Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 2327: The strongest clan


bsp;The extremely tragic scene high in the sky made everyone’s expressions stiffen, and they were unwilling to watch any more.

Even though Nie Tian’s body was covered in blood and flesh, he still stood firm and did not kneel down.

They can all feel that Nie Tian’s martial body has collapsed, blood is gushing, bones are broken, and muscles are torn.

Nie Tian is able to stand solely because of his super willpower!

It is hard for everyone to imagine that a person’s willpower can be so strong.

“This…” Tian Xie Shen watched from the side, his whole expression dull. In his eyes, there was not only shock, but also fear.

He couldn’t believe that one person’s will could be so strong.

At this moment, he even felt timid.

He felt that Nie Tian was a terrible person, making people fearful!

“Since you don’t want to kneel down, then go die!” At this time, Huang Chu evilai roared loudly, and the momentum of his whole body surged to the extreme.

He also did not expect that Nie Tian could survive this far.

If Nie Tian didn’t kneel down to him, there would be only one word for him, death!

“Boom!” The violent pressure, like a raging wave, came suddenly, pressing down on Nie Tian.

At this moment, everyone’s expressions became still.

They can feel that such terrible pressure, even the strongest ones at the peak of the Supreme God, will never be able to withstand it. Even the strongest semi-saints will be oppressed to death!

Nie Tian’s whole body was bathed in blood, and his face was ferocious and twisted.

The moment he felt the huge pressure, his eyes turned into a strange pure black color, flashing with dark light, extremely cold and stern, like a wild beast.

“Boom!” The next moment, black flames surged out of his body, and his whole body turned into a ball of dark fire in an instant.

At this moment, everyone suddenly felt that in the **** aura in the air, there was an extremely murderous and extremely evil aura.

“Dark Demonic Essence!” At the same moment, the little fat cat screamed and reacted suddenly.

Under the tremendous pressure, Nie Tian was actually inspired to unleash the power of dark demonic energy!

The dark demonic element is conceived from the embryo of gods and demons, and it contains the most terrifying power of darkness.

When Nie Tian was condensing his demonic energy, he lost control, and finally relied on Xue’er’s blood to slowly wake up.

At this time, his dark magic element was extremely oppressed and broke out again.

“Nie Tian wants time and space!” The little fat cat screamed in horror, with a very frightened expression.

The dark magic element is out of control, and he doesn’t know what will happen next.

But he was sure that even if the dark demonic element was activated, Nie Tian still couldn’t be the opponent of Huang Chu Elai and others.

After all, Nie Tian’s strength was too weak, and even the dark demonic element could not exert its power.

“Roar!” The next moment, Nie Tian roared suddenly, like a wild beast.

His pure black pupils shot out a dark evil light, a terrifying power of darkness, rising into the sky, actually breaking through the terrifying pressure around him.

“Huh?” Huang Chu evilai’s body trembled slightly, and he was actually forced to take a few steps back.

His eyes trembled, he looked at Nie Tian, ​​then sneered and said, “It turns out to be the legendary Yuan Fei of gods and demons.”

“Roar!” Nie Tian roared again, raised his head, and saw a pair of black eyes, extremely evil.

He was surrounded by a fierce murderous aura, **** and dark, as if he was the killing itself.

The others were completely shocked when they saw this scene, not knowing what happened to Nie Tian.

“Boom!” At this moment, the black flames all over Nie Tian’s body burned even more violently. With a movement of his figure, he rushed directly towards Huangchu Evilai.

“Looking for death!” Huang Chu evilai sneered and struck out with a palm. The violent and boundless palm shadow appeared and blasted towards Nie Tian.

At this moment, Nie Tian inspired the power of dark demonic energy, and his momentum was much stronger than before.

But it is completely impossible for him to use this kind of power to fight against Huang Chu evil.

“Boom!” A terrifying palm rolled towards him.

Nie Tian was like a wild beast, completely unafraid and rushed straight towards him.

If this palm were received head-on, Nie Tian would definitely die.

What Huang Chu evil wanted was the raw star stone, so of course he wouldn’t care about Nie Tian’s life.

Even if Nie Tian dies, the Star Stone will still exist.

At the moment when Nie Tian died, a sudden change occurred.

“Roar-!” Above the sky, a shocking dragon roar sounded, like thunder from the nine heavens, shaking the world.

“Boom!” In the next moment, a majestic dragon energy fell overwhelmingly and came with a crash, wrapping Nie Tian’s entire body.

A layer of golden light appeared around Nie Tian, ​​opening like a shield.

“Bang!” The palm shadow fell and hit the golden shield. There was a muffled sound and it shattered directly.

The sudden scene made Huang Chu evilly horrified. After taking a few steps back, he suddenly stopped and looked up into the sky.

On the horizon, a golden dragon appeared.

The golden dragon’s body is three thousand meters long, and the golden dragon scales all over its body emit a dazzling light. The dragon’s power surges tens of thousands of meters away, and even the surrounding space becomes narrow.

“This is…” Huangchu Eilai was stunned for a moment, he couldn’t believe his eyes at all, and the words in his heart were so shocked that he couldn’t speak out.

If he saw it correctly, this turned out to be a golden dragon!

The golden dragon, the king of the dragon clan!

How could he have imagined that a giant golden dragon would appear here?

Didn’t the Shenlong clan become extinct long ago?

Why are there still dragons alive?

The others looked at the golden dragon high in the sky, and they all turned into wooden sculptures.

This is a real golden dragon, not a dragon shadow or a dragon soul, but a real flesh and blood body!

“Humble human being, if you dare to touch my brother, I will tear you apart!” At this moment, a roaring sound sounded from high in the sky, and the giant dragon’s body rolled down, like a golden lightning, straight to the ground. Come towards Huangchu evil and kill them.

In an instant, the void shook, and the heaven and earth wailed.

Huang Chu evil came to feel the boundless dragon energy, and his eyes suddenly trembled, revealing a look of horror.

He knew that a golden dragon at its peak was powerful enough to make a true saint feel troublesome.

The golden dragon clan is known as: the strongest clan among the saints!

The golden dragon in front of him had a body far larger than the ordinary golden dragon. It was obviously a strong member of the golden dragon clan.

He guessed right, this golden dragon was the former God of War of the golden dragon clan!

His name is Di Xi!

At the critical moment, the one who saved Nie Tian was none other than his sworn brother he recognized in Three Thousand Small Worlds, the Golden Dragon Emperor Xi!

Di Xi’s figure is like golden thunder, coming at lightning speed, obviously intending to kill Huang Chu evil.

“Hand of Desolation!” Desolate Chu evil came to calm down, then struck out boldly, with powerful palm power, it turned into a black claw and struck Di Xi.

At the same moment, Tian Xie Shen also took action, slashing wildly with his sword, and the shadow of the sword exploded out, killing Di Xi.


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