Kai. Hearing that it was the two enthusiastic fans who had helped Yang Yi and Xixi find Sunny Baby in Yangcheng before, Lanzhou Kai also let down his guard. He smiled gently and shook hands with the two girls. Of course, he was also very polite. Touch away.


“It seems that you are also paying attention to Yang Yi’s Weibo, otherwise, how could you recognize me as a girl who has no sense of existence as soon as you meet!” Lanzhou Kai joked, and he gently patted Lan Xin’s little girl. head, but Lan Xin has not realized that she has become the protagonist.


Lan Xin, who was busy dealing with this big marshmallow, had a rare opportunity to stand firm and eat the marshmallow. She licked the marshmallow she had touched just now, dipped in a little melted sugar juice, A little sticky fingers.


Now that he knew the identities of the two girls, Lanzhou Kai did not embarrass Yang Yi, and generously asked Lan Xin to take a photo with the two girls. Zhong Zhenzhen and Chu Fangfang both squatted down and surrounded Lan Xin. , with a smile compared to Scissorhands.


“You also took the blessing of Xixi and enjoyed the treatment of a star.” Lanzhou Kai said with a smile while waiting for Lan Xin to return from taking the photo, handing her the marshmallow.


“No, Xiner is also a star!” Zhong Zhenzhen said sweetly after half a year of social experience, “We have seen Xiner and Xixi perform at school, Xiner sings It’s very good, and I will definitely become a big singer in the future!”


In this world, because of the developed entertainment industry, stardom is indeed a highly valued profession.


Lanzhou Kai and Wu Jingjing listened to other people’s compliments to Lan Xin, and couldn’t help being elated. Wu Jingjing couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Really? Xiner, look, my sister said that you sing well~ I will continue to learn from your mother Mo in the future!”


Lan Xin was not interested in what they said. She felt that these adults were too troublesome to talk, and she even dragged her away from giving her marshmallows. What if they melted later?


“Oh…” So, seeing Lan Xin tearing off another piece of marshmallow and eating it, she answered absentmindedly, then turned to look at Lanzhou Kai and asked, “Dad, where is Xixi? “


Yang Yi replied for Lanzhou Kai: “Xixi is in the background, and Jiaojiao is there, are you going to play with them?”


Lan Xin nodded. She looked at the marshmallow that had lost a circle in her hand, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Yes, I will also give them some marshmallows, um, this one. Give it to Xixi, and then, give this small piece to Xiaojiao, because Xiaojiao can’t eat that much…”


It’s very embarrassing. I still have half of the rest for myself. Although it’s not enough to eat, I still get a point for Xixi and Xiaojiao. Who made my relationship with Xixi so good?


Lanzhou Kai smiled: “You didn’t say it earlier, Dad bought you one more! The marshmallows you have eaten are also distributed to Xixi, so that others will eat your saliva?”


Of course, it’s not that Lanzhou Kai didn’t think about it, but he didn’t want to buy so many, because he was worried that if he bought two, Lan Xin would eat them all.


“No! I tear it off and eat it, and I can’t eat it with my mouth, because breathing in my mouth will melt the marshmallow, and it won’t taste good!” Lan Xin explained in a straight-forward manner, “So, I can tear it off and give it to Xixi, I have never eaten it!”


Of course, Lan Xin was taken backstage by Yang Yi to play with Xixi, because Lanzhou Kai was busy chatting with the deputy mayor, and this occasion was not suitable for little girls.


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