Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 2353: Weird Agreement


bsp;Above the main hall, Nie Tian looked at Nie Dao with burning eyes, expecting the latter to tell him everything.

“Nie Tian, ​​you once asked me why the head of the Zhou family would hunt you down.” Nie Dao looked serious, staring at Nie Tian and said, “At that time, I didn’t tell you the truth. Now, I Decided to tell you the truth.”

“Yes.” Nie Tian nodded and listened attentively.

“The reason why the head of the Zhou family is chasing you is actually because you have the power of the earth element in your body.” Nie Dao nodded and said solemnly.

“The Zhou family is looking for the origin of the earth element!” Nie Tian’s eyes trembled and he said with a burning gaze.

“Yes.” Nie Dao nodded and said, “It is the destiny of the Zhou family to find the source of the earth element.”

When Nie Tian heard this, he could no longer suppress the excitement in his eyes.

He knew that his guess was right: the nine great aristocratic families in the world were sent by the Jueying Temple to come to the nine realms to find the nine origins!

“Nie Tian, ​​are you okay?” Nie Dao noticed that Nie Tian’s expression was not right, and couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment and asked.

“I’m fine.” Nie Tian suppressed his shock and said, “Grandpa, please continue talking.”

He wanted to personally prove this from Nie Dao!

Nie Dao frowned, but continued: “Actually, the nine great families in creation are not from the nine realms, but from another world.”

“The ancestors of the nine great families came to the nine realms, each with their own mission.”

“The mission of the Zhou family is to find the origin of the earth element, and the mission of our Nie family is to find the origin of the light element.”

“Only when people from the nine great families complete their mission can they return to their original world.”

Speaking of this, Nie Dao couldn’t help but smile bitterly and said: “It is a pity that the nine great families of creation have been in the nine realms for a long time, and until now, they have not been able to find the legendary nine original powers. .”

“Grandpa, is the world where the nine great families originally lived called the Abandoned Land?” Nie Tian asked with a trembling voice, his eyes trembling, and everyone stood up excitedly.

“Huh?” Nie Dao’s face suddenly changed when Nie Tian suddenly mentioned the Abandoned Land. After being stiff for a few seconds, he said in shock: “Do you know the Abandoned Land?”

“Yes!” Nie Tian nodded heavily, with uncontrollable joy on his face.

He suppressed the excitement in his heart and briefly told what he had experienced in the abandoned land.

After hearing what Nie Tian said, Nie Dao froze, like a wooden sculpture, and did not respond for a long time.

He never expected that Nie Tian had already been to the Abandoned Land and returned safely from the Abandoned Land.

He finally knew why Nie Tian’s strength improved so quickly. It turned out that he had been to the Abandoned Land.

He also understood why Jun Aoqing’s strength was so terrifying, because the latter was from the Abandoned Land!

Nie Tian had just returned from the Abandoned Land. This was something Nie Dao had never expected.

After a long time, Nie Dao finally calmed down, looked at Nie Tian with blazing eyes, and asked: “What kind of organization is Jueying Temple?”

As the head of the Nie family, he knows some secret things, the mission of the Nie family, and the existence of the abandoned land.

But this was the first time he heard the name Jueying Temple.

He was very curious about how terrifying this organization that sent out the nine great families was.

“I don’t know either.” Nie Tian shook his head and smiled bitterly, and said, “I don’t know much about Jueying Temple.”

Nie Dao was stunned for a moment, and then asked: “Since the Jueying Temple is so powerful, why don’t you find the nine origins in person, but send the ancestors of the nine aristocratic families to find them?”

“I don’t know.” Nie Tian also shook his head. This was also where he was confused.

He has seen with his own eyes the strength of Yingyue Tanlang and Ying Qianyu. If such strong men came to the nine realms, they would definitely crush everything.

The Jueying Temple is so powerful, why not find the nine origins in person, but let people from the nine aristocratic families search for them.

Perhaps, the people in Jueying Temple have some restrictions and cannot leave the abandoned place.

Jueying Temple is a complete mystery to Nie Tian now.

It doesn’t make much sense to think about Jueying Temple now.

However, Nie Tian wanted to find out why the Jueying Temple wanted to obtain the nine origins.

“Qingwan has merged with the first realm of light. Our Nie family has found the original power of the light system.” At this time, Nie Tian glanced at Nie Qingwan and said.

“No.” Nie Dao shook his head and said with a wry smile: “The original power of light in Qingwan’s body is only part of the first realm of light.”

“And this part of the light source was brought out by the ancestors from the abandoned land, and was used to find the rest of the light source.”

“There is a strong resonance between the original powers.”

“For hundreds of thousands of years, the Nie family has been constantly searching for the origin of the light system.”

“However, it is very difficult to find the origin of the light system. Someone must first integrate the origin of the light system, and then react with the other relationship origins.”

“Qingwan is the second person besides the ancestors to successfully integrate the source of light.”

“But the strange thing is that after merging the source of light, she did not sense the existence of other sources of light.”

“So until now, the Nie family still has not been able to find the origin of the light system.”

After speaking, Nie Dao couldn’t help but sigh.

“So that’s it.” Nie Tian nodded slightly, roughly understanding everything.

When the Jueying Temple asked the ancestors of the nine great families to search for the nine origins, each of them should have given them a small part of the origin power to facilitate their search for other origin powers.

As far as Nie Tian knows so far, the dark abyss side of the dark origin and the earth veins of the earth origin are scattered and not complete.

So it is not surprising that the source of light in Nie Qingwan’s body is only a very small part.

It seems that it is not easy to find the complete nine origins.

Then, Nie Tian became calmer and asked, “Grandpa, does the Nie family’s mission have anything to do with Qingwan’s engagement?”

“There was an agreement between the ancestors of the Nie family and the Nangong family.” Nie Dao smiled bitterly and said: “If the Nie family and the Nangong family have people who can combine the power of the source at the same time, then the two of them, It must be combined.”

“And the agreement between the two ancestors specifically emphasized that as long as there is a person in the two families who can integrate the power of the origin, they must be together regardless of their age and gender!”

“This…” Nie Tian was stunned for a moment, with a strange look on his face.

The agreement between these two ancestors is so strange.

It doesn’t matter the age, but if they have the same gender, whether they are both men or both women, do they still want to be together?

Thinking of this, Nie Tian couldn’t help but feel a chill all over.

He was even a little lucky, thanks to the fact that Nangong Lin and Nie Qingwan were a boy and a girl. It would be very embarrassing if they had the same gender.

“Isn’t this agreement a bit too forced?” Nie Tian turned around and glanced at Nie Qingwan, frowning and said.

Nie Dao sighed, with a very ugly expression on his face, and said, “This is an agreement between the two ancestors, and I can’t change it.”

Nie Tian frowned, not knowing what to say.

“Could it be that these two ancestors want to…” At this moment, the voice of the little fat cat suddenly sounded in his consciousness. He was very frightened, as if he had discovered something amazing.


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