Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 2299: The sword seal is out of control


bsp;”The sword seal is out of control!” Nie Tian was shocked, and he didn’t even have time to look at Jun Aoqing.

He felt that in Jun Aoqing’s body, a strange force was slowly becoming stronger, as if it was growing.

However, the growth of this power caused great harm to Jun Aoqing, turning into a burning sword intent, burning her body.

“Boom!” Immediately afterwards, Jun Aoqing’s whole body suddenly released strong blood energy, and the air was filled with a strong **** atmosphere.

“Not good!” Nie Tian couldn’t help but scream when he felt that the blood energy in Jun Aoqing’s body was becoming more and more violent and could no longer be suppressed.

“Xiao Fei, what’s going on?” The next moment, he exclaimed, very panicked.

The thing happened so suddenly that he was instantly at a loss.

“She must have been too excited just now, and the blood in her body surged so much that she unintentionally activated the blood sword seal, causing the blood sword seal to go out of control.” The little fat cat answered nervously, his eyes flickering, trying hard Think of ways to.

“What should we do now?” Nie Tian growled. He felt that the blood energy in Jun Aoqing’s body became more violent and kept flowing out.

If this continues, Jun Aoqing will die of exhaustion before long.

“The blood sword seal in her body is too strong and requires a lot of blood energy to fully awaken.” The little fat cat was also panicked and said urgently: “She is not strong enough. If she continues like this, she will not be able to hold on.”

Nie Tian didn’t have time to ask too many questions, and directly released the power of the source of the earth’s veins, constantly feeding Jun Aoqing with the power of life.

But this only temporarily delays Jun Aoqing’s blood loss, and it cannot last long.

Even if Nie Tian has the source of the earth veins, his life force is limited. Once it is exhausted, Jun Aoqing will still fall into a dangerous situation.

“Nie Tian, ​​let’s go back to the City of Darkness quickly. Only the Longquan Vein can save her!” The little fat cat suddenly thought of something and shouted urgently.

“Longquan Pulse?” Nie Tian was stunned for a moment, and then came to his senses.

Jun Aoqing’s blood energy is burning fiercely now. The majestic energy of life within Longquan’s veins will definitely be able to support her and completely awaken the sword seal in her body.

“What should I do with Jun Aoqing? Can she hold on?” The next moment, Nie Tian’s eyes narrowed and he asked nervously.

They were still some distance away from the City of Darkness. Even if Nie Tian ran non-stop, it would take at least a day.

But in Jun Aoqing’s current situation, she simply couldn’t last a day.

“You put her into the Nine Extremes, and I will help her temporarily suppress the blood sword seal.” The little fat cat’s figure moved, appeared next to Nie Tian, ​​and nodded.

“Okay!” Nie Tian agreed and took out Jiu Ji.

The little fat cat took Jun Aoqing directly into Jiuji.

“Let’s go!” Nie Tian roared, his eyes firm, and the Star Soul Wings appeared behind him. The wings were spread out, and they were as big as a thousand meters. They vibrated suddenly, setting off two violent air waves in the air.

His figure was like an arrow that shot away from the string, piercing the air directly.

At the same moment, among the nine extremes.

The little fat cat placed Jun Aoqing in an open space, and his figure moved and disappeared instantly.

When he appeared again, he brought dozens of Nine-Heart Demon Lotus with him.

He released the glazed energy, directly extracted the demon lotus heart of the Nine-Heart Demon Lotus, and then extracted it into life force and injected it into Jun Aoqing’s body to help her temporarily suppress the blood sword seal.

The little fat cat extracts the power of the Nine-Heart Demon Lotus in this way, but the efficiency is actually very poor.

Ninety-nine percent of the power of the Nine-Heart Demon Lotus has been wasted, and only one percent has been truly extracted and utilized.

But he had no choice. As long as he could save Jun Aoqing’s life, it was worth wasting some Nine-Heart Demon Lotus.

“This little girl’s aura is still slowly weakening. I hope Nie Tian will return to the City of Darkness soon.” The little fat cat sensed Jun Aoqing’s aura and murmured.

He was very surprised. What was the blood sword seal in Jun Aoqing’s body and why was it so powerful?

Most of the bloodline sword seals will awaken when the swordsman condenses the sword intention.

Only a very small number of them will awaken later when their sword intent increases.

Ordinary people would think that if the bloodline sword seal awakens late, it is definitely not a powerful sword seal.

This view is exactly wrong and the opposite.

The little fat cat knows that the later the bloodline sword seal is awakened, the stronger the sword seal is.

The awakening of the sword seal requires the stimulation of external forces.

Most of the sword seals are awakened when the sword intention is concentrated, relying on the stimulation of the sword intention.

If the sword intention is not strong enough, it will not be enough to stimulate the awakening of the sword seal.

The little fat cat is fairly familiar with bloodline sword seals, but he has never seen any bloodline sword seals where the swordsman has not yet awakened to the divine realm of swordsmanship.

You must know that Jun Aoqing is now at the elementary level of combining swords and martial arts.

Her sword intention is already very strong, but it is still not enough to inspire the awakening of the blood sword seal.

Jun Aoqing’s bloodline sword seal would not be awakened originally.

It was because she was greatly stimulated and the blood surged in her body, causing the sword intention to become unstable and unintentionally triggering the awakening of the sword seal.

“How powerful is the blood sword seal in this little girl’s body!” The little fat cat’s eyes trembled slightly, and there was a hint of excitement in his eyes.

He could feel it from the blazing sword intent all over Jun Aoqing’s body. The blood sword seal in the latter’s body was extremely terrifying.

“If the little girl can successfully awaken the sword seal, she will definitely become a swordsman monster in the future.” The little fat cat said solemnly, with a very worried look on his face.

He also didn’t know how long the power of the Nine-Heart Demon Lotus could allow Jun Aoqing to persist.

Whether Jun Aoqing can survive this test depends on Nie Tian.

Nie Tian’s figure was like lightning, and the rainbow flashed across the sky.

He was concerned about Jun Aoqing’s safety and did not dare to slack off at all.

Half a day later, he had already traveled thousands of miles.

He didn’t stop for a moment during this half day.

Even with the support of the huge star power in his body and the continuous recovery of the source of the earth’s veins, he was already panting from exhaustion at this moment.

“It’s less than a thousand miles away, we’ll be there soon.” Nie Tian said to himself while breathing heavily.

Jun Aoqing’s safety is tied to him, how can he stop!

Fortunately, he is almost at the City of Dark Night. Once he reaches the City of Dark Night, everything will be solved.

About half an hour later, Nie Tian’s figure arrived outside the Dark Night Mountains, and he could already faintly see the shadow of the Dark Night City.

“Jun Aoqing, you must hold on, we will be there soon.” Nie Tian took a deep breath, and his figure flew past without stopping.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!…” However, at this moment, he suddenly heard a dense whistling sound coming from high in the sky.

“Rain of arrows!” The next moment, his eyes narrowed, his expression suddenly changed, and he looked up at the sky.

In the far sky, countless sharp arrows were seen shooting out of the sky, densely packed like rolling dark clouds, pressing towards Nie Tian.

“Not good!” Nie Tian couldn’t help but screamed when he felt the powerful momentum of the arrows that filled the sky, and his expression changed accordingly.

The wings behind him shook violently, and his figure immediately retreated, trying to avoid the rain of arrows.

But it was too late, the range of the arrow rain was too large, like a net covering the sky, covering him.


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