Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 2349: Close to the realm of gods


bsp;Nie Tian looked at the old man in gray, his eyes slightly condensed.

Judging from his aura, this old man’s combat power should be close to the peak of the divine realm.

Nie Tian guessed that this old man’s status in Fengyun League was definitely not low.

Jun Aoqing stabilized her figure and looked coldly at the old man in gray. She did not speak or take action, but waited for Nie Tian’s response.

“Senior, junior Nie Tian, ​​is a member of the Nie family. This time he came to the Fengyun League to ask for a meeting with the leader of the Fengyun League.” Nie Tian looked at the old man in gray indifferently and said very respectfully: ” I have no intention of offending Fengyun Alliance. I have offended many things, so please forgive me, senior.”

The person in front of him should be a senior figure in the Fengyun League. Judging from his age, he must be of the same generation as Nie Tian’s grandfather Nie Dao. It is not an exaggeration for Nie Tian to call him a senior.

“I don’t care who you are!” But the old man in gray had a cold face and said coldly: “There is only one word for provoking Fengyun Alliance, death!”

Nie Tian was stunned for a moment and couldn’t help but frown.

He did not expect that the other party would react like this when he apologized politely.

Admittedly, there was something wrong with him breaking into Fengyun League directly.

But he did not actually attack the people of Fengyun League, but only passively defended.

Even Jun Aoqing only controlled the guards without hurting them at all.

The old man in gray saw this in his eyes. Could it be that he couldn’t see the purpose of Nie Tian’s visit?

If Nie Tian really came here to provoke the Fengyun Alliance, then the guards in front of him would have been dead long ago.

The way this old man in gray does things is really overbearing.

“Wind and Cloud Imperial Guard!” At this moment, the old man in gray suddenly roared, and then the surrounding space suddenly shook. Nine warriors in black appeared, standing in the air, and locked eyes on Nie Tian. and Jun Aoqing.

“Huh?” Nie Tian’s eyes narrowed, his consciousness swept across the nine Fengyun Guards in the sky, and his expression changed slightly.

These nine Fengyun Imperial Guards are all in the late stage of the Supreme God, and their auras are close to each other. They are obviously warriors of the same attribute.

Judging from the positions of these nine people, they obviously cooperate with each other tacitly, and there is a faint meaning of formation around them.

“Kill!” The old man in gray looked at Nie Tian and suddenly released a cold killing intent. He roared deeply and issued a killing order directly!

The figures of the nine Fengyun Imperial Guards moved in unison, moving back and forth in the space. Suddenly, a vast and boundless power of formation surged through the entire space.

“Nie Tian, ​​you have to be careful. These nine people are all wind attribute warriors. Each of them is a formation eye and condenses into a formation.” At this time, the little fat cat’s voice sounded, reminding Nie Tian: ” The nine people joining forces are more terrifying than the average supreme god.”

Nie Tian nodded slightly, and then looked at Jun Aoqing. The latter understood, and her figure flashed and came to his side.

“Wind Surge, kill!” The next moment, the nine Fengyun Imperial Guards shouted in unison, and then simultaneously released a violent momentum.

The force of the nine gusts of wind, combined with the power of the formation, were like nine wild dragons, swooping down and charging towards Nie Tian and Jun Aoqing.

Nie Tian felt the violent momentum coming from above his head and frowned slightly.

The combined attack of these nine Fengyun Imperial Guards is indeed terrifying. This kind of momentum is enough to instantly kill the ordinary powerful people at the peak of the Supreme God.

But for Nie Tian, ​​the threat of the nine people joining forces is not very big.

However, the dozens of guards in that solid space are very dangerous.

Even if they were only hit, dozens of guards would be seriously injured, or even killed.

These Fengyun Imperial Guards were like lunatics. In order to kill Nie Tian, ​​they even ignored their own people.

Nie Tian roared low, stepped on his feet, his figure rose into the sky, and slashed out with his sword. It was his most powerful move, the Holy Sky Reversing Sword, the Human Sword Cutting Stars!

“Boom!” The sword’s intent was fierce, and its shadow was like a dragon, soaring into the sky, causing the surrounding space to shake slightly.

At the same moment, Nie Tianren released waves of star power in mid-air, turning into a star soul shield, filling the solid space and protecting dozens of guards.

“Boom!” The next moment, terrible forces collided together. The sword shadow was very terrifying. The power of the sword bloomed, and the destructive power surged away, directly driving away the nine gusts of wind.

The nine Fengyun Imperial Guards were struck by the sword intent and flew directly into the sky.

“Bang!” On the other side, the solidified space was struck by the sword and instantly shattered.

Under the protection of the Star Soul Shield, dozens of guards were not injured and immediately retreated to a safe area.

“Huh?” When the old man in gray saw the scene in front of him, his eyes trembled suddenly.

He obviously did not expect that Nie Tian’s strength would be so strong, far beyond his expectation.

But Nie Tian is obviously just a mid-level supreme **** warrior.

With such strength, it is really terrifying to be able to break through the attacks of nine Fengyun Guards with one sword.

The next moment, the old man in gray looked at Nie Tian, ​​his eyes became colder and more murderous.

Nie Tian felt the murderous intention and his face darkened slightly.

He didn’t understand why the old man in gray had such a murderous intention towards him. He didn’t do anything after he came to Fengyun League.

He did break into the Fengyun Alliance without permission, but he definitely did not provoke.

And his actions just now don’t explain everything?

He even took action himself and protected dozens of guards. Doesn’t this prove his goodwill?

What’s more important is that he didn’t use his full strength in the sword blow just now, otherwise the nine Fengyun Imperial Guards would have been seriously injured even if they didn’t die.

At this moment, the nine Fengyun Imperial Guards were standing high in the sky. Although they were not injured, they were deeply shocked. They all looked at Nie Tian with fearful expressions and were extremely horrified.

How could they have imagined that the young warrior in front of them had such amazing combat power.

“Boy, you dare to take action in the Fengyun Alliance and you are seeking death!” At this moment, the old man in gray shouted, and his figure moved to the sky, his eyes locked on Nie Tian with a solemn look.

Nie Tian looked at the old man in gray and his expression became even lower.

The gray-clothed old man just asked the Fengyun Imperial Guard to take action, and his behavior was already very strange.

Now, it would be even weirder to actually take action personally.

Furthermore, his murderous intention towards Nie Tian was very strong, with a look that wanted to kill the latter.

Nie Tian thought to himself that his actions had shown his intention, but the man in gray insisted on killing him, which made him very suspicious.

He was very surprised, where did the old man in gray’s inexplicable murderous intention come from!

At this time, even the guards looked at the old man in gray with puzzled faces, obviously unable to understand the latter’s behavior.

Nie Tian did not kill, but also rescued others. He was obviously not a provocateur.

However, these guards did not speak, because the old man in gray had a very high status. He was one of the two deputy leaders of the Fengyun Alliance, and he was a powerful minister!

Everyone in the Fengyun League knows that those who have power are narrow-minded, cruel and murderous.

If you question him in front of him, you are simply seeking death.

At this time, Ren Quanchen seemed determined to kill Nie Tian.

Everyone looked at Nie Tian high in the sky and started to worry about the latter.


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