Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 2297: Kill the enemy


bsp;The voice of Tian Xie Shen sounded, and every word, every word that fell in Jun Aoqing’s ears was like thunder.

She has lived for eighteen years and has always been Jun Aoqing.

But now someone suddenly told her that she was not Jun Aoqing, but someone else.

Her identity is also fake. Her real identity is a completely different person.

How should she accept such a sudden change?

“You’re talking nonsense! I don’t believe it! It’s not true, it’s not true!” Jun Aoqing seemed to go crazy suddenly, covering her ears with her hands, not wanting to hear anything more.

“Jun Aoqing, please calm down.” Nie Tian stood beside Jun Aoqing, reached out and grabbed her hand, and said solemnly.

Jun Aoqing is just an eighteen-year-old girl with little experience. Of course, she will be at a loss when faced with sudden changes.

But Nie Tian knows that sometimes, there are some things that cannot be escaped and must be faced.

Jun Aoqing looked at Nie Tian with trembling eyes, her pretty face already covered with tears.

Tian Xie Shen did not press forward, but stood there and gave Jun Aoqing time to accept.

After a while, Jun Aoqing calmed down a little, and her whole person was much calmer.

“Princess Netherworld, if what I said is true, you will know after you ask Jun Chu.” Tian Xie Shen said with a faint smile.

“Grandpa, is what he said true?” Jun Aoqing’s eyes flashed with blazing light as she looked at Jun Chujian and asked.

Jun Chuqian looked in pain, his eyes were hesitant, he did not speak, but nodded.

He has been concealing Jun Aoqing’s identity all this time.

But he knew in his heart that one day, Jun Aoqing would know everything.

“Why? Why did you hide it from me?” Jun Aoqing lost consciousness for a moment, her expression was extremely painful, and she spoke sadly.

“Because he is afraid.” The voice of the Evil God sounded again, and said solemnly: “Because when I first met you, I was your enemy, your biggest enemy!”

“Enemy?” Jun Aoqing’s beautiful eyes froze for an instant, she looked at Tianxie God, and exclaimed: “What are you talking about?”

The Evil God’s eyes were cold and he said, “Princess Netherworld, you are the last member of the Netherworld family.”

“Your Netherworld family was exterminated eighteen years ago.”

“And the person who wiped out the Netherworld family is the one you see in front of you, the first time you meet him!”

Tian Xie Shen said the last three words almost word for word.

The way he looked at Jun Chu Jian was cold and solemn.

“Impossible! This is impossible! You must be lying to me, you are lying to me!” The cold voice, like a thunderbolt from the blue, resounded in Jun Aoqing’s heart, making her lose consciousness, as if she was crazy. Generally speaking, shouting.

Nie Tian was also shocked when he heard Tian Xie Shen’s words.

He had already guessed that Jun Aoqing was not the biological granddaughter Jun Chu met, but had another identity.

But he never expected that Jun Chujian would be Jun Aoqing’s genocidal enemy!

What Tian Xie Shen said was obviously not a lie.

Nie Tian finally understood at this moment why Jun Chujian would rather kill Tianxie Shaoqian than let him speak.

This secret is indeed too big.

“Princess Netherworld, if you don’t believe me, you can ask me personally when we first met.” Tian Xie Shen sneered and spoke solemnly.

“Ao Qing, calm down, calm down.” Jun Chujian said with a sad face when he saw that Jun Ao Qing was going crazy.

“Did you really kill my people?” Jun Aoqing suddenly spoke when she heard Jun Chujian’s voice, her eyes turned cold and cold, and she asked sternly.

“Aoqing, things are not what you think. What happened back then, I…” Jun Chuqian’s face froze, and he wanted to explain, but was interrupted by Jun Aoqing.

“I ask you, did you kill my people? Really?” Jun Aoqing roared, her delicate face turning ferocious.

Jun Chu looked in pain, his lips were trembling, but he could not speak.

“When I first meet you, do you dare to do it or not?” Tian Xie Shen sneered and roared deeply.

Jun Chujian’s eyes suddenly trembled, and his whole body froze for a moment, but he finally nodded.

He admitted it!

“You, you really killed my people!” Jun Aoqing’s expression froze for a moment, and her eyes instantly became absent-minded, as if she had lost all her faith.

How could she accept that the person who raised her, the person she regarded as her closest relative, turned out to be her genocidal enemy.

The look on Jun’s face when we first met him was equally painful.

What happened back then was very complicated and cannot be explained clearly in just a few words.

But at the moment, he couldn’t explain much.

“Ao Qing, your tribe was indeed killed by me. If you want revenge, just do it.” Jun Chujian suddenly took a step forward and said solemnly.

He knows that some things cannot be avoided.

If she could die in Jun Aoqing’s hands, she would be willing to do so.

Jun Aoqing was suddenly startled, looking at Jun Chu Jian, her hands were trembling, but she couldn’t lift them up.

How could she attack someone who had raised her for eighteen years!

“Jun Aoqing, cheer up!” At this time, Nie Tian looked at Jun Aoqing with burning eyes and said seriously: “Don’t do something wrong on impulse.”

He could see that when Jun first met the Netherworld family, he obviously had something hidden.

You must have felt extremely regretful when you first met me.

Otherwise, he would not protect Jun Aoqing with his life.

“Tian Xie Shen, is this your story?” Nie Tian then looked directly at Tian Xie Shen and said loudly: “The story is over, you can leave.”

Tian Xie Shen was stunned for a moment, then looked at Jun Aoqing and said loudly: “Princess Netherworld, you already know your life experience, do you still want to stay here?”

“Jun Chujian is your genocidal enemy, do you want to continue to stay with him?”

“Follow me. Our two great families, Tianxie and Netherworld, are originally from the same origin.”

“The Nether Family is destroyed, you can join the Tianxie Family.”

“I guarantee that your status in the Tianxie family is the same as your true identity.”

“As long as you are willing, from now on, you will be the princess of the Tianxie Empire.”

“Are you willing?”

After saying that, Tian Xie Shen looked at Jun Aoqing with ardent eyes, his eyes were very confident.

Since Jun Aoqing already knew that Jun Chujian was her genocide enemy, how could she continue to stay here?

In his opinion, the best choice for Jun Aoqing is to follow him and join the Tianxie family.

Jun Aoqing was much calmer at the moment, her beautiful eyes sparkling, staring straight at the Evil God, but she didn’t speak for a long time.

“Ao Qing, he is lying to you.” Jun Ao Qing seemed to be really tempted when he first saw her, and he quickly said: “He has other plans for you to join the Tianxie family. You must not go with him. .”

“If you don’t follow me, will you continue to stay with the enemy who destroyed your clan?” Tian Xie Shen sneered, his eyes cold.

Jun Chu was stunned when he saw it, and was speechless.

He could tell from Jun Aoqing’s eyes that it was impossible for the latter to stay in Yungu Shengtian.

“I won’t stay here.” At this time, Jun Aoqing spoke, her eyes swept over Jun Chujian, and she said lightly.

“Follow me!” When Tian Xie Shen heard Jun Aoqing’s words, his eyes heated up and he shouted in surprise.

“I’m sorry, I won’t go with you.” Jun Aoqing refused coldly at this time.

Then, she suddenly focused her eyes on Nie Tian and said lightly: “Nie Tian, ​​I’m tired, let’s leave here.”


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